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Very interesting and revolutionary thinking and research. These ideas and subjects should be more broadly discussed and more common knowledge than they are. It makes sense that we needs to have co-evolved within our environments/local environments, and what we found to enjoy there - and that our dietary needs could therefore be more related to our recent genetic origins than what is convenient in our modern lives. This is the most compelling explanation of how to choose a diet for better health i have seen, and it also points the best way to reconnecting with our (literal) roots and environment at the same time. I will be a major fan of this author - his useful, philosophical, and holistic pondering about our world and our place in it - and again, find that they have not disappointed., A new must read for anyone on the SAD (Standard American Diet) or those needing to eat healthier, ESPECIALLY those with non-European ancestry, but this book applies to EVERYONE. Fantastic book to make clear why one diet would not fit all, and why culture matters in what you take in., An eye opener of a book. Get this book you wont repent it. You will learn how different people react in a different way to foods and the value of knowing what will hurt you. I would suggest this book to anyone who has health problems and doesn't know why., This is such a fantastic book!, This specific was not mention in the Amazon review, so I bought the new edition, simply to discover that it was the same book that I got purchased from Amazon a year roughly ago. That will was disappointing.

Nevertheless , it is still a good book. Very interesting idea., I would like to thank Island Press for allowing me an ARC of this book via Netgalley for an available and honest review.

This specific is an amazing and informative book that We really attached to as I’ve held a long belief that the diets and food fads followed today should not be viewed as blanket options and as one size will not fit all solutions.

In Food, Genes and Culture we explore how the foods we eat affect us not just because of their amount of nourishment (or lack of it) but because of what foods we have developed up on and what foods fed our ancestors. All of these make us all who we are and I really feel people to analyse all this when seeking better food guidance.

I could be reading into this book more than what was there, but I did think it is helped support my belief that you need to find the foods that are good for you, not what all the “specialists” tell you to eat. I would also be fascinated to learn more about my allium intolerance that travels through the women on my maternal side. This specific book has helped give me the encouragement to find out more on it, what it may mean and has helped me discover it’s not just a quirk of mine… a lot of men and women have it.

What can I say about this book? Well, I came across it a little bogged down and long worn out in sections, will never look at chillies the same way again - after that study he mentioned in Mexico - and all in all found it a highly educational read.

Would We recommend this book in front of large audiences? Yes. In fact it may be one of the books I already have been recommending in front of large audiences. I’m known as a wholefood foodie and therefore tend to talk to individuals with similar interests. I’ve been recommending this book to anyone who is enthusiastic about seeking the best diet for their own health. They shouldn’t just read books on specific diet trends and fashions – I’ve been highly suggesting they read this book too as We really do feel it will help give them a much better understanding of which foods may (and may not) be best for them.

Would certainly I buy this guide personally? Very tempted to. This really is the sort of reference book anyone enthusiastic about the origin of man and his interaction with food should own. However, I can see regions of it dating quicker than others so I’d almost like to own an digital version that updated as needed.

In conclusion, this isn’t a little bit of light reading. This is something to sit back and become engrossed in as it helps make clear different cultures around the world, how modern food is killing some while scarcely seeming to affect others and all in all help you to get back to the basics and understand why you need to find the foods best for you, yourself and your cultural and physical background.

A simply fascinating read and one I do believe anyone who calls by themselves a foodie should read., A unique discussion about our genetic reactions to diet. A lot of people wonder why a diet works flawlessly for one person, and is a tragedy for another. Every of us is fine configured for a hereditary diet. The Mediterranean diet may go well for a person of Mediterranean descent, but is a disaster for person of German or Asian descent. Our genes determine our ability to use or reject certain foods. Native Americans come with an epidemic of diabetes, and alcoholism, which is brought on by the inability to produce certain liver enzymes. Other groups that add wheat, and other grain, develop celiac disease and IBS. This is caused by the human body's inability to digest these grains. Food is able to change our genetic structure. Several groups developed a hereditary mutation that allowed them to drink milk. Additional groups do not have this genetic advantage and have lactose intolerance and allergic reactions. In a country with dietary variety, this can be deadly. Asians with an inability to digest dairy and wheat are killing by themselves with cheeseburgers. Native Americans and Inuits are killing themselves with sugar. Whenever we tasks things to our diets, our physiques can't digest foods that are alien. In a sense, food becomes a international invader, and your body create an allergic reaction. This helps to make clear addictive problems. Among Native Americans, a beer is not a enjoyable relaxant; it is a shot of a high powered drug. All because of their genetics.

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