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We haven't finished reading this yet, so it is a lttle bit unfair to offer it a review. What We can say at this point is that what We have read so significantly is informative, fascinating, and looks to be a comprehensive guide for anyone who wishes to do more than just scratch the surface of these understanding and appreciation of food, its history and development, and the technology behind the actual it all come together. I aren't wait to finish it., I LOVE this book! It exceeds my wildest anticipations. I've always been curious about the hows and whys of various foods and cooking techniques, and this book is answering all my questions and dozens more--and I'm only half-way through it! It's become my nighttime ritual now: I've fallen asleep reading it every night since I received it because I can't appear to lay it aside and retire to bed.

We can't improve after the actual other 5-star reviewers have posted. Yes, the guide is technical at times, and no, I don't always have enough chemistry history to fully digest certain explanations or decipher some of the chemical layouts. But that's the beauty of this book: it is still SATISFYINGLY USER-FRIENDLY for the lay reader. It is NOT a food science or chemistry textbook. Someone with absolutely no science background could enjoy SO much knowledge--both useful and whimsical--from this guide, and never will a reader's academic background prevent him or her or her from taking in and understanding the information contained on its pages.

I will be beyond pleased with my decision to get this guide., This book is INCREDIBLE! It is one of the better out there and if you are a science and food nerd like me it is a MUST HAVE. Even if you're not a scientist, the content is accessible to anyone, to teach you what is actually going on when you prepare food. Seriously, I looooove research books and this is one of the better of them all, get it!!, I bought this book as a birthday present for my husband, a former chemist and sometimes gourmet cook. He had enjoyed the original version of this guide and also liked the Curious Cook. I observed that the revised version was significantly updated, so I got it for him right away. We figured that he would periodically read chapters on his own. Here is what surprised me: It has become the going to bed story book for our almost 10 year old son. I knew that my husband would like it, so I excitedly showed it to a youngest son. He perusing it himself. Associated with course he did not understand much of it without lengthy explanations. Thus my husband started to read it to him or her, explaining the obscure elements. I thought that my son would get fed up after a couple of nights of the, nevertheless they have been at it for quite a while and my son has not asked to switch books.

Typically the author covers a wide variety of types of foods and food issues. It depends on seections based on food types. Milk and milk products will be the first. Once you read about the chemical substance, physical and aesthetic properties of a food, you want to go out and try the foods or food combinations yourself.

The revised edition is significantly different from the original. If you are the kind of person who likes the science behind food, you'll likely also be the type who cares whether your information is up to date. In case you are more of a chemistry dilettante like me, you will appreciate the interesting writing style and the relevance to current cooking and nutrition issues. A high level00 science-oriented 10 yr old, you will enjoy telling your classmates and teachers lurid information about what they are currently nibbling. Because you can cloak these lurid details in legitimate basic science, the educators generally have to let you keep talking.

This book explains the "why" of the way components mix together to make a tasty or nasty, unpleasant food. While this is not a recipe recipe book, the author does provide valuable information how to choose and store foods to ensure the highest quality. Comprehending the basic principles of food chemistry permits a cook to improvise and sometimes sustitute ingredients. It explains how the several constitutents of milk influence the milk's properties. This in turn helps describe the way we arrive at different properties of cheeses. the author takes you from the overall look of the food down to the molecular level.

The book helps one understand food security and spoilage. Advances in our comprehension of food security are reflected in this book.

In sum, We recommend this book for erudite cooks and chemists, as well as diletanttes (like me) who want to know more about selected foods. I would not recommend this as bedtime reading for most 10 year olds, nevertheless for a certain subset--the form of kid who is always asking "why" it might be a good source of answers.

(And yes, I read him regular books when it is my use do going to bed stories. ), First of all, always obtain a great cooking reference book such as this in hardcover as you will end up turning to it again and again and a hardcover will certaily final longer. I make certain I buy all my good reference and cook books in hardcover so they will last.

Next, the book. I had developed McGhee's first edition (blue) I bought over 20 years back and now I have this latest version. Let me say it is indispensable and I LOVE IT. Simply by reading this book you will be able to understand many techniques and not only that why things happen in your kitchen. I can simply believe that it is a required research book for professional cooks. It helps me understand things b etter in the kitchen so I can answer questions and give complete answers to my women as they are learning how to cook.

So, yes, this book is great and only compliments a well stocked and referenced kitchen., I got the first edition of this guide - the first of many books that attempted to describe the hormone balance of cooking and it's really connection to common culinary practice - and was enthralled by it. This more recent update is an development on that, reflecting up-to-date understandings. There are other books that claim to cover similar ground, in my opinion, none has lived up to this one., This is an awesome book! We bought it for a Food Science course but read it for each day cooking! It obviously explains why we use certain ingredients in order to obtain specific desirable food results and also includes a lot of history on things such as java, bread, and other big foods. Now I know what's going on when I warm up the baking pan; )

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