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I started out as a very skeptical reader. I have been in training for some time now and in my cynical mind I think that pretty much everything there is to golf ball is accessible. However, for a 200 page book, there is immeasurable knowledge in this book. I enjoy the differing perspectives Coach Sivils gives in this book. While the book starts with fundamental such as transferring and defense, which are drastically important for a successful team, then he techniques on to tactics and player mentality and artificial additives that are crucial to a successful program.

Instructors will agree that this is a very useful and appropriate book for the stage our players are at these days and nights. For those that how to start, basketball is changing due to the different players that play the game. This publication gives coaches, players and fans the required knowledge to make sure they keep program the pace.

Finally, one of my favorite details in this book is when Coach Sivils discusses how players can only remember so much. I think as coaches we forget many times that while we could have great ideas, our players can only remember so much before we need to integrate replication to further improve muscle memory. Instructors are very often detrimental to their players because we saturate associated with too much information to easily process during a game.

Whether you are a full-time coach, parent-coach, player or fan, you will love "The Game of Basketball" by Kevin Sivils for its insight and application to our modern basketball era., Kevin Sivils has written a series of books on golf ball, but "The Game of Basketball" is his overhead jewel. Coach Sivils provides a comprehensive "how to" approach on basketball fundamentals, with outstanding chapters including both passing and receiving, "the art work of cutting", and shooting.

But he or she presents information in a way that both coaches and players can improve their ability to "see the game", as suggested by legendary coach Pete Newell.

Players and coaches who read "The Online game of Basketball" will gain insight into how to prepare, and the "why" and "when to" undertake it of basketball. All midsection school or high institution coaches will learn something by reading this article book., This specific book had a great deal of basic info that is great reminders. In university and high school I remember hearing or doing these things as an sportsman. Especially when dealing with younger athletes it is straightforward to forget to emphasize many of these things, but these are the foundation on whatever you do rests. I absolutely liked the section that experienced suggested reading and websites., One of the best and carefully constructed publications on coaching basketball ever written... very easy to adhere to and implement into your daily plans.
Andy Manning
Helper Baketball Coach
Roger Williams University
Bristol, RI 02809, I just picked this up for my Kindle because the price was right and I coach basketball. It turns out to be the best book on the little things we sometimes forget to train I have ever read. Mcdougal addresses a slew of little things that I take for granted in good players, but then I ponder what's wrong when my players aren't doing some of those things., Excellent book. I will read it again! Very easy to read. I am going to buy more books using this author. Excellent!, My main concern with the book is the title is very misleading. This is not a book on fundamentals, basic concepts etc., instead a book on a sub-set of the finer points of the sport. 1 you would likely not coach or give attention to before you are an advanced golf ball player. So, for that there is a good number of solid advice. Just do not recommend if you're buying a basic/intermediate degree book on basketball., This specific book is more of a series of "proverbs" or individual tidbits of information and contains a wealth of finer points that many casual youth coaches might not want to emphasize. It isn't laid out in terms of a comprehensive training plan or coaching strategy but can be used along with another publication that does provide those things to suggest techiques that can be stressed or developed. That is OK, but since the information isn't very well integrated with an overal strategy, I would probably give 4 stars based on content.

However , the kindle fire version with this book is flawed. By it's characteristics this is a quick reference type of publication and a good desk of contents is essential. However , the table of contents in this publication is formatted poorly (bordering on unreadable) and does not have the detail to be able to quickly navigate to points of interest. Even worse, if you try to use the "Table of contents" feature in a kindle readers program / app, the reader immediately crashes or freezes up (depending on the device). In the event you scroll there from the leading cover of the book, the reader will crash as soon as you hit the table of contents. (the crash seems to happen only on the first page containing chapters 1-4), if you can reach the other desk of contents pages, they seem to work. I have had this issue on the iPhone, Touchpad and PC versions of the Kindle reader (my genuine Kindle reader device does not crash and the format of the TOC is better).

(just a follow-up note... mcdougal contacted me about my issues and has committed to use the publisher to obtain the Kindle edition fixed and offered to send me the print edition while I wait. I thought this was a nice touch. I will attempt to update my review once I see a modified Kindle edition, but if you're reading this article more than a couple of weeks after this was written, you can probably down load the sample to see if the table of contents is working)

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