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I use kids who grew upwards in the " digital age" and they know more about the history of video games than I do. Or We should say they used to know more about video games... since We have read this guide, I might know more - at least I know enough to hold my own, personal in a conversation about the nuances of Sega vs. Nintendo.

This guide is well researched, and I appreciated how the author demonstrated that each new generation of game builds on what has come before. It has also piqued my interest in a few online games, so I may seek them out and give them a go., This is one of the best books about the history of the video games that I have ever read. Not only does the author speak about the games themselves, but also explains in details what exactly made these games stand out among the remaining games released during that time period. Certainly written by someone who has some experience actually creating games. Thought We knew a lot about many of these online games already, but there's lots of anecdotes filled with facts that hit me personally as a bg surpise. Great guide. Must read for gamers!, Bought for my twelve year old grandson who wants to be a game programmer if he grows up. We thought this would help give him a little background on games from the beginning. At this point he only read about the games he had heard of before, but is slowly reading about others now. His Dad read the complete book, he said he liked bringing back the remembrances of the games his childhood. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase., Quick shipping, fun guide to read., A really good book. Written in a way that tow hooks you. Very fun and interesting: ), " Game On" requires a unique viewpoint at presenting the history of computer and video games. This is well-worn territory so the unique approach is appreciated. Somewhat than just hundreds of pages of details, creator Dustin Hansen instead breaks or cracks down video gaming history into a couple dozen chapters dedicated to specific ground-breaking games. It's an approach that actually works well but with substantial flaws and downsides...

Starting with Pong, continuing through Space Invaders, into Zork and then later titles like Halo & Minecraft, Hansen leads all of us through the practically 50-year great the video game industry. His style is light and enthusiastic - more on this later. With each game, he explains the game, shows its history and then specifically identifies why that game is unique and worthy of inclusion. We don't agree with all his selections - I possibly could do without Portal and Little Big Planet, for instance - but Hansen makes a good circumstance for each.

So why only 2 stars? Nicely, the book is placed back by a amount of flaws:

1) List-o-mania - Within an effort clearly designed to fill web pages and pad the guide, Hansen gives us " top 10 lists" of numerous things, like villains or whatever. There's also a little section on becoming a video game developer, and so on. These conclusion being generally just a waste of space.

2) Some of the titles and genres ignored are a small baffling. No real-time strategy games at all?

3) Errors! Hansen has the Sega Genesis starting AFTER the Super Nintendo, with Sonic the Hedgehog used to try and overcome the lead that the SNES had already built in the US. Apart from... none of that is correct. The Genesis launched two full years before the SNES, with Changed Beast as its pack-in title. In the section dedicated to Little Large Planet, Hansen identifies the main character as " Sackbot". Not a type - literally every single research is wrong. As any fan knows, this is incorrect. The main character is " Sackboy" - " Sackbot" as being a completely different character that didn't get introduced until the second game. He also identifies Gran Turismo 7 as being already released and provides information about it. Except there is no Gran Turismo 7 - it's now called " Gran Turismo Sport" and still was not released. There are many other errors scattered throughout the book - just enough to make you question everything Hansen writes.

4) The writing! While Hansen's writing style is light and breezy, he also writes to a very low-level. He also has an annoying habit of reciting a factoid and then breathlessly giving us a comparison immediately after. Ex: " Angry Wild birds has been downloaded over two billion times. That's more than populations of European countries, Oceania and North America combined! " Once or twice, no big package. A large number of times becomes grating and annoying.

In the end, " Game On" is decent enough but the history of video games has been done better, and more thoroughly, by other books, most notably " The Ultimate History of Video Games" and " Replay: The History of Video Games". The only thing " Game On" has over those two is that it's new., This book brought back so many memories and reignited an extended lost interest for all things gambling (I'm 40 so have first hand experience of the early days).
My 7 yo boy loved it too. He spent hours pouring over the fully illustrated web pages and delighted in telling me all the interesting little facts he uncovered. Free versions of some of the games are available online, so we got to play a few of them together - things such as Pong and Room Invaders: )
This is my son's review:
'My favourite areas of this book were Pong and Pac-Man (truly master gamers must have found them easy) and Donkey Kong. Easily were in charge this guide would win in a landslide. It is remarkable. Truly a great chronicles. Therefore I would grind anyone who disagrees with me. Sincerely, Alec. ', " Even though the original Lara Croft was performed up of 540 polygons, the 2013 version of Lara, who starred in Rise of the Tomb Raider, came in at more than forty thousand polygons. "

I enjoyed this guide far more than I expected to.

It's broken down by game so it is not an exhaustive list, but it touches on what each game has added to modern gaming and technology and has interesting facts about the game or development. There's also some chapters how game designers should look at gambling and different facets of the technical side, like VR.

I learned a lot from the book and liked learning about which games were the first of the kind and why. It's also cool to know more about the transition from gameboy, to gameboy color, to DS and Wii.

It's written in an easy-to-read way and many chapters are pretty short for all the information packed in.

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