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A lovely Colored woman was present in the desert almost dead the resulting consequences of this one wonderful action will Turn Virgina City on its head. Rhine Fontaine a freed slave that is living his life as a white man but doing something that is not normal; he is doing things to help " the race" succeed and live prosperous lives. After gathering Eddy Carmichael Rhine starts off to reconsider all the choices that he made in his life from his fiance Natalie to crossing back over. This particular is a true Beverly Jenkins book chock packed with history comedy and love. I can't wait for the next one and this one just turned out. Get this book and grab a cup of tea and get transferred back to 19th century Nevada., Rhine Fontaine is a rising star in the post-Civil War Republican Party, a green-eyed Adonis, and saloon owner. He is also harboring a heart-wrenching secret that he’s resigned to keep until this individual rescues a parched, almost lifeless colored woman, Turn Cunningham. Her determination to move from Denver to California leaves her vulnerable to a con performer who abandons her to die in the desert. Gazing on her, something stirs within Rhine that his pampered and fortunate fiancé has yet to touch.

Just as Turn miraculously fails to surrender her life to the sweltering heat in the desert, that strength maintains her at arms duration from the man that will cause heat to rise from places on her body that are forbidden. Recuperating from her physical and mental wounds pails to the hurt and bad she would bring to herself and her people by falling in love with her white hero. Besides, she’s a woman of ethical character who’ll never give in to being his soupirant.

Rhine’s secret allows him to be a successful businessman, respectable politician and property operator, while fighting for better opportunities for his people. Yes, that’s right! His father was his cruel slave owner, and Rhine learned accidentally as a young boy he could pass as white. When he decides to negotiate in Nevada after the war, he makes a deliberate decision to make use of that to his advantage. Other than the pride in knowing that his history through his late mommy is royalty, there is no outward tell story signs of his true identity.

As Rhine and Eddy wrestle with the chemistry and undeniable attraction that passes through them like a lightning sl?, they have much more at share than she could actually imagine. His engagement to the daughter of the local politician has already broken a lot of minds. Yet, the more this individual observes and interacts with Eddy, the higher his problem. She epitomizes the woman to whom he can give his heart, not simply his name. Nevertheless, Eddy allows him know there can never be considered a future for them because he’s white and is already employed to another woman; a white woman.

Die-hard romantics who want to read about robust, feisty, sensual, perplexing and stunning characters will absolutely savor Beverly Jenkins’ historical novels. As our eyes move across the pages of the hero and heroine’s physical and emotional trip, we are ferried to a new place and time. “Forbidden” illustrates credibility in the highest literary form, especially taking into consideration the setting. It goes into a lot of the “what ifs” about conflicts between law and love, skin color and skin choice, religion and righteousness, allies and allegiances.

There are several “Oh my goodness” instances as Rhine and Eddy struggle within on their own, and as readers wrestle with their own notions about their predicament. Greater than 250 years later, we certainly have DNA and Web sites committed to tracing our heritage. However what do you do when you’re forbidden to act on the fact?, I eagerly waited for this book to be released, but found it disappointing. It's certainly not BJ's best work. Typically the relationship between Eddy and Rhine had an interesting premise and promise, but the story lacked the climax that I've come to love in BJ's historical novels. The attraction builds throughout the publication, you know these two are likely to finish up together, and are excited to read about their trip to happily ever after. However, the last few chapters of the publication felt extremely rushed and were very anticlimactic. Usually BJ's love stories are very well thought out and despite readers knowing that happily ever after is coming, there always are a few surprises and unforeseen circumstances along the way. This book was well written, but missing that usual BJ flair., Girl, I read this book in a day and a fifty percent. I haven't stayed up all night to see a book since I was 11 (that book was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince). That was THAT good. I love historical romances but you aren't even find black young couples anywhere in that type. They're also almost always occur the United Empire. In walks Beverly Jenkins, completely changing the overall game as a novelist of Photography equipment American historical romances. Simply WOW, what a fantastic way to be launched to her writing with this book. So what can I actually say about Eddy besides how amazingly kindhearted she is? I think what I actually admire the most about Rhine is that he did not struggle with his identity; He knew who this individual was and he was pleased with that, but approved off as white to set a fearless example as to how his bretheren should be dealt with, even in the post-Civil War era. He knew the implications of revealing his ethnicity, but for Eddy, he remained fearless when he did. I actually love everything about that man. I hate to taint a Disney movie, but I get fairly of the Princess and the Frog vibe with Tiana and Naveen here, but the far more mature audience version than it. Hahaha, I actually love this book, love Beverly Jenkins.: ), This particular story about Rhine and Eddy was well developed and an enjoyable read. This author never disappoints. I started reading the woman books in years past and went back and found as many as I could to read. I then had the pleasure of meeting the woman at a literary luncheon in Charleston. Continue the good work. Sylvie and Vera were characters. Rick was a very good partner to Rhine and kept his secret. Add some opuch. Nash was a dog who got his in the finish and Natalie was insane! Good book, looking forward to the next one., The story of Rhine Fontaine and Turn Carmichael is one of the BEST Historical Romances that I've ever read! We are a follower of the prolific Beverly Jenkins and no-one can spin a tale like her. In Unacceptable, Ms Bev tells the story of the Black man so fair he passes for white in a Post Civil War world. She handles this very touchy subject with such aplomb and skillfulness. Typically the characterization is dynamic, the historical references are on point and the story is intriguing. I highly recommend this book.

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