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Whether or not you like Fiction or Real Life Drama this book will hold your interest cover to cover. I down loaded it to a Kindle late one night time and the only reason I didn't finish typically the 320 pages in a single sitting is that my battery went dead at two: 30 am. (It has been a good thing, due to the fact I had work typically the next day) It is a straight forward, personable read of what can be a complicated subject. James Cobb gives us all a peak behind typically the curtain of the operation of the legal system in the usa. What he shows us might shock a few, but should also assist as a awaken call for others. His articles are as if you usually are sitting in the front patio listening to children tale being told. My just question is - When is the movie coming away?, I bought the book, Flood of Lies, away of curiosity about the writer and the subject issue concerning the nursing home during Katrina. I believed Ton of Lies could be even more of the same I have been reading subsequent the Katrina aftermath. I couldn't have been even more wrong. I read typically the book within just two days and nights and very surprised exactly how well written, informative, funny and intriguing it has been. I enjoyed it so much I bought a few books for friends. I found it to become an amazing roller coaster drive how an lawyer attempting to defend this elderly couple during a improved alarming time for Fresh Orleans was able to handle all the bureaucracy and frequent adversity one would never imagine in less you read the book. I think James Cobb Jr. is not just a talented lawyer but the amazing writer in addition to storyteller. I look ahead to his next book....., Loved the book. So typical of men and women being affected by the media. Now we all know the real story. Typically the owners of the medical home were good men and women that genuinely cares for the residents. Such a sad story. I also popular the lawyer who caught by the owners so they could tell them real story. It was a heartbreaking story that when calculated resonates that youve desire already been there to understand typically the crisis they were faced with. The water arrived so fast that they're wasn't enough time to save everyone. Whilst they tried and that's what all of us must remember out associated with this tragedy. So sad., Being from New Orleans, and particularly surviving in a neighborhood that flooded right after Katrina, I have accumulated a collection of these kinds of hurricane tales. Flood associated with Lies is going to the best of that stack. Not only does it tell of typically the uncertainty of those times, but it is yet a lawful thriller with humor in addition to political insights. It is a training in good lawyering from the days of Atticus Finch in To Destroy a Mockingbird, but within this story the character types and events are all genuine.

The lawyer and author Jim Cobb started out as the sole defender in the elderly couple charged together with murder in the drowning deaths of 35 medical home residents who had been sheltering-in-place once the levees broke. The book explains exactly how Cobb built a good legal defense team in addition to its expert witnesses, in addition to it describes the behind-the-scenes bargaining and settlement offers that were not identified to the media.

Although Cobb was defending typically the biggest case of their life, he was also coping with his own family's upheaval after Katrina. Having lived through that encounter myself, I admire exactly how this family juggled profession and personal issues. Ton of Lies reads as swiftly and as very easily being a fiction book, nevertheless it is really much much better because it is incredibly real., This well-written, engrossing book proves that truth can be more engaging in addition to fascinating than fiction. Typically the amazing saga in the success of a just outcome for two individuals who experienced been maligned and persecuted holds the reader's interest from the first word to the last. Typically the vigor of this first-hand account gives an immediacy that no amount associated with secondary and tertiary analysis can equal. The explanations of the various character types create real flesh-and-blood statistics that capture and keep the reader throughout. This is a story that demanded to get told, of the success of justice over misjudgment, and truth over blatant lies--having lived through typically the aftermath in the flood wall structure failures following Hurricane Katrina, and as an lawyer of over 40 years' experience, I am really gratified that this accounts has found its way in to print. I can't hold out to see this tale on the big display!, We are also a survivor. My home was easily wiped out in Lakeview location in New Orleans. I had remained in Fresh Orleans during the majority of typically the Hurricanes during the prior 70 years. However, since my son had offered us his Lake House north of Shreveport a few years ago during threatening storms, we've been using hurricanes as an justification for a vacation. Small did we know that will Katrina would be typically the straw that broke typically the Levee System's back. Poor Federal Supervision during construction and poor Local Maintenance of levees after finalization were seriously overlooked. That is a pity that will the US Corps associated with Engineers could hardly be held financially responsible.
Even though I sympathize with the Nursing Home Victims, I agree together with the court's decision. Typically the book was well composed., Awesome " behind-the-scenes" look at The Louisiana Department of Health and Private hospitals, and the Louisiana Lawyer Generals Office under Charles Foti.. Anyone using the services of DHH, should read about so what can happen to you in case DHH decides it is politically expedient to chuck you underneath the bus., Even though this book is all about a specific case that happened in a specific spot, the story is about what happens when men and women jump to conclusions, especially based on information from allnight TV news. If you have ever been misquoted or had a comparative or friend who has been fricasseed in typically the press, you can sympathize together with the key parties with this book. A lesson learned - don't jump to results so fast!

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