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First of all, I love Les Fleur du Mal and Charles Baudelaire is quickly becoming my personal favorite writer. I only gave this version four stars because I do not like this interpretation. I found it to be too literal which slightly detracted from the writing. Personally, my favorite translation is by Norman Shapiro. While Shapiro's version is not as literal a translation as this one, I feel he will a much better job of retaining the rhythm and essence of Baudelaire's writings. Once again, that is merely my personal preference but I would suggest trying to find Baudelaire's writings at a local bookstore or library first so you can compare different translations and find out which one you like best before purchasing., Strange! I love that the translating poets went for it in phrases of meter and rhyme -- very cool. However, the results are certainly not as faithful as the concept. Still, inspiring -- and Millay's intro is a great read., I am not a fan of Poetry, but this guy had some great concepts in his poetry. Having the France with English translation on the next page really helped me as a native English speaker to get the flow of the poetry and decide on up (or disagree with the translator) on the parts I didn't quite understand., Once i think extreme, dark poetry, I think Baudelaire. It's deep, it can dark, and it's lovely.

I think Baudelaire is as shocking and appealing now when he was in 1850. This translation is great and the book includes both the translated works as well as the originals in French. In the beginning of the book, there's also a very concise and short timeline of Baudelaire's life. It's not always important to understand the author to understand the work, but in some cases, it makes the work that much richer. This is true of Les Fleurs Du Mal. The book also has several of original fine art prints which can be attractive and very fitting., I suppose Now i'm predisposed to love this work (and love it Used to do! ) because of love my of French books on the whole and 19th century French poetry in particular. That being admitted, I actually still believe this to be one of the finest volumes of poems ever written. The circulation of the language is beautiful (try reading out loud or listening to a recording on YouTube) and the juxtaposition of beauty and sordidness powerful.

When you love poetry, 19th century urban romanticism, or the power and symbolism of the French language, check out this volume. Baudelaire is one of the best of poets ever., Charles Baudelaire, Genial and lucid French poet, essayist, √ľbersetzungsprogramm of the fantastic Edgar Allan Poe, and Art critic from the 19th.
I recommend these site http://fleursdumal.org/ as many translations have recently been done of his beautiful poems, but some are, as you can imagine, better than others..., Les Fleurs du Mal is a poetry collection that collects Charles Baudelaire's poems after the year 1840. The particular book is divided in several sections such as: two introductory poems (Au poè te impeccable and Au lecteur), Spleen et idé al, Tableaux parisiens, Le vin, Fleurs du Mal, Ré volte, La Mort, Piè ces condamné es, Appendice I. Supplé ment aux Fleurs du Mal (Nouvelles Fleurs du Mal, Les Epaves, Poè mes de l'é dition posthume des Fleurs du Mal), Appendice II. Nouveau piè ces and Arri√®re III. Documents divers (which include the preface for a new edition of the book, four short articles in which Baudelaire clarifies why he wrote Des Fleurs du Mal and which were his motives; and there are also some notes and documents Baudelaire wrote to his lawyer).
Les Fleurs du Mal was a disputed and incredibly controversial book for the midst of nineteenth century France, as a result of brutal and `obscene' language Baudelaire choose to write in, the themes which were considered taboos at that time (sexuality, homosexuality, vice, superficiality of women, hypocrisy and ignorance of society, religion seen through a dark perspective, and so on. )
Baudelaire led the way for some important literary movements of late nineteenth century and early twentieth century such as decadence, symbolism and modernism. He made the poem more abstract through the assistance of suggestions, correspondence and synesthesia; thus his work inspired many important poets, such as Sté phane Mallarmé, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Pull Valé ry, etc.
Les Fleurs du Malis a must-read book since it brought a breath of fresh air to the romantic and Parnassian poetry, plus it opened the gate to modernism and postmodernism., Charles Baudelaire's famous collection of poem's. Best version for students that are looking for a reference copy issues Kindles.

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