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I really like imagineering new recipes with this book. I own the e-reader and the hardcover versions., If you like to cook - this book is fascinating! I can't help but read it page per page! It does not only shows what flavours and foods go with a certain item - say... broccoli, it also lists a group of flavor affinities because of it: Broccoli+capers+red pepper flakes+garlic+olives... and lots of more. Such a springboard for creativeness to make a dish uniquely yours!, I actually would give more than 5 stars. It address one area of cooking food in which i still feel as if an infant: Just what, besides the old tried out and true, goes with what? I understand what i have in the refrigerator, I have a cabinet full of great spices from The Spice House and a garden full of natural herbs, NOW WHAT? I still am at the idea that i need recipes almost all of the time.... But even i quickly can check with this and make substitutions with confidence and have more variety and sometimes wonderful surprises as a result. From first, i didnt understand the way the guide was organized, and i didnt like it. (no index?? ) Then i realized that chapter 3 WAS the primary content, of course, if you read the starting of the chapter you would understand why you didnt need an index.... The alphabetical. Its cross referenced very well too. Once you are used to the company methodology, its a take to find things. The also very educational within an entertaining way. I enjoy just reading thru it like a regular book. This is one of the most useful food books ive bought. With regard to instance my husband loves peas. I find peas boring. I didnt hate them... they just didnt have the natural style of say corn or potatoes. But they are far more healthy. And so the first affinity combos i looked for was what would go with peas. I used to be amazed at the result. I cant wait to try other things..., I thought I was proceeding to be above everyone at school with this guide, I'm the late one. This book is assisting to create some wonderful dishes at Sullivan University or college here in Louisville, KY. 5 stars, I didn't want to be more pleased with my purchase. The Flavor Bible is definitely an awesome guide to have useful when you don't always understand what you're going to prepare. A friend drops by with some fresh asparagus from her garden? Positive, you CAN steam it and eat it with salt and butter. But now I don't have to. All it requires is a moment to look up "asparagus" (provided that you're familiar with alphabetical organization systems) and I have a host of options for preparation techniques, other ingredients to pair with, even some ideas for dishes that feature asparagus.

Cooking at work, I use the duty to come up with daily dinner specials both because people love dinner specials and use up any odd ingredients left over from other dishes. The Flavor Bible gives me access to a lot more knowledge and experience than I have yet attained on my own, starting up more options. I actually didn't want another recipe book full of recipes to backup, and that is not what I actually got. That is a much more open reference that is meant more to inspire than instruct. It's easy to find recipes if that's what you are considering, but the Flavor Bible is more of a "why" or a "how" than a "what".

Let me recommend this book to everyone I actually know who likes to cook., I wrote a review for this but ended up on something else that was great but the flavor book is absolutely awesome and a must have. For the prepare or chef in your life, this is something they will always cherish and you will as well when they make something out of it for you. My daughter is an outstanding cook and gourmet - this was a special book and I wanted her to get as she tries new and unique pairings. Since every chef will tell you, almost always there is something you haven't tried and the pairings here gave the girl the ability and the vision to see different things and what she might make in the future. Likewise list ingredients and what they can be matched with. Different chefs give their recommendation so most likely not just getting hired from one but for many. For the foodies out in the world and everything those that love them, get the book!, I have got to say that I really like this book.

This is nothing more than a set of basically every ingredient listed one by one with a checklist underneath each ingredient list of what tastes good along with that ingredient. This is hundreds of webpages of ingredients-list and what pairs well with it. I have yet to look up an component that wasn't included in this book since it is such an exhaustive list.

It is extremely useful on occasion to be remembered as inspired on a new way to prepare a "regular" or "boring" old ingredient in a new and fresh way. I actually don't use this everywhere near every day, but on occasion, it offers exceptional insight and often inspires a new approach.

This book is not a "how-to" or "recipe" book. It expects you to be a certain level of prepare where you are comfortable experimenting.

Let me say that: The authors come across as somewhat cocky, as this is the initial book of its kind and is extremely well thought out and complete. But it is merely the first few webpages (~30 roughly? ) that has their thoughts and opinions and paragraph written information. Typically the rest is tabular form so you don't get a hint of these "opinion" per se., It's nothing more than a set of lists, i. e. it lists for a number of ingredients possible other ingredients that might pair well - I actually keep on coming back to get new ideas and find it very useful and interesting.

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