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This specific reviewer is pleased to see Vincent R. Lee's incredible tale not only made it to Amazon. com (very fitting location) but you will find a Kindle edition as well. In the previous I could only recommend friends to his website. I first heard of Vincent R. Lee when we read from his book being placed in our supper tent each night high upwards in the Andes Mountains as our friend who was not only inspired by the book, she loved the book; and thus she created our travel based on his book. We met Juvenal Cobos, Vince's campesino before I owned or read the book in the entirety.

Because the author cites in the introduction to this edition of his book change has occurred in the intervening years making the exploration he do more accessible to the average Joe. Unknown to our group of seven we were a little of the guinea pigs as our friend was helping her Peruvian friends merged a guide business.

It is not only a well written book about a history of the Incas; it is an interesting Indiana Jones' type journey tale with a throw of characters jockeying to be the next great Hiram Bingham type main character. We all see the world in different ways and it is with Lee's you eyes that solves the mystery and puzzle for the last stronghold of the Incas. It's a exciting part of the story. This creator is a gracious man, a tenacious man, a man an excellent source of integrity and while I am not seeing his dedication inside my Kindle edition in my hardback copy Lee recognized the incredible journey he or she took was a outcome of a "promise to Tupac Amaru", the previous member of the regal Inca family to rule Peru.

While describing themself as... "a lifelong skeptic in all matters supernatural... " Lee found away as I did there is a powerful soul essence in the Andes, in the ruins of the Incas and in the stones. Coming off our fifteen day travel I had a religious moment with a religious message that did not make sense to me until I obtained back and read Lee's book. I realized the message was for him. And since with all things spiritual there is a unusual way of moving the plot forward and thus only a few months after returning I unexpectedly ended up in his corner of the world, dropped in on him and his wonderful wife; and provided said spiritual message.

Right now I will read his latest edition (in my Kindle) and find out if he or she heeded said spiritual information.

A modest man (it's not in this book), Lee also proposed what technique the Incas likely used to make their walls earthquake proof and NOVA did a program on that in 95 showing Lee's hypothesis is the best one to date on that question.

I hope mcdougal will get his other documents and books up on Amazon especially on Amazon kindle so that his work is definitely accessible to all.

Enjoy the ride. In addition to yes, having met the author he could definitely pass for Indiana Jones' cousin. Smiley face here., forgotten Vilcabamba is the first hand story of the hunt for a remote control region of the Andes driven by curiosity to complete one of history's unfinished puzzles - the lost last capitol of the Inca empire in exile. Vincent Lee's tale of his research and expeditions in search of the people, places and ruins found in the Vilcabamba is a understandable page turning tale of chance and discovery. Profession skills developed guiding climbing journeys and designing architecture in the Rockies of North America became the perfect tools used to explore and map the historically rich but since lost sites in this mountainous region of Peru. His considerable maps and drawings give life to the Inca pay outs and are the standard utilized by archaeologists researching the region and have enabled my personal exploration of sacred sites associated with sun worship. Guided by the available literature and with the council of prominent Andean scholars, Shelter has become one of the world's experts on Vilcabamba. This book is his great wife Nancy's tale of the quest to understand the Inca state of Vilcabamba, the historical conquest of the Inca there, the adventures experienced and friendships made alongside the way. In case you are pondering to go, this book is must reading. If you are looking for a story of adventure and finding in South America this is it., Really liked this book. Makes me want to go back to Peru and go a little farther from Cusco. Only limitation, is that all of the images do not appear to be in the Amazon kindle version. The ones that appear are small and you can't resize them (at least not on my entry level Kindle). Otherwise, 5 stars., The fascinating story written with grace and scholarship. I thought I knew something of this history, but I learned a great deal., adventure lives!... from the first page, a completely interesting book over a exciting topic... makes me want to return to re-explore the whole Inca region, It's a place I am going so it worked well for me a little but old information applied to the area, Forgotten Vilcabamba: Last Stronghold of the Incas is a narrative of Vincent R Lee's detective work into seeking the Incas final stronghold. Many to this day have considered it to be the famed Machu Picchu, which Vincent R. Lee shows it was not. Forgotten Vilcabamba: Final Stronghold of the Incas was especially exciting to the vem som st?r in me. Having the book include pictures, maps and drawing makes you feel as if you are on this trip of discovery right alongside with these. The history of the Incas has always been an interest to me and so I felt privileged to read Forgotten Vilcabamba: Final Stronghold of the Incas also to create a review. This is a wonderfully written book., It is hard to imagine any serious exploration into the Vilcabamba without first reading Vincent Lee's seminal book on the region. His considerable forays into this amazing corner of Peru are documented throughout greatly readable style. Important historical breakthroughs, including the discovery of the exact site of the final and important battle between the Incas and the Spanish, are intermixed with fascinating stories about the difficulties of traveling in an area that, in the 1980's, was a hotbed of `Shining Path' terrorist activity. The post-conquest history of the Incas is well treated with, but it is the maps that make this guide so indispensable. Because a trained architect Lee's plans of ruins such as Vitcos and Animo Pampa are so accurate and easy to follow that they have become the favoured instructions utilized by both archaeologists and amateur visitors alike. Definitely one of the main books ever written about the Incas.

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