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This is where the Joe's really strike their stride! With the introduction of some of my favorite characters, this volume collection is the starting point of some excellent story arcs. I actually admit that due to the many characters getting introduced and the fast pace of the storyplot it can be a little confusing but over all it's a fun read and a must have for any old-school Joe fan!, This is the best volume ever! Every GI Joe fan must read this volume. A ton of new Joe, the assassin of Tornado Shadow and Snake eye mentor, the rise of serpentor and much more!, It was as you expected., Reaallyy cool and the person on the cover is acully in the publication so so so so so worth 8 money, This volume commences with the creation and international recognition of Cobra Isle as a sovereign express located in the Gulf of Mexico and uncomfortably near the US. It comes to an end with the final evacuation of Cobra members from its former base in Springfield during a substantial GI Joe assault. The particular GI Joe team mainly look embarassing in the quantity and they know it. Not only did they unknowingly create Cobra Isle for Cobra however they also assaulted Springfield without finding one Cobra agent and destroyed a seemingly innocent, all-American town. Among, there are some great occasions in this volume: Tornado Shadow and Snake Eyes fight alongside each other, Hawk becomes the Key Commander of the GI Joe team, Cobra Isle and Springfield are attacked by GI Joe but the Pit is also infiltrated by a Dreadnok, and Destro and the Baroness work with Doctor. Mindbender in developing new weapons and creating the ultimate warrior, Serpentor. Fresh GI Joe members launched are: Crank Case, Panzerb├╝chse, Heavy Metal, Airtight, Quick Kick, Alpine, Sgt Slaughter, Slipstream, Lift Ticket (Tomahawk). New Cobra soldiers launched are: Scrap Iron, Serpentor, Zarana.
Like the other Volumes in this course, the pages are glossy and the stories are beautifully reproduced with amazing colour and detail. Strongly recommended as a continuation of your Classic GI Joe collection.
Concern 41: Strategic Diplomacy- A continuation of a history from the previous volume level. This story establishes Naja Island as a new country run by Naja and giving the terrorist group international recognition and legitimacy. Great opener for a new volume.
Issue 42: Ties that Bind- A relatively confusing issue that tries to jump between 5 different threads of the larger GI Joe story. Nevertheless necessary these updates are for continuing the overall story, they make this particular issue very sketchy.
Issue 43: Crossroads- This issue proves some of the posts from the last issue.
Issue 44: Improvisation on a Theme- A good stand alone issue where Cobra tests a new weapon on new GI Joe recruits while their on a training exercise. However, there are a few tpographical problems where Dr Mindbender is mistakenly called Dr Brainwave.
Issue forty-five: In Search of Candy- Two threads stand away in this issue. Rip Cord infiltrates Cobra Isle in search of his girlfriend, Candy and Fish Eyes and Storm Darkness discover who killed their Hard Master. It all contributes to Cobra Island.
Issue 46: Who is Who on Cobra Island- I really enjoyed this matter. The Joes invading Naja Island to rescue Rip Cord, Zartan pretending to be Rip Cord, Hawk becoming Chief Commander of GI Joe, and Fish Eyes fighting alongside Tornado Shadow... awesome.
Issue 47: Sea Duel- A sea battle off Cobra Island between Naja and GI Joe. Fish Eyes kills a shark and Storm Shadow is killed.
Concern 48: Slaughter- Zartan infiltrates The Pit and Rip Cord, dressed as Zartan, discovers the Cobra Bottom at Springfield. General Hawk is ordered to not touch Cobra Island and Sgt. Slaughter joins the team.
Issue 49: Serpentor- Rip Cord reveals the location of the Naja Base at Springfield to the GI Joe team and Hawk organises a massive assault. Meanwhile, Destro, The particular Baroness and Dr. Mindbender create Serpentor, a warrior containing genetic material from over ten historical warrior figures.
Concern 50: The Battle of Springfield- The GI Joe team launch their assault on Springfield as the Cobra population evacuates to Cobra Island under the leadership of Destro.,... Here it is- volumes 5 & 6 are the highlights of this 80's series for me.

This particular is an outstanding transition in the series. It commences with a great time, a tidal wave & the creation of Cobra Island- a newly sovereign state! The particular G. I. Joe team wastes no time trying to correct this with a direct assault, yet is actually called off for legal reasons. They're not permitted to attack a fellow member of the international community(! ). Yes, Cobra Isle is quickly made an official country, with diplomatic immunities, tax shelters, imprinted money, import duties, etc. Meanwhile we find your real identity of the man named "Fred", and Fish Eyes & Storm Darkness discover who really murdered their beloved teacher, which brings them to established out on a mission of vengeance. Brand new characters are introduced here: Scrap-Iron, Crank-Case, Airtight, Bazooka, Heavy Steel, Dr. Brainwave a. k. a. Dr. Mindbender, Quick-Kick, Alpine, Beach-Head, Wet-Suit, Sgt. Slaughter, Lift-Ticket, Slipstream, Leatherneck, and the newly created Serpentor! Some of these characters are introduced to us while training in the desert near Las Vegas. And around Naja Island, Snake Eyes arguements sharks with a knife, Baroness empties her pistol into Storm Shadow(! ), and Zartan pulls a fast the one that brings him right to G. I. Joe headquarters. This volume then depicts a full-scale attack on Springfield, and finishes with the Dreadnoks' surprise gathering of Zartan's sister Zarana.

I love everything about this paperback- art, figures, stories & writing. Mike Zeck's covers are amazing, and the J. Scott Campbell covers for the trades are a great selling point as well., Larry Hama's incredible 12 year run on GI Joe was one of the most interesting and top-selling publications of the 80s. Hama took several plastic toys and games and applied his experience in Vietnam to bring them to life producing one of the better war comics around. But it was always plagued with mediocre and inconsistent art.

Till now.

Volume 5 collects issues 41 to 50 issues that have the creation of Cobra Island, a struggle in the Cobra-front town of Springfield, the delivery of Serpantor and Fish Eyes fighting sharks with a katana. Basically everything you could want in a GI Joe publication. Art is by Pole Whigham who manages to draw faces, action moments and Hasbro's latest toy with equal skill. Following some of the prior issues (where we could see 4 artists on one book) he is very welcome!

The quality of reproduction is also very good with none of them of the problems that show up in later IDW books. I'd say this is the destination to start in case you are looking to see why this series is still loved today.

My one quibble is the publication omits a back-up history from issue 50 the location where the Joes must retake a hijacked plane. Maybe it can be included in the approaching 'Special Missions' book.

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