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A well liked expression of my dad (no Trump fan) is that, “You can’t argue with success. ” Even those who don’t like Trump have a grudging respect and admiration for his bluster and the success, however questionable, that this bluster has achieved.

Now that Trump has become the nominee of one of the two major political parties in the United States—the celebration of Abraham Lincoln, no less—understanding how he emerged to occupy that exalted position is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

Connolly’s 1991 essay is a very interesting piece, focusing on Trump’s financial affairs, as of that point over time. The essay is well-written and well researched, marshaling a substantial amount of objective information to help make the point that Trump has used a “smoke and mirrors” approach to bluster his way to financial success (or at least the aura thereof: because if he didn’t really have all the wealth he claimed to possess, can he really be deemed to be so financially successful? ).

Personally, I will be no fan of Trump, either, but I fault this publication on several accounts:

First, having been written 25 years ago, the content is extremely dated. Overcome is now the Conservative nominee for president. Anything at all that is published in 2016 about Trump should certainly do more than offer a 25-year-old financial analysis. Typically the “Spy, 1991” on the cover should be reinforced by something in the introduction to the effect that the essay was written in 1991.

Second, in relation to the first point immediately above, the title itself is somewhat misleading, in a 2016 context. Typically the book isn't about how exactly Overcome managed to fool people, as of this point in time. A much better name might be something together the lines of HOW THE EARLY DONALD OVERCOME MANAGED TO MAKE THEMSELF APPEAR RICH WHEN THIS INDIVIDUAL REALLY WASN’T.

Third, this is not a real “book. ” It’s associated with an essay, which is okay, but that should be made clear to possible visitors, perhaps in a subtitle such being an ESSAY THROUGH A 1991 PERSPECTIVE.

Offered these weaknesses, was it really appropriate to confer on this publication the exalted imprimatur of Kindle Single? I wonder.

People who like Trump might not such as this review, I realize, because I will be not criticizing the author for criticizing Overcome. People who don’t like Trump might not such as this review, as I am not giving this critical take care of Trump the highest score. So be it. I stand by my analysis. (Please be aware that my programmed notifications are deterred, so I will not be reading any remarks. )

Daniel K. Berman, Ph. D., Amazon creator
The Most recent Story of O: Just how to Legally Pay 0% Interest on the Money You Owe & Eliminate Your Debt in a Fraction of the Time—Secrets to Making the Credit rating System Work in Your current Favor, Lots of conjectures and assumptions, poorly researched as well. Prepare for a difficult time next authors points as he gets subjects in a sketchy manner. I tried to have an open mind but plainly the author has a grudge., Well, you can—you can _say_ something, and the gullible will lap it up—but you needed be wrong., Reading this boring book will put almost anyone to sleep. Not waste time and money by passing on this one., This article should be required reading for all voters., good info on the financial part but really Donald Trump is a busy man that is what busy men do in millions to huge amounts of dollars.... not a lover of this book., If you didn't know already that Mr. Trump was a consummate wheeler-dealer, you don't have been paying attention. It can time to get knowledgeable and give us a call at him to bank account., Only a standard article masking as a book. A few interesting points but not much substance to it. Times c x

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