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I just finished reading Following Atticus and can honestly say I have not read a book in quite some time if ever that has left such an incredible impression on myself. I must confess that I am an pet lover and yes have had the pleasure of owning several terrific canines including a mini schnauzer who recently passed away. This particular book is about the life of your ordinary man with an extraordinary soul. His / her thorn filled upbringing presents the naked truths about families, tragedy and relationships. I applaud Tom for his candor and clear accountings over and over in the book. Tom's tenacious, nurturing, intuitive and organic and natural method of allowing his treasured buddies to discover and become their best self is humbling and inspiring. This particular book is a relaxing must read., Great book. Being a dog lover and possessing a father who had his own challenges when I was growing upwards this guide hit home. That also rekindled my wish to hike, that we used to do back in my 30's. But life can pull you away from some of the items we like to do, but We are back!
Looking forward to Tom's next book., To put it simply, I loved this book!
I expected to love this particular book but got a lot more than I expected. It can written in an easy, conversational style so I felt as though I was chatting with a buddy and he was telling myself stories, really great tales.
Full of love, laughter, tears, tracks, seeking and answers, it's an outstanding read from start to end.
I highly recommend this book, it will eventually stay with you long after might read the last page., A bruised and busted individual overcomes almost ridiculous challenges and is changed by them through the love and courage of an amazing little dog. I expected a adorable story. What I came across was an epic tale that touched my coronary heart and inspired me to seek the same kind of personal transformation---one that would help me to forgive, gain courage, danger loving unconditionally and outrageously. In the same way that Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance inspires one to pursue truth (quality), this little book leads one to want to risk everything in the quest for love. I am overwhelmed., This can be a story about an emotionally scarred man coming to words with his mother's death when he was very young, and a difficult relationship together with his dad, an emotionally distant man. I will give Ben credit for persisting in trying to keep some sort of connection going with his father, who at times didn't seem to be to want any caring or compassion from his child. I don't know if I could have or would have done it, given the constant rebuffs Tom recieved. Atticus was the person who helped Ben learn about relationships, the give and take, the necessity of both having love and giving love through their life with each other, and the hikes with each other.

Tom starts the hikes as a tribute to his father; the only place he saw his father at peace was in the mountains of New Hampshire. He continued for his own sake and for Atticus, who loved to be in the forest, and would stare away over the view "like just a little Buddha. ", A new good friend (Mary Ann), have us a lifeline after losing my mate, my spouse. She invited me to join her book golf club. She also adopted and loved side by aspect with two miniature schnauzers, Murph and Molly. I heard about Will's Reddish Coat and had to read it; I needed a good cathartic cry! I then decided Required to read the book that lead up to Will. Atticus have myself several cries! It is also worth noting that "To Kill a Mockingbird" is my lifetime favorite book. So many thanks Ben Ryan for giving myself your little partner for the best pet tale of my life (and thank you, Atticus)!, Not really a " cannot stop reading" story, nevertheless one can't help remembering Atticus, the dog who everyone loved, for his heart and love of the mountains, even through snow and ice. I think the story is true, and also tells the story of two people who have been brought together by this little dog. Or even am I thinking about another story? This is a story you can live with, reading and rereading, though it is hard for myself to see what draws the pair to take action that I think is foolhardy--managing to clime all benefit peaks of New Hampshire twice in one winter. But you will discover something about it that seems to discuss about it the exxence of man's bond with nature, and his fight against it in the worst of times. And the studies that Atticus goes through with such bravery, pulling the man on to bring out the best of himself--well, that's worth reading. So I recommend this book., This guide came up on Bookbub and i also thought alright, i'll give it a shot. The subject didnt grab me but I like dogs. Tiny did I know Just how much i was going to LOVE this book! That affected me on so many levels. I love the writer, not only his writing style but also who he or she is as an animal lover. I used to be also inspired to follow my deams and just do something i never made time for. I found me personally telling people the story on the day as i read. I dont think i will ever neglect this book. I before ordered his next one. I hope he maintains adopting dogs. I overlook the book when i finished!

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