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Richard Neer has created the great accounting of the Golden Age of modern free-form radio. While this particular focuses a good deal on WNEW FM where Richard proved helpful, it gives insight to the whole genre associated with radio as well because sister stations such because WMMR in Philadelphia (" the radio station" ) as well as related stations in LA, Cleveland, etc. In case you grew up during this period listening to progressive radio their a must read to get the inside information on your chosen DJs and how it all evolved and devolved. Scott Muni, Jean Miller, Allison Steele the Nightbird, Dennis Elsas, Pete Fornatale, and many more (some nevertheless on satellite radio and local radio, are discussed). Great insight into radio stations and rock and roll industries as well as their effect on the culture and the cultures effect about them., Great Book! Been a fan of WNEW-FM since I was a child. Miss the station inside the structure that mattered. Richard had been there and knows why the station isn't. I wanted an electronic backup simple reading while journeying., If you was raised just like I did in the 1970s greater New York metro area, you will need to go through Richard Neer's memoir associated with life at WNEW-FM throughout its hard-rock heyday merely for the blasts associated with nostalgic recognition. Radio handles like "Rosko", "Scottso", and "The Nightbird" become brilliant personalities, and you are reconnected into a time when individuals anxiously awaited the latest Moody Blues VINYLSKIVA. But even without this kind of attachments going in, you will find "FM" the pretty absorbing read about many levels.

First, will be certainly the gossipy behind-the-scenes element, of discovering who failed to be friends with whom among the group of high-profile stereo disc jockeys to whom the big shots of the day, like Led Zeppelin and Elton John, came a-calling. They called WNEW the place "where rock and roll lives" for a cause.

Then there's the facet of WNEW-FM's place as a good oasis of free-form stereo as the medium was transforming in the rest of the country, a period of which ran roughly from merely before Neer's arrival because a weekend jock in 1971 to the murder associated with John Lennon in 1980. The cash still came inside for a while from then on, but as Neer produces, the dream was more than.

Finally, there's the fact Neer is really a sensible, genuine observer of around him or her, who can describe adoringly and at some duration everything from his 1st broadcasting experience on school radio to his initial trepidation when cornered simply by Jonathan Schwartz, a velvet-throated rock-jock mainstay at the time. With a tone of voice like that, Neer believed, Schwartz had to be gay.

"I would learn later that my worries were completely unfounded, and that Jonno went by means of women like [fellow WNEW legend Scott] Muni went through scotch. "

I suspect Neer and Schwartz aren't about speaking phrases today, not necessarily for that so much because a hilarious anecdote this individual shares about Schwartz, 2 willing bedmates, and Schwartz's idea of mood audio, his own pre-recorded tone of voice on the radio. But Neer's loss of the Christmas card is our own gain.

It's like of which the whole way by means of, Neer explaining the unpleasant as well as the heroic areas of WNEW's increase to fame. Sex and drugs, yes, though a lot more the former than the latter, unless ego counts being a drug. That the jocks had in spades. When Alison Steele the. k. a. "The Nightbird", sensed a brand new female jock WNEW had hired had been a threat with her domain name, she got the girl dismissed. Schwartz eschewed the disk jinete term for one this individual coined himself: "Jocque man disques". For a lot of jocks, the phrase "free-form" meant playing whatever these people wanted to, and sneering anytime the word "Arbitron" came up.

They're the great bunch all the same. Neer makes clear his overall admiration for their varying personalities and what they did. It's difficult not to envy Neer his "Almost-Famous" style proximity to the whole gang and the world they represented, a world that arose greenfield-like in the overdue 1960s from the underused hinterlands of the FM dial just as rock and roll music became polytonal, extensive and willfully reckless. Neer even fills in the details of the broader rock/FM scene without shedding his concentrate on WNEW.

He or she takes sidetrips to Ca, where free-form programming had been taken even more seriously and crashed even a lot more spectacularly than in New York. The last 100 webpages manage WNEW after free-form's heyday ended, and are far less vital reading through than the 1971-81 area, as new wave and grunge began pushing difficult rock into the oldies circuit.

Draggy or not necessarily, Neer finds a approach to bring it just about all together, not in this kind of a way as to draw in the uninitiated (his prose is strong but never immersive) yet to reward the interested. Radio lovers will appreciate this deep dive into a world, still the part of many dwelling memories, that feels a thousand miles away., Great publication. Very thorough and comprehensive accounting of FM stereo and rock n roll music. The publishing top quality might be better. Type will be set too close to the top of the webpages, with a large margin at the end of the page. I found that to be a little distracting.

Read of which Pete Fornatelle, a friend of the author in WNEW-FM NY, passed apart when needed I received this particular book inside the mail, which put a little of the damper on my passion., Excellent information.. learning much more, The good old days when Radio was king.. the business was exciting.. now its dull and dead, Anyone moving into the tri-state New York City area knows that WNEW 102. 7FM was the only spot to pay attention to rock and roll radio in the 70's. Nowadays where everything will be tightly pidgeonholed via managed playlists, WNEW widened their own audiences listening experience, out of cash many new and exciting bands and created the bond using their audience. Mister. Neer vividly captures of which long lost period, along with insightful, humorous with occasions wistful stories of when radio was the simply way to listen to rock. Those days may be gone forever, but this particular great book will surely get back together with you to your high school/college days. For all those too young to remember yet are into classic rock and roll, you can read regarding what you missed., This specific book is a should read for everyone who remember the Golden Age associated with Rock Radio. Richard Neer takes you back inside time with great tales and anecdotes. Not simply was he an important participant in that Golden Age but he is right now probably the most interesting hosts about Sports Talk radio. Richard is interesting, knowledgeable, and polite which is not necessarily always the case about WFAN. Do yourself the favor and read this particular wonderful informative book.

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