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Fret is book #1 in Sandrine Gasq-Dion's new Rock Series and let myself just say this.... This specific story is the perfect start for this series we experience so much in this story and get glimpses of future books to come which I seriously can't wait around to get my carried away hands on.

Gareth Hair has recently joined his older brothers band The Skull Blasters as their lead guitarist had wounded his hand and can no longer play. Gareth was always in the setting hanging around while all the members practiced and performed even teaching himself how to play, so when he was contacted to take up as Lead Guitarist it was a little of any shock to him, but he has immersed himself totally and working hard keeping upward with their new found stardom.
Gareth has been living a lie and has lastly had enough. Determined to " come out" and admit which he is gay and lesbian has been mostly a very easy journey that is until the dangers from your mysterious stalker start coming in full force.

Axel Blaze who is an ex navy seal now working as a mercenary has been asked by his boss/friend to take on a job as a babysitter to a young rock star being threatened and stalked. Any time confronted with this job Axel first thought this was a joke because well..., he kills for money not babysit ruined rich rock stars but.... Sometimes things don't switch out like those expect and in this amazing tale we see that 10 fold.

Forced to spend 24/7 together Gareth and Axel have to try to cope but when feelings become personal and the attraction and biochemistry become too much Axel starts to question if he can do the job of protecting Gareth's life, so when Gareth mans up and confesses his true emotions Axel does the unmentionable and acts like the " A****** that people see him as and places the brakes on through which Gareth feelings get hurt. When Gareth's life is in immediate danger something snaps and Axel lastly gives in to his feelings and OMG the two of them are so HOT together but we get a slower build up and is actually really earning the trust and gaining the psychological bond at first being that Gareth is not experienced so Axel shows a side to Gareth that melted my center.

I Love this sexy rough Alpha so indeed some say he functions like an A****** but to me he is protective and loves hard.

Ok as for the whole mystery of That the stalker is? Well no hints from myself all I will say was Sandrine took us on a twist and turn journey first That i knew who it was, i then said nope then I actually was just like " wow did that really happen, I actually will say this it was brilliantly done in with keeping us guessing until the final reveal.

Yet another thing I'd like to tackle is for all those who have read Sandrine's other books you will love this, we get just enough angst, warm sex, and such laughable banter among the characters that while reading my family looked at myself as though I were ridiculous laughing so hard to myself. Also.. The switching POV with each part focusing on Gareth then on Axel.

We also got some surprises in this story if you are a fan of Rock Stars we get a glimpse of another of my favorite series Rock Gods by Ann Lister.
At the conclusion of Fret you will get a glance at Publication #2 which is all about the drummer and funny as F%%% Jinx so if you have not picked up your copy I highly recommend going now so you don't miss this amazing guide.

" No boogie man under the bed? " Gareth drawled.
" Nope. If there were, I would have shot a hole the size of Texas inside them. "
" How.. nice. "
Gareth strode across the table and went into the master room. " If you need anything, Sasquatch, don't call me. "
I clapped softly and rolled to my side.
" Night, Munchkin. "
I observed a gasp then the door slammed shut., So packed with the 'feels' right now, you have to experience this yourselves.

Wow, just freaking wow. This specific is the 1st tale I have read by this author, but I assure it won't function as the last.

This book had myself all packed with the 'feels' with it and we meet very intriguing characters. Right off the bat, I really like Gareth, then due to circumstances, Axel, comes in... and what an entry he makes. The badinage, persiflage between the two characters is magical, tense and explosive. As we quest through the story, these two personalities, we watch them but heads, argue, then come to acceptance and respect for starters another and the baggage that comes with them-well that is something they need to discuss on the further level. Both have a past, but are they willing to finally give in and promote that with one another? Well, you will need to read and find away, as I won't give spoilers. However, I will say it gets raw and explosive. As a readers, my mind was jumping into all different scenarios that could engage in, but I didn't see what was going to happen next, so I kept flipping pages to discover more.

The author, Sandrine, did an amazing job with this and I adored the truth that just when I actually thought I had developed the complete mystery figured out, it ended up being something else. Way to keep a reader engaged.

Are unable to wait to move through the series. If you haven't read this story, you need too, it's captivating and packed with surprises. I actually love that.

On to the next book in the series now-woo hoo for me. Amazing job, Author Sandrine Gasq-Dion., Gareth is a guitarist and is tired of deceiving to be straight. He decides to come away and immediately starts getting threatening mail. Enter Axel the ex-Seal turned mercenary taking his first babysitting job. At their first meeting Gareth gets upset about having a barnepige but it doesn't last long. There's mutual attraction between the two, even though Gareth assumes that the big bad ex-Seal is straight. Axel starts investigating while trying to protect Gareth. Axel figures out whoms behind the threats quite fast he just needs proof and the music group to believe him. I actually did feel like the two MC's had biochemistry, just not all the or maybe as hot as I'd have liked. All of us didn't get a lot of background on the two MC's, I would have liked more but I actually seemed you get to know who they are. Definitely worth the read., This is certainly part of a series of books, I actually believe it is 3 all together, and it is about a Metal Band, I really avoid like metal music, but the story is all about them, and being gay and finding male romance. Surely it is a little, well, formula, but the author does take a nice and different approach, considering the subject matter, and develops characters, that I surely liked and got involved with. The three books are just long enough, it was getting a little extended by the third guide, however they were all nice to read and I actually enjoyed them. Quick easy read, if you love the subject matter matter, and you want some light reading here it is., I loved this book! A departure from the author's shifter books but it was engaging, exciting, thrilling... and freaking HOT! Garreth was so sweet and Axel... sigh.... Axel. Since you can tell I actually completely fell head over heels for Axel. In addition to the banter between the two of them was hilarious. Reading this really made me want to find me an Axel Blaze.... just what exactly that I'm the wrong sex for a man like your pet. This is the fantasy book world so a gal can dream, right? Damn right I can. Now, bring on Jinxed.

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