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George Mahood is the kind of chap you'd like to have a beer with. Actually, I do believe your dog is the type of fellow you'd find yourself buying a beer for after just the briefest of conversations. I say this having never met the person but I feel like I've just had the adventure of any lifetime with my new pal after having read his very funny and surprisingly inspirational book Totally free Country.

Free Country shows the true story of two young men, George and his friend Ben, who decide to cycle the length of The uk from Land's End to John O Groats. While this ambitious journey has been undertaken by many people others, none have done it in quite the same way as George and Ben. Because, you see, they commence with absolutely nothing. Well, not quite absolutely nothing, they each have a pair of Union Jack port boxer shorts (and George later confesses, a camera, a notebook, a pad and stack of credit cards containing the words "I am OFFICIALLY a very nice person. ")

More than three weeks in Sept, with a vow to spend no money they wander their way north like the maddest of monks on the most quixotic of quests. What they find along the way is a country packed with very interesting people, a great number of whom are incredibly nice. Ben and George manage, through charm, wit, fast talking and willingness to do tasks ranging from cleaning, to loading onions to singing for their suppers, to obtain clothes, food, mountain bikes and someplace to sleep every night. It is just a wonderful adventure and very, very funny. George is a great observer of life and a really witty writer and he and Ben bicker throughout the trip in the way that only true friends can. A few quotes will give you the flavour of this delightful guide:

`Yeah. There's a place called Neilston in another ten miles. ' `Ten miles? Are you joking me? ' asked Ben. `Err, number It doesn't look like there's everything else before there anyway. Coming from done really well today. I reckon we'll have done over 90 miles. ' `WHAT? My god, you are such a slave driver. If I had created known there were done something near much, I would have stopped for the day ages ago. ' `I know. That's why I didn't tell you. '


Before eating the sandwiches we tried a interpretation of Silent Night in German that I could still remember from major school. Some guy on a bmx, in his middle thirties, approached with a small paper bag from Greggs. `Hi guys. You can have both of these donuts if you promise to stop singing. ' `You've got yourself a deal. Thank you, mate, ' I said.


The descent from Kirkstone Pass was unquestionably the fastest I have have you been on a bicycle. It was possibly the fastest that man has actually travelled, in any form of transport. If The Falcon had had wings, I swear she would have taken off. That was one of the scariest, but most exhilarating things I have actually done. Braking wasn't really an option to me, as The Falcon's brakes only had any slight impact when travelling at an amazingly slow speed, or up hill. I just gave in and then let the Falcon do what she was best at doing - not stopping.


We explained our challenge and asked if there was anything we could do in trade for some free food. `Oooooh, what do you reckon, Jan? Should we give these two strapping young lads any food? ' she said to her colleague. `Yeah, why not. If that one with the skimpy pants shows us somewhat more leg, ' she chuckled. `That'll be afterward you, George, ' said Ben. This was a new low. I used to be being made to flaunt my figure in trade for food. I experienced used. I felt cheap. I liked it. I lifted up the aspect of my skimpy glowing blue shorts, and exposed my flabby white thighs. `Phwoooooaarr, ' said both women...


If a doctor had analysed what we ate during the bike ride, I think they probably would have concluded that we ought to not be still living, let alone fit enough to cycle. I read somewhere that beige food is bad for you. Almost everything we consumed was a shade of beige; bread, pasta bakes, chips, pasties and plums. Anyway, all I'm saying is that peas and carrots taste unbelievable if you simply eat beige food for 17 days beforehand. Give it a shot.


Free Nation any of the funniest books I've ever read in fact it is a book that celebrates the tremendous kindness that exists in the world. George and Ben completed their journey due to kindness of strangers, but after reading the tale of their journey, I feel that I owe them much more than the meager cost of this book for the laughter and wisdom I've found in its pages. George and Ben, if you ever make it to Issaquah, look me up. I'll make sure you then have a good dinner and a place to stay., This is the true story of George and Ben who decide to bike the End to End challenge, which is a 1, 000 mile journey from the south of england to the north of Ireland in 3 weeks. To make it even more challenging, they set out barefoot with no money, no food or water, wearing only a pair of boxers. Ok last one, and no bikes. They must rely on the kindness and generosity of strangers. Their first problem is to obtain shoes and clothing. Ok last one, and bikes. Then each day, they must find food, water, and shelter for evening. In some way they manage to find plenty of beer and find yourself at a rum tasting. I thoroughly loved the banter between George and Ben as they bicker and disagree. George relates the story in an amusing manner while taking us through each small-town and introducing us to the people who help them along the way. They literally sing for their supper one day and someone gives them donuts to stop. I highly recommend this fun and entertaining book., I first read " Every Day is a Holiday" by the same author. (It was a free offer on BookBub. ) I enjoyed it so much i recommended to my local library they purchase all 3 of his books. They haven't done it (yet) and being even more impatient than i am cheap, i went ahead and acquired the other two for my Kindle. I almost seem like i know George and his family - It's one of the reasons i acquired the books. I'd wish to see him succeed as an author. Some other reasons? He's a funny, nice guy with a wonderful British turn of phrase. In case you read all 3, there is some nice continuity between them, but each stands on their own just fine. Fortunately they are very well written and well edited; so many self-published books are not. I'm looking forward to his next offering. I am hoping it's free on BookBub; if not i'll probably buy that one, too.: ) He's good guy (seemingly) and a good writer (for sure). I hope you check him out!, This is a really humorous and enjoyable book! I didn't expect much, as I have never read any of George Mahood's textbooks before. These two ridiculous guys set out from Land's End to John O'Groats with -- to start with -- nothing but the fighter shorts that you can see on the front page! Their goal: to reach David O'Groats by using simply no money, scavenging, pleading or asking nicely for everything they need along the way. Now, this designed bikes, clothes, meals and places to sleep... I loved the humour, and smiled my way through the book, often laughing out loud. What a cheek both of these guys got! But I'm sure they must have come across as nice, trustworthy and needy guys, because.... read it and find if they actually manage to reach the upper ending of Great britain -- with no money and living on the charity of good people! If you want Bill Bryson, you have just found his " twin brother" as far as writing is concerned! Thanks, George Mahood, for some hours of great pleasure. I've already downloaded another of your books. This is written from South Africa., Book starts well enough but then becomes a lot of the same.
Crummy bike, where will we sleep, where can we scrounge some
food... Yes the runs into with the people they meet on the
quest make much of book. I read it halfway through and decided
no more of my time and it would be a much better movie than
book. I do believe it could be a Great Movie actually given the scenery
of the ride, the antics of Ben & George, the people along the trail.
This just needs to be a visual delivery not text.

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