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We purchased this book for my student who likes PBR and he said, " It had been a good book as it feels like it was a true story. It was cool to know how the bull grew up. It had been good that he bucked off a lot of riders. " It was a good book to get my student reading and one he could relate to, being part of to Rodeo., Except for The storyline of Ferdinand written back 1936, there are not way too many children’s books that feature a bucking bull as a lead character. Thus Debbie Felkins Tamez’ first book should appeal to a lot children and young older people who are either captivated by or aspire to a life associated with cowboys and bull riding. The idea of after joining the rodeo for a child has a magical feel to it. Tamez desired to capture that elusive childhood fantasy in her story — but from a different perspective.
When pulling the door means you're looking for “8”

In place of a cowboy’s dream, Tamez anthropomorphizes a bull and weaves an entertaining fable around his aspirations to become the best bucking bull he could possibly be. While the book has a long title, particularly: Flying Cowboys and Fanfare Rain: Dreams of a PBR Bull, it works well in triggering the reader’s curiosity as to what does “flying cowboys, " “confetti rain” and the “PBR” have in common?

For starters, cowboys “fly” when they are tossed from a bull, hopefully in a time-frame that takes more than 8 seconds. Then that 8-second ride receives a ‘confetti rainstorm’ to commemorate the bull rider's achievement.

The acronym “PBR” appears for the prestigious Expert Bull Riders association set up in 1922, which is made up the best bull riding athletes and the toughest animal athletes [the bucking bulls] on the world.
Lead Character

From his meager beginnings, born on a tiny ranch in Rush Springs, ALRIGHT, our protagonist is released to us with the unassuming name ‘Walter. ’ This is a approaching of age story all informed through eyes of this young bull, and his dream to make something out of his life.

After learning of his father’s earlier rodeo uses, the story takes the reader on Walter's pursuit. From the Spring Roundup, to his initial Divagación, to Boot Camp wonderful acceptance into the PBR — his journey is filled with anecdotes about famous bull riders and bulls of the day.

Along the way, we see Walt slowing maturing and moving into “Rocket Man” for his ability to money straight up into the air. At full maturity, his name is changed yet again, when he is given the moniker “Scene of the Crash” [“Crash” for short] at the time he receives membership into the PBR to vie for the ultimate title of " Bucking Bull of the Year! "
Author, also a Bull Rider

Tamez writes from experience. She started bull riding as young girl. “When I started riding bulls I competed in the GRA (Girl’s Divagación Association) around the express. The number of bull riders was usually between 8 and 15 depending on where the rodeo was. The particular GRA became the WPRA in 1981, ” says Tamez.

“Women just do not want to ride bareback broncs or bulls any more. Woman these days are more into roping and operating barrels. Women are either getting smarter or much softer, or maybe a little bit of both, ” adds Tamez.
Set in Reality

While the story is fictional, all the bull riders and bulls are real, including Crash. “ Other than my animals talking, almost everything is valid. 'Trouble' [Walter's closed friend as an adolescent bull] was a raccoon We raised on a jar and was a part of my children for many years, ” Tamez mentioned.

These are true stories that Tamez was enthusiastic to share with her grandson Caden, when playing tape and at bedtime readings.

“Caden’s favorite story about Rocket Man was the one about Rocket being terrified of spiders. Even as a two thousand pound developed bull, a teeny little spider would cause Explode to run off screaming just like a little girl and hide behind Trouble. Caden still thinks that so funny, ” noted Tamez.
No More Bull?

The book is an entertaining jaunt for almost any child who gravitates towards adventure — and the enjoyment, of course is getting a birds-eye [or a rather, a bulls-eye] view as to how a bucking bull perceives the world. As significantly as future installments, Tamez is not saying “no” — only that she has “plenty of ridiculous stories to tell without a doubt. ”

Here’s hoping she’ll be sharing them with her grandson and the world in particular, very soon., I don't have children or grandchildren but We read the book after getting the possiblity to talk with the writer in my (and her's) home town. The lady like myself loves the PBR and the bulls they match heads with. The book was enchanting and I wish We would have known about it once i was still training because I understand my students would have loved it. You don't have to be a child to enjoy this delightful tale

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