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I truly loved Jim's first publication, " Dad is Fat". I listened to it 3 or 4 times on music (the best way to experience it, because you get Jim's delivery and cadence), and I also purchased it on Kindle fire to read. For this follow up, Jim has done the seemingly impossible and written a publication that is not only superior to " Dad is Fat", but VASTLY superior. " Food: A Love Story" is laugh-out-loud hilarious from learn to finish, triggering many people to stare at me as I giggled to myself while reading. I read it on Kindle, and I aren't wait to experience this book again on music while driving from work to liven up my day. Every part of this book is amusing, and I don't even know where to get started to describe it. It can just brilliant, genius, and insane all at once, while ripping apart every major fast food string, food trend, and physical food tendencies. Buy it, read it, laugh. Repeat!, Just like his special deals... but I miss his voice and his movement. He is a significant good actor. So I enjoy his DVD s the most.
I'm a Lake county xpat Jim grew up one Indiana county east of me. He lives in crazy town N. Y. I reside in crazy condition, Florida.
In case he ever needs substance i sure hope he ends up down here.... Florida, where many people are funny/strange.
If you come you'll need Solar Sparkle Sunblock and a burka, aluminum hat with a lightning rod.. Best to both you and Jeannie and the kids., Another funny Gaffigan tome. Much of the humor is bits he's used in his standup, but there is some new products.
Food is as family as DNA. When I speak with my mom, first we go thru everyone’s medical background. Then, we go via all the food: earlier, present, and future. The particular exception is when medical and food meld. “He was feeling too bad he couldn’t finish eating the pizza. ”
Shortly after eating food intake, we start discussing what we should will have for the next meal. And some days are happier because of food. Saturdays are nice, but I eat lunch at Whataburger and that makes it the best day of the week times 1000.
Sometimes I find a good place to eat, minus 1. Usually a salad place. I take my own salad dressing. Or a pizza place that is good, but I have to order extra cheese to make it a great pizza. Or a place that has good fries, but no Heinz ketchup., In case there’s one thing We didn’t like about this book it will be that it was too short. We realize that I am probably in the minority, but I could tune in to this man ramble on all day. His delivery is so dry and yet humorous. The picture he paints of himself is of this fat man who can’t walk by a food vending establishment without going in and eating even if only for research purposes for his book. I have satellite radio within my vehicle and listen to funny channels and am always delighted when his substance is played. This publication through no means for everyone. I believe you have to actually similar to this man to enjoy his substance. I purchased both of his books in music format and truly liked listening to them., Wonderfully amusing and deliciously satisfying! Jim Gaffigan strikes again! We laughed out loud the whole read. He not only expands in the stand up comedy shows, but has takes on food and eating which may have never already been done before. Jim requires our everyday habits with food and turns them into spectacularly funny essays and insights. He also helps us walk down memory lane by telling tales of being a child and having to sit through dreaded " family dinners". That is a masterpiece of stories that are easy to relate to while at the same time amusing. Perfect gift idea for family and friends for the holidays. Recommend!, Absolutely ENTERTAINING book by Jim Gaffigan. As a fellow food consumer, I can critically appreciate Jim's take on pretty much every single food in existence. He categorizes them by places all over the USA, each using their own names and types of food. This is the perfect bathroom publication since all the chapters are relatively short and he certainly doesn't give up on the humor. I actually enjoyed this book more than DAD IS FAT (which is still a great book in itself), I found myself having a laugh a lot more than the first book. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys eating food, from health food nut products to gluttons such as myself. A+++ I are unable to wait for more textbooks from Jim!!!!, I adored this book, a humorous, light hearted read. Sometimes the comedic style got just a little repetitive, but Jim Gaffigan is still one of my faves. We am by no means a language stickler, but it really does take skill to be able to get people to laugh without excessive curse words., This particular is a less expensive way to essentially notice Gaffigan do a three-hour set. A few of this substance is familiar, but it's still funny. It's rare that a book can get me to giggle out loud, and this book helped me do that many times. It's a very funny, fun, fast read. However, I do not recommend you read this if you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, because after reading this I had developed very powerful cravings for unhealthy food products. Although, I must say, even if I weren't a vegetarian, I would never a new hot dog on purpose--I mean, that's just not a reasonable action to take for anyone. We do agree with his take on lobster tails being "bug butts, " and oysters being "snot from your rock. "

This particular is an old scam of his but nonetheless humorous: "There are vegetarian Warm Pockets for individuals who don't want to eat meat but would still like uncontrollable, explosive diarrhea. "

So much fun.

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