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One more outstanding poker training work from Alton Hardin. He or she presents from soup to nuts how to play on-line poker. Not simply a 1er for the newbie but an education in how to play for even the experienced. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of HUD's, tracking programs, etc. without knowing how to properly utilize these in game play. Opponents are using these methods against you so you need to be versed in how best to make use of the available resources. I have purchased Alton's materials for the last three months and have learned more during that time period period than I did the prior two years. I had my mind muddled with so many concepts that We could not merely sit down and play cohesively. Alton has brought all the elements of poker together to me making my play movement rather than have knee-jerk reactions. I am enjoying playing much more. Their video series that is a companion to this book is excellent. Proceed to [... ] for the video course - Alton does substantial live play and hand replay lessons that are invaluable to joining together the implementation of his teachings. ALL of his video clip courses are just excellent. I am VERY cautious with my time and training budget and Alton's courses and books are the BEST poker investment I have found., We have been playing for awhile and little in this book was new to me. But for anyone who is considering deciding on play the micros online--I recommend that you read this book first, although you may have other poker experience. The writer requires that reviewers make advice: I wish he experienced gone more in detail on using Poker System to analyze hands/find leakages from Ignition/Bovada hand reputations. I didn't know Online poker Tracker could be applied with Ignition hand histories. The particular writer has a YouTube channel that I feel subbed to that We find worthwhile. He also has a web site that is worthwhile. On YouTube they have videos of some of his sessions and I had created say he is a competent micro/low stakes player. Put it this way: I wouldn't want to sit at a table with 5 clones of this guy--which means We think he is much better than average and is very disciplined at the table, in fact it is apparent he has studied the overall game.

If you have been playing micros for awhile, I think you would get more away of watching some of his sessions than using this publication. If you are brand new to the micros, get this book and check out his site.

There is certainly one big name in microstakes in print out and on YouTube who plays at the high end of micros. This particular writer seems to focus more on the lower finish, and I believe he could be genuinely considering helping his readers and subscribers. The particular writing style of this book is much better than the average poker book, and it is a quick read.

(Regarding my rating--for me this guide today is worth 2 stars. However, if I had obtained this guide when I first signed up for the micros it would have been 3. 5 to 4 stars, and We would definitely have obtained my money's worth--no doubt. I would also suggest to the writer that he be more specific about who this publication is aimed for so that more advanced players is just not buy it and give it a poor review. Simply by the time somebody has been playing in the micros for 6 a few months, he or she should already know most everything presented here. ), I had been impressed with this book. I'm not much of a poker player but I've always been curious about it as I am headed to Vegas next week. We feel like I have a complete understanding of it now and I am excited to play. Harden is an excellent communicator when it comes to explaining how the game is played and strategies to win. We am looking forward to his next book., All of us always hear play the player and not the credit cards. Much easier to do at live tables but not online. This book is a wealth of information on playing the player online known as exploitative poker. Not only that but his publication is easy to read and makes you want to read more. A fantastic book to take me to the next step.   Fundamentals of Exploitative Internet poker: Learn to Take advantage of Your Opponents Through HUD Stats, Player Tendencies and Table Selection , It gives a valuable information in how to understand HUD'stats in online-poker if you are completely blank, If you play online poker this book is a must. Also give this book a try.. Essential Poker Mathematics: Fundamental No Limit Hold'em Mathematics You Need To be able to Know , Not too meaty. Over half the book is common knowledge for any online player. Several good insights wrt using HUD stats., The publication is the best of its kind. I have observed this book to be one of the better speculations I use each made.

Highly prescribed!

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