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To some individuals " " genetics" " is just fruitflies in bottles, or Mendel counting pods. If you, too, number yourself among the deprived souls to which DNA is only a meaningless abbreviation. For the man on the street, genes probably means all that DNA stuff about family genes and the code of life which is constantly, but not quite, being cracked. In general the book summarizes changes in anthropological thinking, its scientific basis, and how genetic knowledge may apply to the study of men. You start with a brief mention of cultural anthropology and the work in physical anthropology, the author reviews a few fundamentals of genetics -- heredity and environment factors, factors adjusting gens frequencies (mixture of populations, mutation, natural selection and genetic drift)., I am starting school and I always rely on extra help from this range of helpful tools. Look through briefly and I've learned a lot so significantly. Great price also and shipped right on time!!!!, Well, I do believe I am a dummy regarding DNA tests, BUT this book is a great book for learning all about genes. I agree, that it is more for the person learning at a higher stage, and I might have used a more basic publication to learn about DNA testing and such. It is a good source book regardless., I found myself in a very complicated genetics course that I wasn't prepared for. Reading portions of this book allowed me to better understand lectures and the assigned readings (which would have otherwise been above my head)., Reading through this book I have been capable to understand many things about genetics since it is written for amateurs ( as numerous other books for dummies) I haven't finished yet because you have to take your time and efforts to read it, but I use enjoyed what I have learned about the incredible functions of our own genes., I recently got my DNA sequenced and analyzed and have become enthusiastic about genetics beyond just reading the reports. I purchased this book to get an introduction to and deeper understanding of the reports I am reading. I never liked the " Dummies" title on books but they have found that this book is packed with exactly the type and level of material I have been looking for without having to dive into a college level genetics textbook., This book has more of a focus on ancestry and how genetics are passed through families than the biochemistry and biology focus I had been hoping for., I have been enthusiastic about learning more about genes for years and years, but never felt like I would be able to comprehend this extensive subject. This book was obviously a great introductory to genetics and an overview of many different fields within genes! There was some parts that I was not enthusiastic about (certain fields that weren't my cup of tea - personal preference), but I felt like overall it was great.

There were detailed analogies to help you understand the different bits and pieces of all things that comprise the genes field. I had been able to grasp concepts much simpler by thinking about them related to something else I know already, and for that I feel this book performed an excellent job 'dumbing it down' for me.

I really do feel like there were certain chapters that I needed to re-read to completely understand, and even after finishing the book I feel like it would be a wise decision to sit down with a pad and pen to take notes. I check out this on my kindle so it was great to be able to highlight and reference back to something - but the field is so in-depth I think you would best serve yourself and your memory by doing more than just reading (that is unless you frequently study genetics, in which case this is probably simply a great refresher publication for you).

Looking ahead to buying my next book on genetics!!

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