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It requires courage to publicly change course and, to our benefit, Marty has done that.
The ancient wisdom recorded in the I Ching provides the 4 cardinal virtues... As love, morality, justice and wisdom.
Wisdom is described (my words) as a combo of being in a position to discern the seeds or laws of change AND acting in such a way as to bring change into being in an enduring way.
In my view that is what Marty has achieved by writing this book.
Indeed profit is vital to the life of business... Merely as breathing and eating is essential for living. However there is much more satisfaction and pleasure possible than just breathing and eating.
The PERMA direction or way of living... as explained and illustrated in this book will have a profound and long-lasting beneficial influence on all who explore and adapt this approach to their own circumstances.

As an Appreciative Inquiry practitioner I know from personal experience and observations that strengths based approaches work.

This book, in my viewpoint, offers essential and useful tools and guidelines that will indeed result ( if adopted and practiced) in individuals, Organisations and whole Societies flourishing.

David Loty
Johnloty22@ gmail. com, I'm pleased that Seligman has broadened the concept of happiness. I like his suggestion the joy is just one aspect of life satisfaction. He's added Positive relationships and accomplishment to his existing factors of positive emotion, engagement and meaning.
Even though I enjoyed reading about his current and previous research with the Army (resilience to PTSD) and with children in colleges (priming children for a life of well-being, I felt a little off track around the middle of the book and would have been just as happy to read the first and last chapters.

This wasn't helped by the formatting. This is the worst translation into e-format that I have experienced. Reading this on a Kindle was not easy - I would choose the guide next time. Some elements were badly spaced and the charts and graphs were all over the place. I have a basic Kindle, and when the text said `click here to see the diagram' - I performed and I couldn't!

In summary, I got a lot from the content of this book but there is plenty of discourse. I liked the `ahas' but didn't get much practical action to use except to go to his website. This is worth doing in addition, as you can complete the tests he refers to there at no cost. It felt somewhat rambling as if he had decided to invest his thoughts and activities for the previous few years into a book, but hadn't really organized it for the readers., He was introduced to Positive Psychology while a student in the Executive Training program at The University of Texas at Based in dallas, I was very interested in reading Dr. Seligman's latest book. Several things jumped out at me about this man: His determination and perseverance to a field of endeavor and study that he is passionate about; his collaborative style through which he has employed with a large number of people, not only in his academic environment, but in multiple domains; his creativity; and finally, his humility in being able to say (in effect), "I only had part of the story in my prior book. Now I know a whole lot more, and I want to share the rest of the story with my readers. "

Being somewhat leery of the subject of "positive psychology" and Seligman's earlier title, "Authentic Happiness", I was surprised and relieved to see that this book is about how precisely to achieve a life of well being. His basic framework of "PERMA" - Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning, and Achievement - resonates with realism as well as positive outlook. I was especially interested to observe how his concepts have been embraced by sectors like the military, as well as educational systems, both public and private. Merely this week, Seligman and his views showed upward in a New You are able to Times article on schooling and the smoothness traits that drive future performance and success.

So I recommend this book about a system of learning and living that is proven in research, in application, and in the service of a life well-lived. It has provided a useful construction for my own growth (which is hugely important for me even at age 63) and for my coaching engagements., Okay, this book is very good, however the first half leaves you wanting more which you don't get. There's a whole lot to it and am definitely respect and want to think everything he portrays; his message is great. The things i don't like is that he clearly has recently been struggling to actually get his message out there because as may easily be seen, intelligent people clearly aren't listened to in today's society. He tries so hard to convince you of his methods that it almost seems like he's trying to convince themselves; which doesn't do his message any justice. Why don't put it another way: if you haven't read his other work before, you would think he's a pompous delusional trick, which he is definately not. Recommendation; read Learned Optimism first, then Flourish. However , start taking every piece of advice he hints at and know that the majority of the answers you need to find yourself because he's never going to provide them. I hope he up-dates this work with a more applicable style because like I said, the underlying message is truly a concept that could make the world an definitely better place.

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