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Total, this was a very fun and entertaining read for me. I've recently been a fan of The Flash television show which plays on the CW so I actually was pretty excited to get into some of the origin material for where the show's writers get their wacky ideas. I actually obviously did not have the expectation that this would at all be the same thing as the show, but I definitely desired it to be just as good.

My emotions after reading are certainly a little mixed. Upon one hand, this is an action packed collection of issues which are adoringly rendered by some immensely gifted artists. On another hand, that is a narrative that isn't quite flat, but also isn't as approachable as DC Comics would lead you to believe. See although this is Volume 1 of this version of the character, it can not necessarily the beginning of the story. The Expensive has already established themselves as a hero, liked by many, but not reliable by others. All of the characters certainly get a proper introduction, from Barry Allen's (The Flash's) cute police girlfriend, Patty Spivot, to the frigid Captain Cold. Despite everything being presented as beautiful, I definitely got the sense that DC was trying extremely hard not to alienate or bore their current fan base. Some characters, like Patty Spivot, definitely feel like they are worked into the story in a seamless manner, but gates for characters like Chief Cold are a lttle bit more forced. This largely comes from the fact that a few of these characters have background with the Flash by this point - a history that I as a reader am knowledgeable of, but this is a case where they tell me rather than show me that Flash and Cold are old rivals. Now, yes I know who Captain Cold is from the show, but I wanted to get to know him in THIS world and have him (as well as others like Iris West) feel a lttle bit more fleshed out. Ultimately I just felt like I was seeking to catch up with the story even though this is technically the beginning. I liked that there wasn't a tedious source story, but there is obviously a way that they could have introduced things with a lttle bit more grace.

I actually mentioned before that this is an action-packed storyline and i also don't throw that expression around lightly. The events in this story are much larger than life and the writers waste no time in tossing Typically the Flash into a city-wide catastrophe. At first, it feels rather hectic, but the strong visuals make it all much simpler to consume and as the issues development, things learn to connect in a way that feels way less random. In fact, by the conclusion of this volume, the story glides along at a far smoother pace and I actually found myself enjoying things a lot more once I experienced built up a lttle bit more context from earlier issues. There are also some very cool antagonists who I have never heard about before. I'm not certain if they happen to be new to Typically the New 52 or maybe new to me, nevertheless they are pretty great in any case. One shows upwards at the end, so I won't mention them, but Mob Rule is featured in the the greater part of the volume and is a very compelling antagonist indeed. I felt like " his" arc was much more gracefully handled than any of the other villains in that his history using the Expensive is shown to visitors in the form of flashbacks. When everything experienced chaotic and confusing, it was this character's development that held my attention through the first half the issue.

By the conclusion with this, I definitely warmed up up to The Flash in his New 52 iteration. I wasn't really sold on any of it until much later in the volume, but really do think this keeps some promise despite my lower rating. I was even a lttle bit torn in giving it a 3 because by the conclusion I experienced like it was more of a 4, consider I did have some trouble from it at the onset and think that things can get a great deal better I'm leaving this as sort of a fat 3 (not to be mistaken for a 3. 5). One other gripe I had with this had to do with the formatting for the digital edition. There were a bunch of two-page spreads that just look goofy on Amazon kindle (not that I'm a huge fan of them in print either) and not all of the pop-up pannels were particularly well done. There were numerous times where text was stop or part of the image was cut out and was just a lttle bit of a choppy and of poor quality experience overall. It's not terrible, but the publisher CERTAINLY could have put a lttle bit more effort into embroidery this volume. I'm certainly tempted to move on the next volume which will hopefully continue in the direction that Quantity 1 left off in., Francis Manapul's artwork in his stint with The Expensive is amazing. This is what good quality comics should look like. I can't sing enough praise for how beautiful he's made all these panels and how adept he is at conveying a tale through pictures. I suggest this for the artwork only.
Pair that with Brian Buccellato's writing and this book is indeed a winner.
Admittedly, for The Flash purist this book may be a little hard to take as it is a reinventing of the character, and while many of the classic characters are present their relationships to one another are different. Personally, I don't have any issue with this when i enjoy seeing new writer/artist put their own spin on the mythos of classic characters such as The Flash. When executed well, as it can done here, it keeps the characters fresh and relevant.
In addition, if you've never read or heard of Typically the Flash before or are new to his comics this is a great jumping on point and i also would encourage you to pick this up. It is just not disappoint., It's not that the plot isn't interesting or emotionally investing, my problem with it is that it isn't a beginning. Rather than a reboot, Vol 1. assumes that you know a fair amount about Barry Allen. Additional than that, that is a fine addition to a great mythos., I grew upwards with Wally West being more the Flash than Barry Allen, so I actually was a little suspicious that I would like Barry becoming the Expensive again. After reading Typically the Flash Vol. 1, I'm also a Barry lover now. The first amount of The Flash has two stories. The first bargains with Manuel, an old friend of Barrys who he thought died years ago. Manuel now has a chance to create more variations of himself by cutting up off limbs, and those limbs grow into clones of himself. Following your clones realize they have a quick life expectancy, they quest for Manuel figuring he is the key to keeping them alive since dr. murphy is the original version of them all. Barry has to help his friend, while keeping his identification a secret from your pet, wonderful partner/girlfriend Patty Spivot. The second story in this volume deals with Chief Cold, who blames the Flash for the possible death of his sister, who cannot be operated on because of a citywide blackout caused by Typically the Flash. Captain Cold can now generate his cold blast through his palms, and doesn't need his cold guns anymore. That is a major change from the original character from before, making him now some kind of super powered human as opposed to a regular villain like before. I'm ok with the change, but would like a reason as to why, which this book failed to appear to give. Total, i'm liking Barry arriving back as The Expensive, but I hope Wally West gets to come back at some point and isn't just forgotten. There's room for more than one speedster in the DC Universe. I recommend this volume of Typically the Flash to anyone who is a fan of the character, even if they didn't develop with Barry being in the costume., I was so looking towards this one. Flash is one of my favorite Justice League members. I actually like his humour and light-heartedness especially. Boy, was I disappointed. Flash here is so serious and there was practically no humour. For that plot, it was pretty boring for the most part delving into... sheesh, I read this yesterday and am having a difficult experience even remembering the majority of it today. So, the plot delves into how his speed works and whether his brain is as fast as his body. The Mob Guideline as bad guys was pretty lame but there is a second storyline that comes into play partway through that perked my interest. Captain Cool is found and references to certain other Rogue members are created. Yeah! Then a very interesting background history is introduced about Gorilla Grodd. While I failed to like (and can hardly remember) the first part, the 2nd part makes me want to keep heading with the series and we'll just have to see how it develops. BTW, this is fantastic art by Manapul which helped me get through the boring parts.

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