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There is a lot to absorb from this book. After having spent the last two months reading it and applying tips from this, I actually wish I'd read the last chapter first since it summarizes everything. This takes the mountain of overwhelming knowledge and offers a simple path forwards.

Since reading this publication, Excellent more holistic view of my yard. I actually can see I've already made some mistakes in my yard, but it is exciting to begin to see results already. Instead of following the usual route of growing rows of veggies, I've began focusing on symbiotic blends of nitrogen fixers, vines, and other roles.

Today I actually picked up a cheap bird feeder and post from a hardware store make up a quick bird feeder over a dried out, weedy patch in the back. I look forward to discovering how well the author's claim that doing this will lead to couch potato, ongoing returns in the form of birds' fertilizing the barren area with the poop and their weeding the location as some scrape around the ground looking for fallen seeds.

His urban ideas are incredible, too. Don't miss out there on that chapter, even though it's tucked in just before the finish. He has a few pages devoted to what you can do with the " hell strip" between road and sidewalk (usually just used for a mailbox and cable connection tv lines).

Don't by pass the observation step he gives in an incredible several pages and sidebar. While we did some of this work, I actually wish we'd done even more intensive up-front remark. It turned out we had to overhaul our plans once the people came out and marked the utility lines. They weren't where we thought we were holding originally. But Now i'm so glad this publication showed us how to discover these things early on. It will be a shame to plant an expensive woods and pour water and resources in it only to have it uprooted later on.

If there is one reason to buy this book, it's because it will shift your point of view away from seeing gardening as a chore with unending maintenance. Instead, by working with nature instead of against it, problems can become signals, temporary obstacles, or maybe part of the normal flow. The book is pragmatic, realistic, backed with science and research, and a lot of fun. Get it, read it, and try it out., If you hav room on your cabinets for only one publication on gardening, this will be it. Toby Hemenway, who sadly passed away last December, was simultaneously a master gardener, a superb writer, and a man of immense knowledge and decency.

His book is a comprehensive gardening guide for suburbanites, but it is much more--it is a roadmap to a revolution. Not, of course, a revolution as it is normally imagined--storming the barricades and that. But rather, a deeper. more fundamental revolution in how we live and think, starting, quite literally, from the ground upward. (His chapter on topsoil will fundamentally replace the way you look at the stuff under your foot! )

Until this book came along, Permaculture was widely marginalized and stereotyped as a type of quaint hippie agrarian movement, a vestige of the 70s, for folks who desired to give up modern industrial civilization to go back to the land, obtain a few miles, and grow their own food. But Hemenway comprehended that this movement was not only about growing food, and not simply for hippie farmers, but a fundamental shift in alignment for our civilization with practical implications for everyone--including and especially city dwellers and suburbanites.

For those who simply seek comprehensive gardening advice, about what to plant, when, and where, this book has copious information, practical advice, and suggestions, along with furniture and charts galore. Nonetheless it is much, much more. It introduces us to Permaculture as a method of pondering, a way of understanding design as a regenerative process, and of understanding ourselves as a part of, rather than apart from, the natural world we inhabit.
Study it closely and carefully, and you will never be the same--you will transform not only your backyard, but also your understanding of life itself, and of your place in it. You will find yourself as part of an international movement of peaceful revolutionaries who are healing our planet one garden at a time, and not only growing delicious, abundant food, but sowing the seeds of any regenerative future for all our children. Toby Hemenway has passed away--a great loss to our planet--but in this book, he has maintained and transmitted the essence of his practical knowledge and wisdom to all the rest of us. Read it, learn it, consult it, and then join the revolution, the process of recovery for our sick and dying planet, starting in your own garden., It's awesome! I first checked it out at the library but could tell I'd be using it for years. I'm new to ecological gardening, and Hemenway spends a lot of time on the basics of the philosophy and practice. His language is accessible, and he uses lots of examples, charts, and drawings that will appeal to people of different learning styles. This book is a treasure trove for beginners!, I enjoy this publication... Toby will be missed, Gaia's Garden is an excellent guide to working with nature rather than against the girl. Toby Hemenway has used his own activities and written an engaging facts using Permaculture principles for growing healthy regenerative backyards that will produce healthy food choices and restore soils. Essential for anyone thinking about an alternative to the existing biotech way of food creation that works against nature rather than in harmony ready. I had the pleasure to be in a Permaculture class where Toby was a guest speaker/presenter and it was an amazing highlight of the workshop., This book surprised me personally. It had been better than I actually expected, and nothing like I actually expected. I believed it was going to be more of any "how to, inch on permaculture, but the author approaches the issue matter in a more reasoned, grounded, and truly gifted way of articulating gardening from mother nature's perspective. I couldn't just skim this book because every word counted and was attached to the next. A very pleasant read and packed with information, ideas, and inspiration.

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