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Right after being orphaned, Kira is assigned to restore The particular Singer’s robe. She will become friends with Thomas the particular Carver and Jo, the particular future Singer, two other orphans who also need to work for the Authorities. They are now living in luxury whilst the rest of the particular villagers, including Kira’s small friend Matt, eke out a not-so-great existence. Since time goes on Kira begins to suspect, and then know, that items aren’t pretty what they will seem.

I absolutely cannot put Gathering Blue lower. It totally forced me personally to stay up way past my bedtime and then despite I has been finished reading it, I actually still couldn’t sleep since I kept thinking about what had happened in the book. I used to be vaguely disturbed, but also capable to see where the subsequent book would go (it took plenty of willpower to be able to not immediately start reading Messenger! ). It had been the little weird to go through since it’s the second book of the Giver Quartet and Jonas and Gabriel are not in this 1. I highly recommend Collecting Blue. It is truly excellent., After reading The particular Giver and loving it I went to see the movie, that was this kind of a powerful film!!! I used to be definitely riding a large from this book and has been eager to continue the sequence. Before I started reading The Gathering Blue I actually learned that it did not however, follow Jonas, nor was it based upon his community that he resided in. So, I acknowledged this story, saddened, but with the knowledge and comprehending that it was to become a completely different history.

There were several things that I do like about The Collecting Blue, but overall I actually thought the storyplot was very slow, and it took a long time regarding things to happen, or perhaps events to unfold in this story v. h. The Giver.

I do that way this story took place I suppose you might say in the exact same " world" as The particular Giver, but in the different community having its own set of unique regulations.

For those of an individual wondering if you need to read The Gathering Blue to be able to continue the series our answer remains yes, whilst this book is harder to get through, I actually can see where certain characters will play an important role in the books to be able to come. I have currently started book three in the series, The Messenger, and some of the supplementary characters from The Collecting Blue are now Major characters in The Messenger. I am some distance in the book right right now, but I can confirm of which Jonas and Gabe the two make an appearance., This specific one is probably took me personally the longest to see out of all 4 of the books. If you acknowledge, just keep reading -- it gets so much better! Once I obtained toward the end, I flew through it and and then flew from the next 2 books.

Gathering Blue is not seemingly linked to The particular Giver (or and we think); it takes place in a similar universe, but the totally diverse caterogy of community - almost an exact opposite of Jonas's community in The Giver. Kira's village is more primal; if you can't contribute and fend for your self, you're useless. Kira, that suddenly finds herself parentless and alone in this aggressive world, must look for a way to prove herself to her community, despite being crippled. Her only friend on earth is a kind small boy, Matty, and their canine companion, Branch. Kira, with no parents to protect her place in the particular village, must face the particular judgement of the council. It is the council that decides Kira's fate - and her surprise, they motion for her to keep in the modern society, and contribute the exact same way as her mommy, through sewing and embroidery. It is through working out her skills that Kira discovers her strange capabilities that she cannot describe, and uncovering dark strategies held by the town., I loved the publication separatly, but because they will are sold as books linking together it ruined it for me.
Alone the first book is the better. They in no way really tie together and give good answers regarding why all the several worlds exist and due to this when the last publication ended it was like a deflated helium balloon. I was left together with more questions than anything was answered and sensed very disappointed., I am 9 months pregnant and my amazing husband provides started a habit regarding reading to me just before bed because it places the baby to sleep ability to hear his voice! lol
He read Boy by Lois Lowry to be able to me ahead of buying this. Son was a really special read and if an individual havent read it currently, you must get that too! It is kind of the particular full story and this is, more or fewer, Lowry going back from the full story line and giving you more detail into some of the figures backgrounds and filling in some holes that had been overlooked or kind of enrich the storyline of Boy.
In our opinion, We would rather have got read the surrounding pieces ahead of hearing Son. This isnt like other freelance writers whom write a history, view it take off just then to go back and compose more books to " add to" the first book. I think this is definitely the writer's means of milking their moneymaker for further money. NO, NO, this really is different! Gathering Blue, Messenger and The Giver had been all parts of the primary storyline We would rather have known before hearing Son... I actually hope that gives more of an explanation.
Son is probably the particular most unique, intriguing and horrifyingly honest story I use ever heard. In therefore many ways, this really could happen. They have alot of " Big Brother" and George Orwell's " 1984" overtones that usually are creepy to hear and more disturbingly possible! This had me interested from cover to cover. This specific book however , as I actually mentioned before, is kind of a great enrichment of Son. This just gives the backgrounds of characters in Boy. I dont want to be able to give too much away therefore I havent given too many details. I carry out desire to say though, this was one of the most disturbing books of the series. This actually gave me nightmares.
Either way, Son is a fantastic and intriguing read and these just keep the particular story going. I certainly wouldnt read it since a stand alone novel nevertheless with Son, I could both take it or leave it with this one.

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