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This book kept me reading well into the night. Now i'm not linked to the airline industry, but have long been fascinated by accident investigations. Crashes are uncommon, but when they happen they often affect dozens of folks - or lots of folks if you need to include the passengers' and crew's loved ones, and the people who work with the aftermath of the crash. That has never been as evident for me as in this guide. You don't just notice the passengers' and crew's stories, but also learn about how exactly the people were impacted who had to deal with things post crash. You meet a lot of characters in this book!
The research that went into this book is truly astounding. When i am not so deeply considering the details of technology behind the crash, I can imagine that this is very valuable info for some readers. Some of it was above my head, so I skipped through a bit.
While some readers were delay by the unconventional way of storytelling I didn't see anything completely wrong from it. Not everything needs to be told in chronological order. I was glad to sometimes be told, this passenger would go on to get married, or that passenger would die protecting a child. I welcomed the change from people stories to science and back again. It offered me a split from the profound emotional involvement and often intense heartache that was at the center of the story.
The different stories were told so well I felt I was there.
Is actually not for the squeamish or weak hearted. It's very graphic. It's like being in a crash- but you're not traumatized. If you're just very glad you or your family were not on that plane or part of the clean up crew.
I learned a lot, thank you, Mr Gonzales!, There were so many amazing anecdotes in this guide about a tragic airplane crash. Most of all of us fly, and who does not think about what a crash must be like? Well, this satisfied my curiosity, and more. This is a story of heroism and tragedy and humanity. I will be really glad I read it. But it dropped short in some ways. Parts were confusing, with the author shifting unclearly among people and places and times. The guide seemed stretched out with so much on the cause of the accident, with additional technical info than I needed. The amount of time dealing with d├ępouille seemed excessive, too. I skimmed through some of the elements, and slowed down for the parts about the people involved - both the crew and passengers. Within spite if its imperfections, I still recommend this book. It was both sad and life affirming., Gonzales' book is filled with first-hand accounts producing from his numerous personal interviews with survivors. Nevertheless, his writing style gets all over the timeline so that it is difficult to read. The narrative jumps from pre-crash to post-crash, analysis summaries to lawsuits and back to pre-crash, etc. At one point, Gonzales present the discovery of the fan disk and other parts in the fall of 1989, then promptly gets back to the survivors on the night of the crash in July. We are brought to people in the early pages and in the next sentence informed that their memorial mass would take place the following week. A little more continuity would greatly increase their readability., The story of Airline flight 232, its passengers, crew, helpers and volunteers on the ground is riveting, horrific and meticulously investigated. It was fascinating reading, but it would have been less aggravating if the author had used a more linear describe. As it stands, there were occasions when I experienced like ripping my curly hair out as we sporadically jumped from one story to something completely different. Sometimes We would lose the thread of the history of a person before Mr. onzales finished explaining titanium and its disadvantages and also back to the person I had already been wondering about., Gonzales published Deep Survival in 2005. I appreciated his work and felt he could do well breaking down what went so completely wrong that day and also why people survived the crash. Gonzales did a fine job breaking down the physics of the crash and did so while weaving in the personal tales of those people who survived and the effects the event had on first responders as well because the aviation industry. The book may well not be good to read while traveling by air. The descriptions are graphic and may cause some to be overwhelmed however it is a good read.

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