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New Mexico author Larry Kilham received a B. S. in engineering from the University of Colorado, an M. S. in management from MIT, worked large international companies and founded three high-tech companies and gained three patents to his credit involving impressive use of computers and researching artificial intelligence. He has published eight publications about imagination and creation, artificial intelligence and digital media, travel overseas, and three novels with an AI theme. He is also a corporate consultant, a member of the American Chemical Society, and is keenly enthusiastic about motorisation, ecology, global resources and the science of difficulty.

Larry’s impressive credentials make him not only an important voice in ruminating about the advantages and disadvantages of the digital era in which we find yourself, but he accompanies his observations with sensitivity, making him a pleasure to read in addition to a guru on the state of digital advances in modern day life. In this novel he tackles social problems that are becoming too wide spread. He sets the tone of this novel in the opening lines – ‘We obtained together on the cold drop day. I scattered Donna’s ashes under her favorite shade tree on our farm. My sister experienced spent hours there in the company of the girl little dog reading, dozing, and listening to music. On this day, a dozen family and friends stood around sharing memories. Everyone agreed that her future was unlimited, but her life had ended so tragically. All I could think of was the great times we had together. We played all sorts of games. We caught frogs in the pond. Donna played left field for our community softball team. And the lady bucked me up when I felt down. Yet Donna, like so many of our friends, experienced slid into drug addiction. It had started with Opa, the free drug issued by the government to make everyone feel better and, I think, to make everyone think less and accept more. Then she began to explore illegal drugs, eventually succumbing to an overdose of some homemade killer concoction. Her final words were, “Dear brother, you’re so creative! Don’t stop before you kill this monster. ” Ever since, We have read everything We could find in an effort to find a solution to the problem that took my sister from me. Short of vaporizing all drug supplies worldwide in an instant, I considered the likelihood that free will could provide the answer. Studies showed that energizing free will could uncover the mind from the pleasure traps of excessive eating, drug addiction, and other health problems. Along with this promising insight, We would not stop until I found a way to restore people’s belief in free will. Maybe I had found the important thing to unleash what appeared to be forever in the biceps and triceps of fate. ’

Then he starts the drama that floods the pages with this book: ‘I was fixated on developing my creation I called “Electra, ” a Greek word meaning shining or incandescent. This product, provided I was smart enough to perfect it, would give the consumer free will in the room of the whole universe. ’ And form these seeds Larry’s spectacular garden grows’

Or as the summary for the content of his book concisely outlines, ‘Peter Tesla, a enormous young inventor, develops an electronic device to improve the user's free will. A new major application is drug detoxification. Peter's star consumer is the U. S. president. Along the way, Peter is tried for the mysterious death of a girlfriend and challenges with the schemes of a secretive industrialist.

It truly is rare that a novel with this importance arises from a scientist’s mind, but here is that rara avis – Read, be captured by the storyplot and learn just where we're able to easily be headed. Strongly suggested. Grady Harp, October 17, Free Will Odyssey deals with artificial intelligence in an intimate way. The story revolves around Peter Tesla who embarks in to the world of artificial intelligence after he sees his sibling succumb to the overdose of medication. His reason for creating AI is to give people a chance to think intelligently about choices in life and come out of any sort of habits. Peter has always already been an inventor and was trained into the ways of entrepreneurship by his father. His invention regarding AI is promising and people are ready to fund it. Yet, life and AI has the own set of problems also it is only Peter's humor which could pull him out of it.

The publication is short and interesting. We as a reader felt linked to Peter and shared in his exhilaration when he achieved any success. Artificial Intelligence is right now a very talked about think and I have come across several books and articles coping with it in a clinical and scientific manner. Today, to have AI as the backbone of the story was exciting and I was curious to see what problems and benefits it could bring to the human being world., Free Will Odyssey brings with Peter Tesla presenting his invention of voluntarily making selections which your mind would normally determine on its. Example of this would be those who over ate because something in their mind triggered their need to eat, even if it was making themselves ill. This invention is at the process of overcoming those with drug dependency when Peter’s own sister lost her life because the girl mind dictated what the girl body would put inside itself. Even until the girl death.
Tanya, a friend of Peter’s, is anxious to help him with his research and testing. She places off telling friends and colleagues she was identified as having ALS, but retreats in to the Free Will program without realizing that as it is still prototype counseling should have been obligatory while being used. Peter wonders if he could be the beginning of another Steve Jobs, or will this be the beginning of the life of regrets., Larry Kilham gives us a terrific book. It’s a mind-blowing story that will bring awareness to subject areas that are now starting to be trending, such as AI and free will. In Free Will Odyssey, the author supplies a provocative plot, that will immerse in the readers in the numerous challenges and difficulties that may appear in the future. What are opportunities here? And will they make up the risks and risks that may come to us, both individually and humanity as a entire?
The publication leaves us with additional questions than answers but is a debate that community must be having. There is too much at risk, morally, ethically and even biologically to just feel that AI is something that is still too far away from us or that is something out of sci-fi books. The storyline is intricate and it is a story that will stay with you for long., An intriguing look at your mind over wanting leads our protagonist to create an electronic online reality machine to control your brain’s extreme levels of addiction. Would you want to use it? The protagonist faces critics, severe loss, false accusation of killing and emotional anxiety from the challenge to defend themselves. The relative calm after battling accusers brings one last twist that you don’t see coming. That is an exciting drive into your mind and can you accept the problem of unlocking your mind from your personal urges and addictions. Would you risk control of your free will through an AI device? Kilham increases twenty-first issues of AI and what we will face with the incredible future with technology. Give it a read and what would you do about an AI opportunity?

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