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The particular books is actually a two star, but I have to offset the insane rating this books has - 4. 5 as of Apr 2017.

The particular good: Easy read, well edited, the story experienced good pacing, decent story devices that carry the arc, the basic idea is interesting - male versus. female values.
The bad: Three character types. All the cardboard stereotypes. The political ideas and cultural ideas are extremely simplistic.

Summary: Men rule half the world, and are precise and heartless and concentrate on computers and physical science stuff. Females rules the other half, are sensitive (they don't kill people) and concentrate on the bio sciences.
Three people ending up meeting and all want to change the status quo. Intellectual dude, strong trusting heroine, dark brooding girl.

No discussion of sexuality.. except as 'confusing feelings'. no discussion of the people who support the status quo in any sympathetic way. Simply no deep discussion of manly vs . feminine. The two cultures are cartoonish in their simplicity.

To myself the book will be a major step backward in the discussion - it simplifies an extremely interesting topic. Left Hand of Darkness tackles the issues in a much more powerful way for instance. We would suggest more research on the topic since the reality of mariarchy is way more complicated - look at the Masou or maybe the Nagovisi... maybe start with actual martiarchies and build from there., If you possibly could get over the ridiculous title to crack open Bella Forrest's dystopian fiction, then you will find that it is strangely addicting. However, the addiction quality doesn't come from real interest in the story, as it reads as poorly planned and filled to the brim with mcguffins, but instead the same sensation you should get if watching two trains clash.

Violet starts out as a likeable enough character, strong willed, independent, self-sufficient, and tragic, but quickly spirals into a giddy schoolgirl when introduced to Viggo Mortensen's Lord of the jewelry knockoff... Viggo. No, Now i'm not kidding. Violet frequently describes Viggo's rippling muscles, inhuman strength, and serious but steely gazes. Is actually almost like an sexual fanfiction, minus the intercourse and plus the Mary Sue-ness.
The particular character of Lee is also pretty erratic. He or she starts off as friendly and feminist, and veers back and forth with that quite a lot, as if he isn't sure themselves how he thinks women should be treated. He or she could've tried harder to win over violet's devotion, and ends up reading as a boring asexuado person with anger issues.
The occasions that happen seem to exist for the objective of making Viggo show up sexier to Violet and making Lee appear as more of a jerk.
The genders in both cities are degraded into general platitudes without having individuality allowed, which isn't really something the metropolitan areas ban.
The particular idea was interesting, but the plot and character types were not.

I'd like it better if:
Violet and Lee were each more likeable (the twist would be more surprising then)
Viggo wasn't so two dimensional.

Spoiler warn!
It's very convenient that Lee leaves pictures of his deeds and an in depth letter about what he did for violet to find. Deus ex machina much? Thus cheesy!, I loved story line and it is strangely addicting, my only problem is there is a huge flaw in the publishing of the publication, a whole section was positioned out of order, I attached a picture to demonstrate. But when you are reading and into a book also it moves from page 181 to 231, there might be an issue. I did look and all the webpages are there, just out there of pace, I experienced high desires for this publication. I thought there was a good probability of considering gender dynamics in a different way and of comparing the flaws of each stereotyped gender being completely in control, perhaps a modern Herland. I thought it would allow for some character types that didn't fit those roles to develop interesting perspectives. The Hunger Games was wonderful, as it went over and above the love story and beyond the game to the manipulation of government and revolution. This failed to accomplish that. It wasn't very written, but it experienced the standard 'I'm not a girly girl, Now i'm a tough girl' female lead. Instead of trying something new, it adopted the typical young mature format. I could have forgiven the lack of depth, if there had been some originality mixed in. As it is, it was a light entertaining read that is just being hurt by its comparison to The particular Hunger Games. I liked it for the purchase price, but I won't be continuing the series. If you go in without expectation of something totally new and only the intent of a fairly easy read, you'll appreciate it more., Several parts were somewhat slower but I really liked the story line. On the ending I was hooked together to know what was go8ng to happen next. We purchased the next publication! Clift hanger!, I have read many stories of the aftermath of the apocalypse, but this was a new twist. Very pleasant and easy to read. Can't wait to get started on Book 2 . not, fantiastic!! I loved it. I love the action, adventure, and romance. We have to know what happens!!

I'm off to look order the next book asap., This book hooked myself from the beginning and I horoughly enjoyed reading it. Easy to read and absolutely nothing too deep, but entertaining still. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!

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