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A nice introduction to practicing some healthy skepticism. What we every day is not always as it seems, and the quest to create a narrative is strong. It was a fun book to read and makes questioning the status quo easier., Typically the examples to illustrate his points were by much want to know the best part of the guide. He's really pretty funny. Other than that, it got a little heady at times as he explained his lines of logic following PhD level research and whatnot. Overall I liked the book. Definitely some great takeaways to be applied to all aspects of life. Biggest takeaway: understanding that if you are successful, it doesn't necessarily imply it turned out from your hard work and perseverance. Inside fact, there a large likelihood (most used word in book) that luck was involved., If you are committed to the stock market you need to read this. One of the better books I actually have read on understanding risk - really understanding it. Risk is not symmetrical with reward, it might be far worse. Nassim has a tedious writing style but the information and insights are golden. I will add a 5th star when Nassim recognizes he really does need an editor: -)), Although I use read all Taleb's books, I do not feel qualified to write a critical review of this work. I actually will say I enjoyed it and learned a few things. I hope to read it again at some point., I simply loved this book! It really helps you to understand and think about probablity not only in markets but everywhere. Taleb mainly writes about markets but he could also apply his information to genetics and criminal offense. I sort of wish he would, because I actually think he would have a lot of valuable things to say about sanctimommies who think that even though their 2-year-olds are devlopmentally advanced that they are experts on raising children -- after all they could just be lucky, or their children's problems simply haven't kicked in yet.

Taleb's writing also makes me ponder the pointlessness of envy. In the end, before Alabama teen Natalie Holloway met Joran Van der Sleuth, people would have thought that her mother, Beth Holloway, had had the perfect life: she was happily married, slim, fairly, and well-to-do with a bright, beautiful, healthy daugher who never gave the woman any trouble. But I doubt that anyone would envy Beth Holloway today after her daughter continues to be missing.

I hope Mr. Taleb will write his next book on likelihood in everyday situations, but I sort of doubt that he will. I actually know which he won't read this review because as he wrote: "The information from an anonymous reader on Amazon. com is all about the individual, while that of a competent person, is going to be all about the book". I still adored the book even though the auther considers reading my review beneath him. Now does that say more about the guide or about me?, Taleb can be insufferable, see Antifragile. The self congratulation can wear thin, but I thoroughly enjoyed Misled by Randomness. It covers a tremendous range of experience and observations of human biases that is, or should be, humbling to the most self-confident and arrogant between us all. It appears to be therefore , even for Taleb. I share his unreserved popularity of Kahnemann and Tversky. I will feel a personal groundswell of insight through the writings of these authors and others in cognitive science and psychology applied to everyday biases, perspectives, and decision making processes. An innovation decades, no centuries, no millennia in the making. Truly non-cumulative knowledge to the joint loss. I suppose it is just too challenging to the egos and personal delusions that allow us to perpetrate our con games on the other and share rubbish that makes life easier when it isn't harmful. Here's to disillusionment!, Avoid for a moment expect any pattern in your life. Accept that every is random. This way life makes "sense. ", Their a good book but it is very heavy weight. It took me a very long time to finish this book, I had to literally read few pages 2 to 3 times to grasp the concepts. Also there were several key points one should take away, hence I actually took notes so that I have a look at those.
Excellent training background hence I possibly could relate to several things like Mazo Carlo simulation etc.

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