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This guide is actually good for those trying to dig into the history of a ground-breaking game. It's just like having a guided tour of the game engine codebase. It is quite specialized, but is well organised such that it presents the nitty-gritty details of the hardware problems facing id at the time, then the ways in which they solved them. Various areas of the powerplant design are thoroughly discussed, and often combined with debug images utilizing a special build of the game for clarity.

I would recommend this book for any game developer, or those technically-minded people who love somewhat of nostalgia.

My only (very minor) gripe is that there are a few parts which can be authored in a peculiar way, but it's nothing that really obscures the meaning., I believed this book was fantastic! It explains why Wolfenstein-3D was impossible at the time and what Id had to do (defying all odds) to make it happen. I actually remember the very first time I saw Wolf3d in a PC back in the day I could not think the things i was seeing. Presently there was nothing even near to it, pure magic!

Therefore it is pretty amazing having the ability to go back in time and really understand it. The author has a knack for describing difficult concepts in an entertaining way. The guide quality is superb with good quality photographs and diagrams. It's perfect!

It's also a great companion to the " Masters of Doom" book., The guide is fantastic. It is not a tech manual, but contains enough technical fine detail to explain the powerplant with out any questions. Most of the techical aspects are at the last chapter, so first half might give a wrong feeling of not been specialized enough.

At that first chapters, it explains what type of challenges needed to be overcame, and what kind of people did it. It includes a lot of information about first generations of personal computers, and a great read if you have the curiosity for historical past of the computers.

Inside the end, it is a great book, and personally, it provides excellent motivation to work on games., A fantastic, straightforward specialized book that is both informative and entertaining. This does a great job of explaining technical selections and trade offs made by the id team because of this of the limitations of the hardware and creative goals of the team. Looking forward to further books in this series or of the style. The only thing I've read in that earlier that is comparable is the equally excellent Racing the Beam., Today it is like reading science fiction — so alien are computers of those times for our present selves. The only thing I wish is that it were longer., A fantastic book if you're interested in game development and/or history. Heavy on technical details but accessible even if you are not a game developer. Both the problems and the creative remedies are extremely well explained., A new fine book as expected. Strange that on Kindle fire you must post review before you can read it actually further..., Just awesome.

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