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Doctor Vasquez is great. I actually have read a number of of his books and i also truly respect him. His / her books are very state, professional and cutting-edge condition of the art within medicine., Too technical for the average person, a individual needs advanced medical teaching to understand most of the book. Very good, he exhibits the importance of a new proper diet and the need to get away from pharmaceutic treatment of most diseases., Pretty technical, This can be a extremely impressive book! Some of it consists of excerpts of other activities Dr. Vasquez has written. He encourages you to get his other books and listen to his seminars, yet I guess some advertising complements the territory of a very low-cost kindle book. He's a extremely readable style, but becomes into technical details as needed, and backs up his statements with (336) existing literature citations. I advise it!, The greater I read it, the more I such as it. I think what I like the most is that Doctor V is just honest about it all. I was reading today about GMO and how the foods we eat is likely poisoned by pesticides. I have got nearly recovered totally from adrenal fatigue /hypothyroidism (they are linked, therefore is fibromyalgia). Dr. V is spot on about " we aren't getting the particular nutrition our bodies need, and this is why we have maladies. As I actually write this, one of my siblings lies in CCU in a major university hospital with a critical illness from surgery. And all the doctors have said, " there's no relationship whatever between poor as well as this illness". Yet... these are giving him IV Potassium, and IV magnesium sulfate for his heart, and norepipenenphrine for his blood pressure, Ringers lactate for electrolytes, and saline (sodium) (these are all NUTRIENTS, all of which the body needs). I was depressed after having this discussion with the physicians (and it made me even more determined to be able to make sure I had formed all the nutrients I needed).

I myself try to be able to eat fairly well, and have a lot of nutritional supplements, and when I had formed a hair tissue vitamin analysis performed, the proportions of my minerals demonstrated me EXACTLY whey I had formed adrenal fatigue. Bringing upward my minerals (including sodium) has made me feel such as a new person. All conventional medicine would have got offered was a life span of.... drugs.

This individual goes with the Paleo/Mediterranean diet for the the majority of part. But, and this is neat, he also is aware of things about naturalpathic means to address issues.

If you are like me, and need to get to the particular 'bottom line' in your own health journey, functional medication (FM) is just about the best response. These physicians 'get it' about what the entire body needs; and I think they can work together with conventional medicines, also, which are needed in several cases.

There are THEREFORE MANY things this guide describes (near the back) that are helpful in conditions of natural ways to be able to help the body. I was finding it to be a huge resource in my own health journey.

Interesting take note: There is an fascinating discourse on Iodine, that I found intriguing. Vasquez has REALLY done his due diligence here, and has gotten to what I actually believe is the " bottom line". I consider 12. 5mg of Iodine based on what I actually have read prior to be able to this book; however, I had been intrigued to see his very complete literature evaluation and research shows anything else (less iodine may be better).

I am not quite done reading (I hopscotched around), but what I've read so far, is leading me to be able to reading it front to be able to back. The more I actually read, the better I actually like it., Great information of complex processes combined with supporting references, It finally put all our research into an understandable, usable and teachable file format
that even the lay person can follow
The case studies were a good added bonus
Any one interested in sustaining and/reversal of ill health will find this
an indespensable addition to their library
NAMASTE!!, Stolen concepts

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