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This is a good book and worth the I paid with regard to it. The advice, information, and exercises are very good. But that said, I wouldn't necessarily recommend that to others in the majority of cases, since there usually are better books which cover a similar subject matter a lot more thoroughly.

The truth where I would recommend it is to a budding designer, and in conjunction along with something such as  How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way , which will fill within a couple of important blanks in Foundations is Comic Book Art.

All of the material in this guide great, and the couple of exercises are, but it can fundamentally incomplete in virtually any aspect to be regarded a great book. I would have realized it innovative if I had read it within the early years after I started out taking art more critically (say early to mid teens) but now presently there isn't much to be obtained from this book to me.

What surprised me the most is that there is very small that is specific to be able to comic book art. Regarding 80% of the guide is information that would affect any drawing type, which is fine, but I was expecting something a lot more focused. And none of the information is given a very thorough treatment, except with regard to inking, more on that below. And while there is a " Figure" chapter, there is almost nothing of value with regards to figure drawing or visual character development, which often leaves the book incomplete.

Also nothing really concerning translating story or activity for the panel.

The exemption for the shortcomings is the inking section, which is composed of 2-1/2 chapters. This is the most complete segment of the book, in addition to is very good. I possess other books on sketching with ink that I prefer, but those not necessarily specifically geared to amusing book inking.

So just about all in all, good materials, just lacking in detail.

For that deeper dive I would recommend:
Scott McClouds books,   Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art   and  Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels   which are an incredibly in depth method to comic theory.

How to Draw: sketching and sketching objects in addition to environments from your creativity , which covers the general drawing information covered in Foundations in Comedian Art's second and third chapters, along with a lot a lot more, and in exhaustive details. The angle is a lot more from your design perspective, yet can be applied to a broad array of sketching disciplines.

Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Computer animators (Force Drawing Series)   to supplement the missing translation of personality and action into picture.

And really any very good text on figure sketching such as  Determine Drawing: Design and Innovation . Or Bridgman, Loomis, etc.

Now that will arranged one back a small bit, and will take a fair bit longer to study and practice. So maybe this smaller sized, less expensive book is a good starting point... but when you have the time, go with the far better materials and provide the subject matter the careful study in addition to practice that they should have., I love this book in addition to plan on using it to be able to help my artwork. I really do wish it was longer and gave examples of hardware useful for digital art. Still this book is a winner!, I started to understand to draw over a year ago and purchased this book. John Paul Lowe is an excellent teacher and this book which for me personally is now a precious metal standard in drawing offers improved my drawing skills a hundred fold. This is a real keeper., Enjoyed this. I've read many drawing books. But this one focuses about sequential art. Was furthermore glad it focused about traditional techniques rather than just digital., Very informative and mindset! I have new lifestyle in my pursuit of happiness., I truly enjoyed this book. I have restricted drawing skills and have got always been fascinated by dog pen and ink work. The only place in the art world that will do a great job of exploring it really is in comic representation. The tone and rate from which the information within this book was delivered was perfect. I came across the exercises to be just what I need. After simply a few chapters in addition to a few hours of practice I noticed an immediate upgrade to my family portrait drawing skills. I might certainly recommend this book to be able to anyone looking to obtain into pen and ink illustration and comic guide drawing. It was really fun and I really appreciate that concerning learning something new in terms of developing art skills., This book is outstanding. It is everything I dreamed of in an art book. John Paul Lowe explians everything in detail and provides extra tips. From fundamental understanding of layout to be able to tools-this book details that all for all those beginning or even advanced in amusing art. Must have!, i will have to say that will, though i use many books on the topic of comic book art representation... that foundations in amusing book art: fundamental equipment & techniques for sequential artists by john john lowe & SCAD, is by far the most complete guide about them as far because a single book moves, for ones such because i whom are largely " self-taught" that this book is like having a personal home study program from an art college specialists comic book art, john paul lowe as well as SCAD ( the savannah collage of art as well as design ) have delivered an e book that is leading notch and far exceeds any positive hype in the book!! i WILL constantly recomened this title to be able to ANY artist, amature, newbie, aspiring and PRO- amusing artists out there! imo, this book should be a STANDARD text book within ANY high school graduation & collection art course! for the value is inmesurable!!!!

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