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I love the family-based approach to the issues surrounding food problems, as well as the beautifully articulated and user-friendly strategies for implementing long lasting change. This book is so much more than a book about eating issues for teens. It's truly about making long life changes in many regions of one's life. This specific book is multifaceted and comprehensive in this is addresses both the dietary and nutrition habits as well as the associated feelings and behaviors that often come with eating and other issues. It is an engaging must-read for each mother or father and health professional also it goes way beyond issues surrounding food by bringing more mindfulness into all aspects of life., Doctor. Michelle Maidenberg's book, Free Your kid from Overeating, is an acceptable, well-researched guide to life-long changes relating to how kids perceive and interact with food and their bodies. Dr. Maidenberg provides many simple to use and helpful exercises throughout the book, with explanations as to why each exercise impacts change. Parents and children are taken through a step-by-step process in a fun, revolutionary and conscious way. We really enjoyed reading this book and look forwards to using it with many patients in the future!

- Brittany Kugler, Ph. D., and Joanna Robin, Ph. D., Westchester Anxiety Treatment, White Flatlands, NY., I'm so happy to recommend this book to families that are having difficulties with unhealthy habits and want to learn more information about how to change behaviors. So many of the " health and nutrition" book out there there just tell someone what to eat without going into the psychological and behavioral reasons about why people overeat. This specific book addresses it all, making it much more likely that someone will have lasting, lifelong results. I especially love the mindfulness exercises!, This guide gives a truly comprehensive method of the subject - packed with research findings but presented within an easy-to-read way. One additional great feature - lots of terrific mindfulness exercises at the ending of the book. Worth trying!, Free Your Child from Overeating is a must read for all families! This guide fills in a major gap in the diet materials because it presents to consumers back to your core beliefs and introduces a conscious way of approaching your thinking. It is a very user-friendly book with clear strategies and exercises to help implement the strategies. Dr . Maidenberg will an outstanding job of tying or braiding in key research in the field that shows the importance of moving in the direction of an integration of mind-body thinking. The book also has a review at the ending of each section so that you can easily consolidate the information from each chapter. This is a powerful book to work on with the whole family!, Love it, love it, LIKE IT!! So useful and easy to grasp. Actually, truth be told in a " practice what you preach" frame of mind, I learned more for MYSELF than for my kids. Michelle's style is helpful without being judgmental, and am feel strengthened with the right tools to both teach and possess my 3 athletic young boys how to eat right and for the right reasons. Thanks, Michelle!, Dr. Maidenberg has written a book which was poorly needed! She gives useful strategies to get to the fundamental causes for why kids struggle with eating and exercise. She shares ACT and CBT approaches in a way that is accessible and easy to use. Love her 4 Ps- predict, plan, put in action, and practice and how she offers with cravings. Highly recommend this book!, This is the current manual encircling diet and nutrition for parents out there. Whether you're concerned about your child delete word this is a valuable tool no matter. Having younger children, this guide illuminated so many things that will continue to guide me through the bewildering and confusing matter of diet. Dr . Maidenberg provides countless tangible exercises for parents that will Undoubtably assist even the hardest case. " even if it is hard at first demonstrating honesty and a willingness to listen without knowing is the hallmark of an open, communicative partnership with your child": Excellent and such great advice even beyond the kitchen table. Every parent should read this book and recommend it to their friends.

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