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Good-Day fellow Amazon Folks, this really is my review of Susan's book.
To start with I truly performed not hate this guide, for I bought it for the canning recipes and procedures, but after reading book many times, I has been shocked and amazed that will someone would actually put the other items in this book into print.
Let me personally explain,,,,, Curing, Brining and Smoking of meat is an art, like making cheese, wine, or 100s of other things that we as a people have learned and mastered, nevertheless this book as well as the writers of it give folks enough information to essentially poison themselves with!!!
Secondly, the majority of there info is discovered on the " web", or they use " I would" not " I have", or I have not done or so on and so on, and on page 40 Brian using pine evergreen, soft wood for smoking, WHAT the heck who might even consider this, then he adds " We haven't smoked much meat" and " most wood are okay". Seriously this particular book worries me a lot. I have been smoking cigarettes, curing meat for 40 plus years, and these types of fine folks really should not be creating books about stuff these people know little or absolutely nothing about, or as our dad would say " Know something about almost everything, but masters of nothing"
Very good Folks, this book is screwed up on so many levels, I feel amazed someone would actually publish it, the twice speak and triple communicate is down right amazing. Specially the part of the particular book on Goats and Sheep, really, Susan.
Great Publication on canning (period), the particular rest of this guide is trash and Amazon need to pull it before a few nice person ends up in the particular E. R. from the JUNK in the book.
Heck I can even publish a book coming from stuff I came across on the particular " net" cause all of us all know the world wide web doesn't lie..................., This book has lots of excellent concepts that you carry out not see in other books, however there are a few grammatical mistakes that made me sense like the book has been thrown together. Don't anticipate lots of recipes this particular book is more regarding a very general guide. It does contain canning instructions for some items that have not been analyzed with the FDA such since canning eggs and cheese. If you are daring then this is a great book for you personally. In case you are rigid and want exact measurement and cooking times then may purchase this book., I really like canning and preserving food, and don't mind not following the usda and all sorts of their recommendations. This book is alot of details, but in my opinion it wasn't very useful details. I would not obtain this book again., As a newbie to any or all this particular storing stuff, I came across this particular book somewhat complicated to know. The author gave the girl instructions, then a person added what he got to say on the particular matter and shared a story together with it. Seemed strange in my experience. Would have preferred to have step-by-step instructions just about the particular food, no story in order to go with it or someone else's idea about how to improve it or change it. I had been surprised to find out there all the foods that will could be stored., whenever I first laid eye on this book I had been disappointed. It was not very thick and We was figuring it would not have much inside it. Has been I wrong. There is no fluff, but it is packed with info. I loved the author admits what these people have first hand knowledge of and what indicate. I was more pleased by simply how much first hand knowledge they possessed. This was obvious they are very experienced. I program to order the other 2 books she has created which focus on canning veggies nd another concerning fruits and nuts. Happy with the book., We was hoping this could be a good book for know food storage methods and so on but not even halfway through it, the book started out to read as the particular paranoid preppers handbook. The author takes forever to get into preserving methods, and actually then many are only short descriptions. The complete narrative is outpouring on survival and worst care scenarios not so much focusing about the foodstuff., I liked this particular book because it brought in order to my attention several food items that can be conserved that hadn't occurred in order to me to do in the home. It also suggests alternative techniques for preserving foods beyond those I've used (freezing, canning and dehydration). This particular is a "How in order to Book" even though it features a few recipes We don't recommend it for those who only would like recipes.
The only reason We give this book four stars instead of five is because it can contain a number of typographical errors.
Also i read many regarding the other reviews each pro and con concerning this book. First for those who berated the particular authors for writing concerning things they haven't tried themselves. They clearly express this fact. Second a few reviewers were concerned along with food safety. All We can say is if you aren't comfortable with anything don't try it, or do further research until you are. As stated within the disclaimer of this particular book and(others on this particular subject) "If there's any doubt, throw it out".
At the very least this particular book contains useful details you might be glad to have when the particular SHTF., Just finished this particular book and am very impressed with the comprehensive approach to each category. Wish I had this particular when I began 3 years ago. The above review is incorrect. Right now there are just a few instances the particular author had not used method and was honest enough to tell.

Curiously enough, I was seeking how to can eggs and low and view it's in the book. My home nurse got brought me a could of quail eggs. So I figured if it can be done like that will it may me done in home. Our quail are very productive and I might like to preserve their own eggs. This is not a recipe book per se. It is a how to. It will require your current reservation of attempting anything new out of the particular picture.

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