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We voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader copy of this book. Petal was a power puncher and nobody dared bother her or they would receive the woman wrath at work. She had worked hard and progressed up the ladder where no other lady had gone before in the power group. She was in charge of one of the districts and when several storms came along and had done massive destruction, Petal got it on herself to go there on the woman own to see what could be done. When she had shown up at the power company, she found the man in charge to be less than stellar at doing his job but ran into one of the linemen named Lex, whose record showed he probably was your best man in the organization. Petal needed to ride with Lex, he thought it was a bad idea but who was he to argue with the big boss so off they went to review some of the harm, what did they find, could they fix it or was it more than it had shown on the board before they left, was it only one storm or are there more to come, what was the main cause and would they think it is and be able to extinguish it?????, Furnace is a great mix of fun figures. Lex who turns into a wolf and is the protected of his town. While Petal seems to be this beachy uptight women but once you get to know her is amazing and loving it all an act to get where she is in the woman work field. Along the way you will meet other characters with personality that are fun to see all about because they shake in the boots or make you laugh. But this book is about thunder storms destroying the town and power plant. There are causes Beyond nature creating the storm and our main male character is going to have to be the one to find it out and Save the afternoon all law Falling deeply in love with the Petal and hoping she will understand and the Supernatural things going on with him and around him. Read and enjoy.

I received an ARC copy with this publication with the option to leave a review., Subject: Furnace
Series: A Fated Mate Relationship
Release Day: #AlreadyReleased
Author: Amelia Jade
Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Test
Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger
Genre: #PRN #WolfShifter
My Rating: #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆
Wow this was so good, talk about a page-turner couldn't leave this book at all, We was glued to my seat.
Fan-Freaking-Tastic there is everything in this mind blowing publication - Adventure, Survival, Worry, Betrayal, Suspense, Action Loaded, Loyalty, Hate, Love, so much Drama, Revenge, Sacrifice, Wowzer! Definitely a FURNACE.
Petal Olson aka: Full-Petal-Bitch or Petal-to-the-Metal, yep they called the woman that because she was thirty-seven yrs . old worked at Western Hydro for fourteen years and now she was a Corporate exec or Southern Coastal Functions Director. There was an emergency at one of the plants and a freak storm had taken all the lines down, her assistant acquired the woman a window of get out there and see what she could be done. Running into many problems, little did she know the worst was still to come.
Alexander Cronus aka: Lex is a one hundred forty seven year old Wolf Shifter. Lex lives in Surrey working at Western Hydro as a line-worker for near to 20 years now. He has the best job in the world, a manager of all four teams, he enjoyed being a line worker, being outside. Once the director came into town he have to protect her.
A copy of this book was provided to me without having requirements for a review. I under your own accord read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion., I was given this book as an arc read but I volunteered to write a review.
Lex is a hair shifter he has been taking care of his valley for over 140 years. He works for the electric company. He is a line worker and loves his job. He doesn't do well with the big wigs. But he he the best employee the company has ever before had.
He has never been able to find a woman that is his everything. Their mate.
Typically the valley has a significant surprise that should not have happened. He has a feeling of what might be creating the thunder storms, but he needs to help the people in the valley before he can make sure.
When a big wig comes to town to help.
Petal has worked very hard to get to the very best. Just about all the people in the woman office think she's a ice queen. She considers that if a person is in a menial job then they aren't very smart. She soon finds out that that is not just how it always works.
She meets Lex and things he is definitely a dumb line worker. She gets stuck in another surprise with him and discovers out that he is more than he seems.
They go through a lot with each other but will she stay with him or will she return to her old life.
What another great book by Amelia Jade.
I will be suggesting this guide to family and friends.
Joy, So, I really do have to say that We received a free copy of this book and I not only voluntarily chose to leave a review, but cannot wait to tell you how good it was! I've been reading Microsoft. Jade's books for somewhat now, and they are good - but We have to say, We think this is one of her best. We love the bears, but it was nice to see someone else. Also, sometimes you feel conditions are just somewhat too artificial, but things here actually had reasons. Needless to say they find each other, HEA.. but I really loved the storyline, and found Lex to be intriguing. One question though - why the name Petal? Would certainly like to know a little more about her background. It was probably a little too good, as I decided to read as opposed to doing some work. Yet I definitely enjoyed this, and was a little sad when it ended. thanks Ms. Jade!, Stepping into a new series after enjoying different things from the writer took me a flash to like this story. Hi, I am honest about how I read books. When I started this publication I kept thinking We don't like this tale very much but We continued to read it regardless. So glad We did as the writer took this story in a different direction which is not a bad thing but for me it took a moment to get use to it.

A solitary wolf finds his Petal. A Petal not looking for commitment but finding something she lost along the way. Together they will banish the past and protect the future.

A truly well crafted tale of finding something you actually did not know that was missing.

I have voluntarily read and evaluated this story without responsibility to do so.

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