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Why don't start by saying that I am not Alfredia, not religious by most people's reckoning, not just a fundamentalist. I live in a high-end household. I have sympathy for many aspects of the atheist position, though I don't share it myself. I desired to be able to " understand the lingo". This is basically a brief term book that purports to become a guide to commonly used phrases by atheists and freethinkers and the like. I realize it's not an complex exploration of the dialogue. I give the writer kudos for attempting the task. After getting part way through this book I threw in the towel due to numerous errors and a very shallow approach. Not really impressed.

I have not read the author's other works and they are00 better. In this book, I came across typos, cut-off sentences, and garbled definitions that will simply get started to make sense if you have some acquaintance with the subject. Not completely sure, but some of the science concepts seem to be dated. " Phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny" is no longer accepted as a fact from the things i can tell.

Plus fifty percent the book is a guide to evangelical Alfredia theological concepts. Religion is defined solely in phrases of Christian monotheism, and is defined as positing a belief in survival of a self after dying. Yet even religious Jews do not necessarily believe in the soul's growing old, for instance. Buddhism doesn't appear to believe in a self in this life or any other: ) in addition to indigenous beliefs who may actually think that " dead is dead". I get it that when you are atheist you don't trouble with studying something which interest you, but don't make the mistake of assuming that all beliefs are the same as evangelical Christianity, like someone who doesn't like alcohol and assumes that every drink is cheap red wine. Anyway, to read this book you'd think that almost all of atheism includes not-christianity.

Plus, sexist stereotypes. Note to author: if Mary becomes to fluff her ugly locks while two guys debate how hot she is at the freethinker's meeting, can we have the newbie guy make oogly eyes at the militant atheist, who is scratching his stubbly, macho jaw? I mean, just in the spirit of inclusivity here? (See online discussions about atheism's demographics, which skew white, men, young and well-off Or even is the author making a sardonic and well-hidden reference to atheism's demographics problem, not to mention the sexism that is mentioned by many people females? )

I shall look elsewhere for sources to be able to talk in depth with my atheist acquaintances., This is the one that will stay in my library. Great for any atheist to possess a s a guide for everything you achieved discuss or debate. Furthermore referenced and recommends some really great webstes and other Atheist themed textbooks to read., So so., I. M. Probulos has done another good job of portraying the idea of Athiesm and Athiest ourself as intelligent and reasonable inhabitants of the community in which we present to theist.
Sometimes, I do find it difficult to find the words to express myself to others in a fashion that is not offensive to anyone, and in a reasonable way as to leave the other conversationalist: I am not sure if this is a word in our beloved Webster Dictionary, in awe and not offended by what I might have to say. This short book gives a solid start anyone having any difficulties articulating themselves and the ideas to anyone.
Really highly recommended for anyone, not only Free Thinkers. Thanks a lot I. M. Probulos., Upon time and well packaged., Another great freethinker's book., This book will give the skeptical thinker, high-end humanist, agnostic, or atheist many good ideas for making good talking points when they are confronted by a proselytizing religious person. Often, the religious person is one who will end the conversation expressing that they'll " …get back to you. " And they never do because, (hold on), they just haven't hold the time., If you're feeling you're not really up to speed in orthodox Progressive Theology and searching for a sort of Cliff Notes for arming yourself in the Conflict of God generally, and Christianity in particular, this one will probably do.

You will be equipped to make a fools out of most who claim to be " Christians" at celebrations because you'll have excitement words and putdowns that will make them look like the old-school, superstitious fools you want them to look like because almost all of them can't say for sure enough about their faith to give a defense!!
And as your friends learn from you you'll be ready for an organization feeding craze to verbally tear limb-from-limb anyone in your midst who dares let slide that they believe in Our god... or worse yet... JESUS.

Along with this manual and a little practice, you might even become a champ of the Humanist Trust! A Christian-slayer on par with the Roman coliseum days, and a instructor of others for taking their personal jihad public as part of the respectable and sacred Progressive/Humanist Jihad.

As Mr. Probulos exhorts: Keep the faith! We have seen god, and it is us!! And there will be no other gods tolerated.

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