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Wasn't sure what to expect as I knew that this book had to be approved before being released.

The candor I actually found displayed in this real-life story about the initial years of the Afghan conflict and where we are today is stimulating.

There is plenty of real-life action as Mister. Evans recalls his emotions from the 9/11 episodes to the rapid reaction that follows. Most of that was hidden from daily Americans, but now one can experience just a lttle bit of what was needed for the US to reply in this case.

Definitely well worth reading., The guide title could easily already been The Enemy of My Enemy is a buddy. Foxtrot in Kandahar is a fascinating journey through the first days of the CIA’s preparations following the 9/11 attacks sometime later it was the strike at al-Qa’ida. Duane Evans narrates his journey from Washington, DC, to Afghanistan as the leader of a CIA team. It’s a story of freedom fighters, old and new enemies joined in battle. Al-Qa’ida was safe in Afghanistan. A lot of Taliban rule got created rivalries and enemies; and, opportunities.

The writer takes you inside the CIA. You are feeling the author’s urgency to sign up the fight. You join him on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, where Echo Team is organizing to slip into Afghanistan at night with Hamid Karzai. But fate intervened. The author introduces all of us to Hamid Karzai, a lot different man from the press accounts of the Afghanistan leader. There is also an inside man, a former Afghan governor, the lion of Kandahar. I actually found both of them admirable for courage. In addition to, there be snakes.

This book is a management story told by way of a past CIA agent. I have a better understanding of why bravery and success are forwent by preparation and luck. The story ended too soon for me. I think you’ll enjoy the journey., “When a man has done what he views to be his obligation to his people and his country, he can relax in peace. ” Nelson Mandela. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks on The united states, Duane Evans makes potentially the biggest personal compromise to get and destroy the root of evil half way around the world. Foxtrot in Kandahar chronicles Evan’s pursuit as a CIA officer to sign up the initial US post-9/11 efforts of the War on Fear to seek and ruin Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Foxtrot offers readers a CIA-insider perspective on the quest, leadership, decision-making, organizational and operational planning and coordination, CIA and military and paramilitary interdependencies, deployment, field operations, alliance building, paperwork, setbacks, and threats and dangers faced by Evans and the lads and others that valiantly served their country., I thought That i knew what to expect of this book, however the author amazed me with his honest and candid account of his service. So many books I've read of the nature tend to be filled with attempts to bring the reader to the cusp of suspense with bravado and exaggerated exploits of heroism. I was pleasantly amazed to find a realistic assessment of a difficult situation, mired in paperwork and human fallibility. This was also a relief to discover the humor that can frequently invade a combat zone. The personal relationships of the author and connections to recent traditional events make this guide more than only a memoir. The book presented a well-rounded perspective of the CIA in action., Amazing, exactly what a great story. This just goes to show you what a regular guy from rural New Mexico can do for our country when the bureaucracy keeps taken care of. Now Duane may be a little more than a regular guy, with loads of common sense, street smarts and bravery, but what he did for our country was heroic. It's great he was allowed to tell his story. Many who do things like this never get to tell how they have helped our country remain the finest place on earth. With any luck , this story inspires more brave Americans to offer to help our country like this.... Duane is surely an honest to goodness real hero. Thanks Duane, We are very thankful for your efforts to move it to the " bad guys"!!, Amazing! Couldn't input it down! The story makes you feel every bump, both physical and bureaucratic, as the author's CIA team races to access Kandahar and help drive out Al Qaeda and the Taliban after the 9/11 attacks. A new great read!, Great personal story of someone engaged in the United States hard work against the Taliban after 9/11. It illustrates the heroism of the people who went to Afghanistan and the down sides they experienced in just trying to get there and what they endured after they arrived.

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