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I have already been enthusiastic about journalling for about 20 years now and have about five to six books to prove it. But have I done it? No. Why, because I may seem to have the time for you to even read the books on 'how to'. Oh I start them, but usually give up after 25 pages of why journalling is so good. That is until now.
I skeptically downloaded Ms. Burch's ebook and was happily surprised at how easy it was to enjoy - it is brief, to the level and actually provides you ways to journal that won't take up your life - or at least 6-8 weeks of it. What I really liked were the simple steps, evidently laid out there, for bursts of energy and intention that could be added on to later if desired. This truly is a do-it-yourself journalling - that can be done.

I waited to write this review until I had actually CARRIED OUT one of the strategy, to see if I could. I chose the first, not only because of the ease, but because I rarely ever write down my 'shadow-bits' as a journalling exercise. I am fearful (an old experience) of someone getting hold of them and using this information against me. It was easy to do, not to mention informative, because part of Ms. Burch's method is to ritually destroy those pages after re-reading and noticing patterns... I am a firm believer in dealing with your 'shadow' side and using it to form a better, more whole YOU.

I am not enthusiastic about writing a memoir, but I am enthusiastic about exploring bits and pieces of my life and feel looking forward to using the other methods (when I am so moved) to move on in this effort. So for me, this little gem WORKS., I have kept journals for years, so I thought it might be interesting to gain some information that might enhance my journaling experience. What I found was something I can used in another way. I am a pastor. One of the work of a pastor is often counseling. The greatest problem with counseling is that they when you go see the pastor, have a gathering, get prayed for and become amazingly fixed. Or they wish to come in endlessly without actually doing anything different, and expect me to repair them somehow. I could make use of this journaling technique as a dramatic supplement to guidance. It is powerful things., I acquired this book because it intrigued me personally. "What? There's more than just sitting down and writing? Four methods? Hmmmm. " I am so glad I acquired it.

Firstly, this is an very well formatted book which makes it simple a joy to read. Presently there are many images to complement the text.

Second of all, the author weaves instructions for every method with her personal story. This wounderful woman has been an adventurous woman so learning is never dull. It can like unwrapping a surprise and discovering insights---hers and mine.

As I received deeper into the chapters, I totally reversed that first thought that writing publications would be mundane. Our involuntary thoughts were now thinking about how exactly and what I would be writing leaving out my own adventures that I might not care to talk about or revisit. However, this author gently teaches how to handle what you feel even if it's not all sunshine and jelly beans.

Even better are the review steps at the finish of each chapter. It's simple to progress with the day by day guidance but people who regularly schedule 20 hour days and nights might skip something and those reviews would bring us back to earth.

The best method is the Autobiographical Journal with its graphs, quadrants, and colours. For those of us that like order and structure, this is perfect. My assistant, who also read the book, particularly likes the List of Resources at the finish of the book and is now shopping for our new books and writing tools which I didn't order but the book suggests so perhaps, with all this help and tools, our whirling minds can dare to imagine peace., Like a "self help junkie", I had formed observed on repeated occassions how beneficial it is to journal. But none of the "gurus" really ever explained how to accomplish, or why to do it, or that there are different types of journaling, so I never really got into it. This book takes the matter and dives deep into the different ways of journaling, the goals, and how to avoid pitfalls like "I don't have time to journal". Really great ideas., Melissa Burch has written a really comprehensive guide which is ideal for those who are intrigued about journal writing and the many benefits it can bring. In fact however, seasoned journal keeper can learn a lot from Melissa. I was amazed that such an substantial book was being offered at such a bargain price. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Melissa shared the girl private journals going back to when she was a child. Who better to learn from than an avid journal writer who has been carrying it out for decades?, This book is great for new journalers or to learn new techniques for journaling. I have been a journaler for a while, but there were definitely techniques that I wasn't familiar with in the book. 1 of the best features of the book was pictures directly from the author's journal through varying years and different styles. This was such a nice addition to the book., The swiftest way to touch your deepest core is through journal writing. Melissa's aim is to empower your likelihood of connecting to the oneness all around us and be informed to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

She gently instructions us to cross the bridge towards acceptance of self, your creating self, spiritual self and taking what is with love, joy and freedom.

I love Melissa's style of writing, it's based on years of experience and she helps you to take time for yourself and discover your answers to life's big questions like why am I here?, what am I intended to be doing?, who can I serve? Typically the diagrams she includes help a lot.

I can see evidently that if you follow Melissa's guide lines of Journal Composing, you will be able to make flow again things which are hidden or stuck in your own life (like opposition and pain) and uncover a way out and realize new opportunities you weren't able to see before.

I suggest this book if you're longing to consider some time out for yourself in this hectic hectic lifestyle we all lead today and connect all aspects of the self, the passions, joys and challenges as well as the more boring facets of your life.

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