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A young Norwegian girl gets expectant by a Nazi living in soldier and family rejects her. So she leaved her home and goes to a plan called Lebensborn where she can live and have her child for the Reich, even though she's no Fascista, nor is her conscripted fiance. When he is killed at the European front Petra runs away from the Lebensborn house, fearing for her child and herself. She is obviously pregnant now but runs into the countryside, away from anything Nazi, though she is now in Germany. Finally finding comfort and security in a barn, she sleeps and is also found by the character and his wife. They are an older childless few that take Petra in, ignoring the risk if found out. Eventually, the few accepts Petra because their own, along with her infant son. Now along comes another, hiding out, but he is a Jew who had been studying medicine. In addition to Petra's son is sick. The story takes off from here with many possible directions. Overall, a nice read. Not much suspense but a good history., Remarkable story of love, heartache, fear and desperation. Petra had left the girl family and went with Han's, her German boyfriend, to go to housing being offered to pregnant women. Hitler was doing an experiment to achieve the perfect blood line and German contest, having homes available to girls with the perfect characteristics of blonde curly hair and blue eyes expectant by German soldiers with blonde hair blue sight. Petra's family had flipped their back on her, for getting pregnant outside of marriage, and pregnant by a German soldier. Han's had left Petra at the housing, with the promise of marriage after he finished his required military service, only to have been killed serving his time in Russian federation. When the news arrived to Petra, she had become frightened that she would loose her child, or the baby would be killed as well, if it was not perfect. Petra knew she had to escape, to save herself, but nearly all of all her baby. The woman escape was the start of desparate times. Petra's journey was more lucky more, but still separated from her family and not knowing if she'd be captured or turned in. Finding a caring character great wife turned Petra's life around. I feel the anquish in the trials they must go through, as well as celebrate the small joys. This is so worth reading, as it brings that era alive and hopefully, " We never forget". Microsoft Kagan brings the guide alive. Well written, your heart feels it..., This specific book tells the history of the Aryan superiority Hitler wanted to achieve through his horrendous tests of " breeding" German soldiers with young " pure" german or scandinavian girls with the blue eyes and blond curly hair.
A young pregnant, unmarried girl was taken up one of his homes for unwed mothers under the pretense of care during her pregnancy until her German soldier boyfriend returned from struggle. She recognized immediately the real basis for this home-to provide " pure" children for the, taking them from their mothers and raising them under the Nazi propaganda. She was able to escape and find refuge in a country home. It's an amazing story of love, conviction, and God's safety in the lives of these people who dared to outsmart the Nazis., This novel is written in a sweet, simple style which made me personally predict a happily-ever-after fairytale ending right from the very start of reading it. Was I correct? That is for new readers to find out. Its subject matter matter is about the holocaust, but still it had that feel of a story that possessed princes and wicked godmothers in its pages. Right after all, fairytales have scary and nasty people in them, too. There was clearly some tension, especially towards conclusion, and some very inappropriate people doing atrocious things. But rather than always place what the bad guys were up to, it showed up evil through concentrating more on the good that existed in humanity during this awful era. It has become an interesting read for me as the book progressed due to its perspective on the general German population and how they secretly felt about Nazi infiltration and Hitler's impact on their lives., This is not, as the blurb seems to suggest, a book about the Nazi “Lebensborn” program to engineer perfect Ayran children, a new master race. The only reason this program is included in any way seems to be for the key character Petra to escape from it and face the odds on her own in the forest.

I found this book, both their content and writing, cliché. Or simply it’s intended to be a WWII parody of a fairy story: the girl on the run all by herself in the woods, the i implore you to couple who take the girl in, the Jew fleeing the Nazis, the death camps, the contented wife who bakes bread and spaetzle for her adoring husband, the pitiless Nazis. A retelling of popular horrors of WWII Fascista Germany without true scary because it’s all already been told before. The author has cherry-picked events of Fascista persecution of Jews and brushed over them gently, with one notable exclusion when an important character is killed. The heroine’s reaction to death, scary, not so good news is, “Oh my god, ” which seems trite under the circumstances.

The book is mainly narrative which makes it a quick, easy read as otherwise I wouldn’t have finished reading it. Any time it comes to responses or emotions, the writer takes the easy way out. “Oh, dear Our god, no. ” “I seldom know what to do. ” “Her heart pounded. ” “The two women were shocked to see the buildings that lay in ruins throughout the town when they arrived. ”

Wow, my god, they were “shocked! ” Well, so was I., The story explained many of the atrocities visited after Jews, gypsies, and other prisoners of the 3rd Reich. It won't, however get it done with much emotion or heart. Except for all the intercourse scenes, it reads like a high school historical past book excerpt.

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