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This book is a fascinating and deeply moving account of one of the seminal events in world history, the emergence of India and Pakistan as sovereign countries. Collins and LaPierre, in their infinitely researched, refined account of the independence of the Indian subcontinent, relate their story in prose that approaches the lyrical rhythm of poetry. Some may take issue with the purpose of view of the account, insisting that it is written generally from the Uk line of sight, but irrespective of any bias, it so beautifully and effectively relates the stories of those in the greatest seats of power and the impact of their often wrenching selections on the normal person.

I have always held that in order for history to train us, it must be delivered in a form that seduces us into understanding it. By establishing the characters whom the majority of us already know - Gandhi, Nehru, Mountbatten, Jinnah, Churchill - we find ourselves in the venues of the account as quiet observers as the die is cast to deliver India to their destiny. The book highlights the power of vocabulary, with excerpts from the inimitable speeches delivered extemporaneously by Nehru, in quick succession, on the labor and birth of the country, and finally the death of their father.

It is also a cautionary tale for the current, by showing so clearly how false distinctions between people, riven by things such as religion, wealth, and power, can so readily cause diverse communities living in harmony for centuries to shatter the peacefulness of their coexistence and turn on the other in abhorrent communal violence at a moment's notice, leaving us surprised and questioning our humankind. Perhaps this understanding can encourage us to not repeat this insanity.

A outstanding book - highly suggested., good, Brilliant!, The history of that other partition - India 1947, a year before Israel/Palestine... offering Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy, and his vivacious Lady Edwina, in India to attempt to bring the Uk Raj to a honorable summary; the gaunt, superior and secularistic Muslim Mohammed Ali Jinnah, for the newborn baby Pakistan vs . dynamic, dashing Jawaharlal Nehru of the new India's Hindu Our elected representatives Party; and then there's Mahatma Gandhi who completely opposes partition.
The authors' account of Gandhi's hunger strike to restore peace in Calcutta is a deeply suspenseful, awe-inspiring high point of this extremely entertaining work - which deserves another printing!
Large, bloody, romantic, poignant, strangely little-known episode of powerfulk recent history - while to this day, the matter of Kashmir remains unresolved., This particular is a detailed and well informed description of the actions of the doj and the people that brought forth the independence of the great country that is India. It is a history of perseverance during difficult times and there is much in it of the life of Gandhi great love for his country and its people. It is a history of a great brain, a great soul, diplomacy and humanity. I highly recommend this classic., i picked up this guide because i was curious about the big event of the conclusion of the British Raj. in many other textbooks, this subject came upwards repeatedly. now i see why. it is not only about the breakup of England's control over India, and the formation of Pakistan and India. the interplay of events, personalities, faith, politics, the intense splendour between Indians themselves, all had a part to play in the dreadful way things played out. it is very very easy to say faith caused everything that gone wrong, or that Britain totally screwed up the separation when they realized better, but these authors make sure we see the big picture. this book would not describe a morality play of conquerors vs. local people, or the good faith vs . the bad ones. the book really explains all too human causes and fallabilities that in this case, caused India's woes, but it could have happened wherever humans live and create societies that rub facing each other., Amazingly well written book about India and also a great story of Gandhi great importance to the world!

A great read!, This book was very well written. The documentation, the in person interviews and the number of detail were amazing. Dominique Lapierre is an impeccable historian. If you want to truly understand the India of today, this is a must read.

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