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There is a saying it is impossible in order to the thermodynamics laws in this universe, everything otherwise is uncertain; give it a try. You can see and feel thermodynamics making a bag while reading this book. Terrible of fun, right? Wait for it because this Atkins guy push the entire thing to another amount of fun. Damn good teacher! For example, he started out comparing work and temperature at the molecular level to finish the discussion making a connection with our civilization development. A person will never forget the laws, never!, As an man or woman who tends more to the side of the "soft" sciences, the important theorems that are foundational to the "hard" sciences can be extremely difficult to grasp or intimidating to even attempt to try to learn at the least, a freshman level of understanding of these laws. Unnecessary to say, it is always good to at least try. Peter Atkins and his Very Brief Introduction proved to be an excellent resource to help me to develop at the minimum, a more clear and foundational knowledge of the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Typically the best thing about this book is the fact that Peter Atkins was asked to write it. He does quite an amazing job as much as taking the esoteric and rendering it as understandable and minimal intimidating that it can possibly be. This individual writes plainly and talks about the concepts right behind the laws in a way that means the material into common real life scenarios. One more great thing about the book is the fact that he always makes sure to help remind the reader of the subjects previously discussed as he moves on to the next topic. In other words, when starting a new subject or sub part of an overall issue, he reminds us of that which was previously talked about and gives a very quick recap of the basic principles of that material.

There is one drawback though. This particular drawback probably has more to do with someone than anything Dr. Atkins has done though. That is in the last two chapters that things get started to get more technical than the first part of the book. This could require some extra reading and backtracking through the guide to ensure that you understand everything plainly enough to get out of the book and its descriptions everything that Dr. Atkins is intending to teach. This means then, that for the beginner, this part is slightly more difficult than the earlier parts. It is not necessarily anything at all that Dr. Atkins does, it is just that the material gets a little bulkier.

Another plus of the book is that Atkins provides his reader with an excellent little text that will provide you with the basic principles and a little more. The further reading section at the finish of the book will also give the person wanting to know more the capability to find other books that Doctor. Atkins has given his seal of approval to.

This was truly a well thought out, clear, and actually approachable book considering the topic and my own background. This would be a great book for a person wanting to know about the Laws of Thermodynamics or a person especially buying a quick refresher on things that they learned previously. It should also prove especially helpful to a student of chemistry, physics or biology to use as a quick resource., Peter Atkins promises at the start that will not be a light read, and it also isn't, at least not if you wish to really take it bushed and much of it is fresh to you. Gibbs energy and Helmholtz energy are mentioned, as are negative (below absolute zero) temperatures. Regarding a very short introduction to the subject, it goes into considerable depth.

You would need no more than the average grasp of High School math and science to follow the arguments completely, and not even that if you are just seeking a flavor of what the subject is about and are willing to decide for less than a thorough understanding.

Atkins produces perfectly, with clarity, elegance and an infectious excitement. There may be no lack of the latter - he or she describes these laws as 'a mighty handful' that drives the Universe, and claims that 'no other scientific law has contributed more to the liberation of the human nature than the second legislation of Thermodynamics'. I'm not sure about that, but I actually do now appreciate the basic importance of these laws and how they are crucial to focusing on how Characteristics works.
[PeterReeve], Excellent, expository treatments of the first and second laws. Every man of science should read this guide. Brief with few equations. Mcdougal is a mentioned scientist. My only concern had been able to read the very small print out. These are very small publications!, Peter Atkins is the best when it comes to describing complicated scientific principles to anyone with a interest in science. Keeps things as simple as possible but no simpler., This particular was a very nice overview of the background and meaning of the laws of thermodynamics. I actually really had an appreciation of what and why these laws are important and I got a good sense of what temp is as well. Typically the writing is succinct and interesting, but nothing more. The order of the book is structured in the order of the laws (starting with the law zero), and it presents analogies i found especially helpful in grasping the meaning of the concepts. It is smaller than most others, but I think the recommended readings should point the curious reader the right way if she is inclined.

I might also suggest those seeking more information about the 2nd law to look into Entropy Demystified: Typically the Second Law Reduced to Plain Common Sense., great informative book love the series, Professor Atkins comes across as an perceptive with a huge order of the English vocabulary and I betting nearly all of his communication is with his intellectual peers. However, from my poorly educated point of view his use of language is difficult to follow. I acquired this book thinking it was written to people that want a little more than a basic over view; and the book gives myself that. I rate the books content and order in which the instruction is presented at five stars but the long sentences which have to be read and re-read are tough for me to follow. Will be the book worth it - yes it is, and I would recommend it.

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