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Being a prepper/survivalist, someone that is prepared for things to come, I am always looking for more information to help me accomplish the daily tasks that We set before myself. Foods Storage is 1 of the main tasks i strive for and am constantly seeking to improve on any of my methods.

Just lately, I was touching Angela Paskett and briefly discussed her new book, " Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival". While I got read many books on the subject of food storage from great minds like Peggy Layton, the word " Survival" trapped me a little off guard and I got to investigate what Angela had to say on the subject.

I'm pleased I did.

One of the key things she performed within the pages of the book is split down the time factor and told you how to prepare for it. As an example, Chapter 1 starts with 72 hour food safe-keeping and the following two chapters continue with 2-3 month and 3+ months of storing the food. This allows the reader to go right to the immediate goal. Even if I needed to just start with two to three months of storage, We would urge the reader to glean the information from the earlier chapter as well.

While the rest of the book leads the readers from Saving Water to Preserving, Product packaging, Buying, Maintaining, Organizing, and Using the food, she also discusses long-term Sustainable Foods options. Remember the name has the words " Self-Sufficiency" in it. This even mentions a little known proven fact that was launched with Ruth in Biblical days, called gleaning. Gleaning is obtaining the collect that is left after the machines have become through a field and using it as your food source.

Clear and concise methods of food preparation and storage are provided within the pages. However, the lady will not stop at there. She provides the reader worksheets galore and discusses them in some detail. In addition, she points us to a website where we can download the worksheets should we want to store them electronically.

I want to circle back to what I mentioned earlier that is certainly survival. Angela Paskett has done a wonderful job of integrating survival tips and tricks within the areas and chapters of her book. The thing that impressed me the most is I had never seen a book on Food Storage where a description and the how to of creating a Dakota Fireplace Pit. Obviously it is shown in survival manuals and I know how to make one, as well as being a fan of it, but this was in a book on food safe-keeping.

Way to go Angela!, This book rocks !, contains every possible thing I'd want to know about storing food. Well thought-out and very thorough. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to prepare for weather-related catastrophes that might require prolonged survival without normal services from the community. We love the fire-building information too. A lot of good things are packed into this easy-to-understand book. I've made the decision I'll be getting a copy of this for my dad., Very helpful for this day and era. Be prepared., Just getting started building a pantry? This is the book for you! Mcdougal, Angela Paskett has created an interesting, comprehensive guide that answers every question you could possibly think of regarding food safe-keeping. There's advice on what types of food you should pack in a crisis kit, how to find out how much to store in your pantry for both long and short phrase emergencies, and advice for the best places to store it. The book includes information on water storage, step-by-step instructions for canning, dehydrating tips, packaging recommendations and I loved the section on environmentally friendly food storage which addresses everything from gardening to raising animals to looking and fishing.
I can’t stress it enough. This is a must have book for food storage beginners. This will become your first choice reference over and over again. Personally, I’m such a fan of Angela’s book that I’ve purchased some more to give away to friends., 1, We cant thank you enough for this information. You have simplified the food storage process for me., Ok, I really thought That i knew everything I needed to, but after reading this book, well, I was wrong. There are many way to prepare and store foods, I have now read and studied this book and am going to put every method to value to find what best suits me., In this day and age with the political atmosphere in the world, it's good to know I can build my own deposit for survival.

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