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I want to start with the talents in the Four. Scott Galloway clearly has a razor-sharp business mind; he is street smart, likeable, down-to-earth, and often funny; he is able to hold an audience’s interest and knows the online landscape very well. He also presents business concepts in a clear and well synthesized way, and doesn’t seem to be trying to sell us their own products or services (well, okay, he’s definitely selling his opinions hard—more on that below, but he’s subtle about promoting his company, which I appreciate).

Exactly why not a five star score then? Well, while the publication has some big thesis insights into the internet corporate behemoths and online commerce, it generally keeps with the big part. This is valuable, and I’m guessing most visitors will walk away which includes fresh insights. However, once a large idea is noted, he tends to not delve deeper (particularly notable when the subtitle promises " the Hidden GENETICS. " There were even a few times when The particular Four feels like a blog rant, giving your pet an opportunity to vent at one of the big companies (most notably that Apple wouldn’t help the FBI crack the computer code of an iPhone to help them gather evidence over a San Bernardino shooter/terrorist). He also spends a little of the time telling us some evident things, though in fairness to Galloway, it is tricky to know what to leave out as common knowledge when you are writing for a general audience. As someone who is aware a good bit about internet commerce, I may be showing my bias here, but confirming my sense of some obviousness is the remarkably lower rating (at this writing at least) that Amazon readers of business books give the publication compared to general visitors.

I also wish Galloway would have delved further into the cultural and politics implications for society when a number of companies rule the digital economy and have outsized influence in nearly every sphere. He touches upon this, but just touches. Perhaps that is too much to inquire of a business publication, but even the bigger picture business implications seldom get considered in a sustained way. Originally I wanted to say Galloway could be superficial, but that isn’t quite right--especially since he can definitely be trenchant and sometimes has a wicked sharp humor. What I finally realized is that the shortfall comes from his impatience. He states around he describes himself and his impatience comes across in some of the stories he tells about himself (most notably in his handling of his efforts to bludgeon the brand new York Times to change). Ultimately this impatience results in the book's greatest weakness.

Another example of The Four's superficiality/impatience: he casually refers to evolutionary “explanations” for business trend. I am very much inclined towards evolutionary explanations for human behavior as well, nonetheless they come off as tossed out there instead of carefully dealt with. Galloway’s breezy style also doesn’t help here. That may be, Galloway enjoys being flip and cussing a fair little bit. I’m not prudish in the slightest and believe that he can often be quite amusing, but there is something about using LOTS of f-bombs and s-bombs (< not spelled out only because I suppose Amazon would delete curse words) that take away their power when they are employed too often. And in the end they minimize some of the very weighty issues. Even that suggests a kind of impatience. That is, a tossed out flip termination is often used as a substitute for well crafted writing.

In other words, The particular Four has value, but it had potential be lots more. So I definitely wouldn’t turn other readers away, but seldom get your hopes on with a masterpiece., I bought this book on my kindle (amazon, to myself is still a book shop with a Netflix"ish" arm). My dollars for CPG still go to Costco as well as others. I read the first few chapters on a flight home from your client visit in Arizona. The books content acted as a wooden tea spoon stirring a huge weed of s.... well, smelly compost. I found me personally listening to rage against the machine at a good that left me hard of hearing for the next few hours.
Bless you Jeff Galloway! You might have strengthened my resolve in who receives my votes (dollars) in the future., Tech companies have grown so big so quickly that the general population is having a hard time adapting for this new economy. I found Mr Galloway's publication both engaging and right to the point. Short and sweet. We need more entrepreneurs like Jeff to talk about their wisdom and lessons learned the hard way.

Time well spent., An amazingly poignant, and compelling perspective on the future of the country and the world...... A must for investors..... Buy it and read it!!!, Finest book of the year., ‘The Four’ considers the large energy accrued – once and for all and for (tax-avoiding, job-destroying, bogus news-propagating) ill – by the big four technology giants Amazon, Apple, Fb and Google.

This examination occurs at a very interesting time for, as author Scott Galloway makes generously clear, the only competition the Four face is from each other, and the race is now on between them to become the premier operating system.

The first half of the book looks at the history of retail store and the business strategies of each one of the Four (such as the inspired decision to transition Apple from a tech to an extravagance brand and also to move into retail), whilst the second half chiefly considers the Four’s relations with government authorities and opponents and suggests future trends.

Galloway most definitely knows what he’s talking about. Now Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Company, he previously founded or co-founded nine firms, some of which foundered at the hands of the Four. These activities have not embittered him. On the contrary, he writes not only with great insight but also with considerable humour, not minimum about the origins of our consumerist cravings.

Inside so doing, Galloway sometimes overstates his case, as if he writes that, “At its core, Apple fills two instinctual needs: to feel closer to God and be more attractive to the opposite sex. ” The bald facts are already sufficiently astonishing - Apple has “a cash pile greater than the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT of Denmark, the Ruskies stock market, and the market cap of Boeing, Airbus and Nike combined” - for there to be any need for this kind of hyperbole.

This specific book is by turns scary and funny, depressing (on the demise of quality print journalism) and futurist (on the possibility of a tuition-free university).

I cannot recommend it too highly, as it is both a superb eye-opener and an entertaining page-turner., Finest business book I have read. Exceptionally well-written, great perspective and humor. Firmly recommend!!!, Great book, up-to-date. Puts you in the right spot to understand what's happening

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