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A great read for anyone working in media, advertising or business. It offers a very good overview of how to present data to answer the underlying questions, and give the reader the tools to dig much deeper. No need to invest 9 on Barbra minto when this gives a person of the same quality tools for establishing a powerful presentation.

The particular interviews in the last part gives a wider perspective across leading newsrooms and in to the digital realm.

DVD makes for a spiel in your home. Alberto is engaging, and it serves a very good second undertake the material., I liked the fact that content is presented. Alberto evaluations multiple aspects associated with visualizations, from perception to create. The particular only thing I didn't like was that the profiles section was a new little long. Also, I would have expected a new " where to go form here" section in the end. Anyways, I believe I would recommend this specific book to anybody fascinated in learning more concerning visualizations and infographics., In The Functional Art, Alberto Cairo has written a new real standout in the new wave of books concerning data visualization. His publication weaves visualization theory and techniques with real programs and critiques about current visualization projects. A primary reason the reason why I think Cairo's publication succeeds is that he has background as each a journalist--specifically, data journalism--and as an academic (at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the University of Miami).

In the very first part of the publication, Cairo explains what I take away as 3 main tenets of good data visualization practice: first, very good graphic techniques and methods (minimal use of curry charts, reducing non-data tattoo, etc. ); second, the way to create eye-pleasing graphics (how to choose color, baptistère, layout, etc. ); and, above all, how to use data visualization to share with a new story. I think this specific is where The Useful Art really sticks out as a great reference--Cairo shows you how to use data visualization not as a way to just show your data or to create a new tool for individuals to explore your data, but as ways to be a storyteller with data.

The 2nd part of the publication is more about the eye-brain connection--how we as people perceive different shapes, colors, etc. Cairo isn't a new cognitive scientist, but your dog is done a great career pulling from the literature and summarizing the problems and, importantly, using that will knowledge to create much better graphics.

These two very first regions of the book will be ideal for anyone who else has ever created visualizations before or who are just starting out. The graphics utilized in the book are all excellent and really should encourage you to try to similarly create great visualizations.

Finally, in the final part of the publication, Cairo profiles 10 popular data visualization experts and creators. For me, this specific section wasn't as fascinating as the first two parts, but there are definitely nuggets of intelligence from some of the interviews and is something that you really can't locate in one source anywhere otherwise.

Also, just a final notice about the DVDs that will are included with the book. The DVDs are basically a summary regarding each of the chapters, however the last two are especially interesting. In spiel 10 (Gay Rights), Cairo discusses a graphic created by The Guardian journal and why this specific usage of a circle image works. Since there is a continuous debate concerning circles in the data visualization field--see also Section 2 in the book--this is a nice movie on why circles may work in certain situations. In lecture 11 (Obesity and education), Cairo exhibits how he creates some basic graphics in Flagstone Illustrator, that is great in case you're not too familiar with that software (though I would never have the patience to create a map in Aje! )., Information visualization is essential now because with so much data around, that really is hard with regard to most people to set up the true context regarding what is going upon. Without this context, a lot more data leads to more misunderstandings, instead of understanding. This specific is where information visualization is available in.

Visualization presents a new visual context, and since most people find that much easier to establish themselves aesthetically, it may be an important aid in the learning and understanding process. For this specific reason, there have been a fantastic deal of demand with regard to information visualization professionals, who else can process data, and then distill this information into a clear visual/s which often engenders understanding for the intelligent layperson.

With just about all the interest in the field, there has been several various titles which have come out. What makes this name be noticeable is that the author, Alberto Cairo, concentrates especially on the pondering process behind information visualization. For most of his career, he has proved helpful with journalists in the Spanish- and Portuguese speaking planet, and emphasizes the significance of placing oneself in the readers' shoes. For instance, will this graph lead to greater understanding, or will it potentially lead to greater confusion? Are groups helpful, or would night clubs explain the same much better?

He tells how many people new to the field jump too soon to the "look and feel" part, without first requesting the right questions. In his eyes, people need to first ask about just what information to display, exactly how people may wish to explore the information (especially if it is interactive), THEN discuss the appearance and feel.

In the US, a lot regarding data visualization is completed for senior management, Entrepreneurs and research academics, as an alternative of the general human population. This means that usually data visualization is misused, with graphics actually obfuscating instead of resulting in higher understanding. Alberto Cairo pleads the case for obvious data visualization principles that really help readers to gain information in a complicated world.

In the final third regarding the book, mcdougal includes several interviews with several information visualization practitioners. These kinds of are particularly helpful, as they reveal how they assault different challenges in their projects. He includes a new wide spectrum of execs from the Americas and Europe; it is very exciting to see how media work with the information visualization professionals in their teams in leading newspapers.

This is an outstanding introduction to the industry, and it has exposed my eyes to the future of this industry., Well organized structure, filled with rich content, presented in a elegant yet effective design. Easy to enjoy be novices and experts likewise. The book goes properly using the Cairo's “Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization” MOOC. I love the non-English data visualizations and really enjoyed the professional profiles., This is an extremely readable book with a lot of great information. Cairo is definitely an engaging author. I am using his book to help our own analysts create better infographics of aircraft maintenance data.

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