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Fantastic book! It isn't just the meticulous re-assembly of Mongol history from numerous sources in many different languages, archeology and the ground geography. It's the exegesis of the Mongol's sudden emergence as a world power, standing on the shoulders of the illiterate genius Genghis Khan, his inspired social revolutions including women's rights and the joint stock company, and the sudden decline of the Empire dependent on the unforeseeable incredibly tiny consequences of trade ties between China and Europe., Not long ago i finished On the Trail of Genghis Khan by Tim Cope and desperately wanted to learn more about the warlord. After finishing this book, I'd recommend read Tim Cope's book after this and not before because Weatherford provides great detail on subjects that Cope oftentimes generalizes about.

And on the publication. As someone of European European descent, I've always thought that Khan and his Mongolian hordes, due to waves upon waves of invasion from their Eastern strongholds, slowed down perceptive thought make the locations they conquered into a dark ages of types. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Not really only did Genghis unite all of the people within the Asia baumlose graslandschaft before conquering China, nearly all of southern Asia, and much of Eastern Europe and the center East, but he also fostered trade among his territories in addition to the freedom to self-govern and practice their own religion. While Europe was burning witches at the stake and hunting down heretics, Khan's empire was fostering religious freedom and greater roles for women.

Weatherford starts with Khan's early life as a child scraping out on the steppe and provides the essential events that lead to his unwilling unification of neighboring people. He analyzes Khan's governing style, Mongolian and tribal cultures, and the weak points of the regions that the Mongolian armies conquered. After Khan's death, Weatherford details the splintering of the empire and the characters involved in the break-up of the disposition. He concludes the publication by describing just why the Mongolian horde is viewed so negatively and what contributed to that opinion.

Looking forward to reading his other works about women in the Mongolian army and Native American cultures., Definitely interesting and hats off to all the research necessary to put a story this vast into a narrative, but I would like to say it pulled punches in conditions of describing exactly how horrible a man Ghenghis Khan was. Maybe doing what Dan Carlin calls " historical revisionism, " in his podcast HARDCORE HISTORY, which I actually can't recommend highly enough.

Been forever since I read it and I was young when I picked up so don't want to it down but I can't say I found it to be a captivating read. Very difficult task... to make history exciting and thorough at the same time. Recommend listening to that podcast (it's free) then buying this guide if you wish a more measured consider the whole story., I finally got around to reading Genghis Kan and the Making of the Modern World after several years of having it they have. I am glad i did. My memory of the Mongol Empire and its origin and impact on the world was scattered at best. Inside a highly readable few hundred pages I feel thoroughly re-acquainted and in awe of that period of history. The book was easy to follow and hard to put down.

The book is split into three parts simply the personal history of Genghis Khan, the period of battling one of the siblings upon his death and the combination and peak of the Mongol Empire under Khubilai Khan. All the parts are great. One discovers the personal story of Genghis Khan and the obstacles he overcame from childhood to adultdhood. The strategy and politics he employed to slowly build support and the the private animosities that developed. 1 learns of how callous the steppes were in the 12th and 13th centuries. One is used through the evolution of Genghis Khans own maturation as he evolves is forced to make difficult choices. Military strategy is dicussed as well as cultural and political strategy. The book then starts discussing what happens as Genghis ages and the next generation transition happens. Genghis Khan had four children and the ensuing power struggle is talked about. The fracturing of the empire is detailed and it is in the final section that it is reunited under Khubilai khan. This era is detailed as the height of expanse of the Mogol Empire and is an interval of political ingenuity as opposed to the product of pure army might.

In all this book is a great refresher for many who have forgotten the period of the Mongol Disposition and what happened. It is immensely readable and quite addictive. I have no real criticisms of the book, though occasionally i found characters described in various lights within a short period of pages. For example Khubilai Khan is referred to as incapbale and sluggish when first in charge of conquering the Being sung Dynasty however portrayed as a military and political genius shortly thereafter once he had consolidated energy. But minor issues aside I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it., I learned so much about a man and a culture That i knew very little about. During the 1960's and 1970's when I was studying this area of history, the author was correct that Genghis and the Mongols " got the awful finish of the stick". On the other hand after reading this, it is clear that they were actually much more humanitarian than nearly all of the Europeans of the time. Although the people they conquered were frequently used and some murdered, it has not been " in the barbarian manner" layed out in American history textbooks. And socially, Mongol community was actually more complex than European cultures and governments. An excellent read to see how one man developed dynasty that survived such a long time. How it was built, his strengths, his weaknesses, his children and grandchildren's strengths and weak points and the eventual demise of the Empire.

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