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The book starts with a solid introduction outlining a strong and clear description of a game as an exploratory space with specific rules and players. It really helps you imagine the rich possibilities in developing helpful games as small journeys to find effective and practical solutions for all types of tasks.
The examples of online games are abundant. However, too many of the illustrations seem to be too similar, almost as if they are included to provide a deceptive feeling of great quantity. It makes you want to use Affinity Mapping strategy to many of these games to outline the similarities as the core concept for groups of games and add some notes on possible variations.
Overall, it's s a helpful handbook with ever-useful practices., In our Management Consulting practice, we frequently have to facilitate group meetings with executives, sales people, call center agents also it professionals. Using standard Q&A formats as laborious for the attendees, often leaving behind them open to interruptions, and can cause shedding focus. The methods layed out in Game Storming are great tools to velocity up meetings, keep attendees highly engaged, extract better decisions and clearer requirements.

Word of warning - it takes much more preparation time and energy to pull together group meetings similar to this. Game Storming is not something to draw out the day before a meeting. On the other hand, you will find that your follow-up after the gathering is much more successful., Each one of the games is described in one or two pages, if you are busy planning next staregy meeting is perfect.
Virtually any one with a minimal of group dinamics can execute.
Games can be executed in sequence, allowing diverse results depending on your objective.
One of the most useful books I ever purchased., In Gamestorming, Dave Gray and his colleagues Sunni Brown & James Macanufo do something extraordinarily important and they do it with such simplicity and clarity that it is straightforward to miss what is best about this book: in short, it explains why the idea of the overall game matters.

It has become a media commonplace, at least in the "smart" media of Wired, Quick Company, The newest Yorker and the New York Occasions, that games and gambling are reshaping the world. Couple of, however, clarify with such lucidity not only why we should pay attention to this phenomenon, but also give us such a practical roadmap to the use of what we have to learn.

Games are structured accelerators for learning. They are extraordinarily effective technologies for learning in groups and for completing things while we learn and not simply after the fact. What Gray, Brown & Macanufo help us to see (the drawings & diagrams are fabulous) is that the game matters because it puts inside our hands the technology to produce and also to explore other worlds, other realities; some possible, some parallel, some fantastical, but all of which are places that allow us to get beyond the limitations and the limitations of the present and the ordinary or mundane.

Gamestorming gives us both a roadmap for understanding why games matter so much and, as the writers properly say, an accessible "playbook" for how to use these powerful technologies.

My most grave issue is that Gamestorming is still a book. Not withstanding the effort to challenge the limitations of the book (see the website at [... ]), Gamestorming stresses to show us things that belong on another platform altogether, perhaps something like the gamelayer that is starting to be built over the world we now "know": isn't that the "place" we ought to all go gamestorming?, The authors have provided a very important resource for helping individuals and groups figure away their own stories and share them. Your story may be a problem or if your take on resolving a problem. The diverse tools in this guide provide a wealth of ways to dig in, collaborate and discover what's happening so you can work together (or on yourself) to reach your goals.

At first the book reminded me of some training online games, which I am challenged to understand without reading them over several times, because there are no pictures. Gamestorming is different since it provides simple sketches spread throughout the guide. I'm glad to see that the introductory chapters provide a brief visual language section.

I've already used the Empathy Map several times at the office, helping to 'get inside the head' of individuals my team needs to talk with about important issues. I've taught one other person to use it too. The 7P's framework for meeting planning is now a resource in an exercise course I'm developing. I really like the metaphor for deciding the purpose for a meeting, specifically, answering the question, "What's burning down? inch. This one step could save us from many a wasted hour on meetings that never deserved to happen. Happily, We have now learned how to do the 5 Why's exercise properly. Sketching the activities goes a long way to quickly engage your co-workers, friends, family or others.

Although most of the exercises are suitable for small groupings, there are some you can do all on your own too. While so many publications out there are filled with other people's stories, here's the one that teaches you how to find your own utilizing a variety of tools that will help you engage a number of people.

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