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Edward Feser’s Five Proofs of the Existence of Lord takes five arguments and demonstrates that they demonstrate with certainty that Lord exists, assuming that the property are true. He shows that the premises are reasonable and does indeed present cogent arguments for believing that God is available. What is nice about this book is that his arguments demonstrate that God has many of the traits commonly linked to the Christian

God, such to be all-good, all powerful, one, and omniscient. This is an outstanding book and deserves a wide readership.

Note that the 5 Proofs are not the same as Thomas Aquinas’s Five Proofs, though one of them is. The proofs were chosen for being powerful arguments. This book offers an argument for God’s existence based on the fact that abstract ideas exist, and since they can only exist finally in the mind of God, then God must exist. Not many books present that argument, which provides greatly to Five Evidence.

The problem of universals is covered clearly, with Realism shown to be the correct understanding, and Nominalism and Conceptualism being false. It is rare to find the condition of universals presented so plainly, and the resolution of the condition so convincingly shown.

Another of the five arguments is the argument from the Principle of Sufficient Reason, which is also not often mentioned among arguments for God’s existence. Basically, the Theory of Sufficient Reason states there is a good justification for everything that happens in the universe, whether we can discover that reason or not. Typically the argument is that everything has to have a good reason for its existence, and the universe needs a great reason for its existence, and God is the only reasonable explanation for the universe as well as its many aspects. For example, a realistic God explains why the laws of physics are rational and why humans have reason.

The Theory of Proportionate Causality is also explained, which states that a cause cannot give what doesn’t have. Brainless matter doesn’t have the capacity to think, so a merely material universe can’t be the cause of realistic minds in humans, but a rational God can give rationality to humans.

Edward Feser also contains a good argument refuting David Hume’s supposed claim that miracles are violations of the laws of nature. His metaphor that miracles are like God playing a score (i. e. keeping nature going) then all of a sudden bettering (i. e. performing miracles) is striking and poetic.

Feser also pertains how the precepts of natural theology can help us decide which beliefs are not true. Since natural theology demonstrates that God is rational, one, good, a person, and all-powerful, any religion that posits pantheism, or doesn’t have a God can’t be true.

The last section refutes several of the arguments provided by the Brand new Atheists and shows that they are wrong. The writer also contains a section refuting the “divine hiddenness” argument and does a good job. He probably needs to have stressed more that, if God truly revealed themselves, many people would be intimidated into worshipping Lord; after all, one doesn’t rob a bank when there are 20 law enforcement cars outside it, and should God reveal themselves unambiguously in every his strength and omniscience, it would coerce many into worshipping God. Perhaps God doesn’t reveal himself more clearly because he wants those who follows who love Him rather than worry Him.

If wisdom much more precious that rubies, then that book is worth at least seven rubies. Anybody who loves wisdom, Lord and the reality should buy and read this guide., Once again, I am astonished by Dr. Feser's intellect. The arguments are so well presented and with such clarity of fashion that I would be at a loss to get that any reasoning person would not find them conclusive., An excellent book, We think this is 1 of the better works in traditional natural theology to be published in quite a long time. The exposition of the five proofs themselves is characteristic of Feser: to the point, lucid, and compelling. But I think the last two chapters alone -- covering the divine characteristics and objections to natural theology -- are worth the price of the book. Definitely worth a purchase if you want to see what the tougher philosophical cases for the presence of Lord look like., Even though I still have serious doubts regarding these arguments, Feser does a best wishes reacting to a multitude of misunderstandings and bad arguments to the arguments. With the arguments themselves, Feser is very clear as to what is (and is not) being said. In addition, I liked how he also had a segment with each argument where he would layout the argument in a formal way.

Given that these arguments have been so misunderstood, I am expecting that this book reinvigorates discussion about said arguments between professional philosophers and laypeople alike.

Easily had one criticism, it would be Feser's reaction to Schellenberg's hiddenness argument. Feser attracts the " greater goods" protection but ignores Schellenberg's response to it. Moreover, since Feser doesn't buy some of the deductive arguments against God's existence, then what makes Feser so sure his arguments for God's living operate a deductive form? Even with reading this guide, I'm still not positive deductive arguments would be the way to go when talking about God's existence/non-existence. I think probabilistic arguments are more promising (and it's not like all of the property in Feser's argument(s) are known with certainty, so we continue to be dealing with probabilities), Dr . Feser lies out an airtight situation for the existence of God by not only explaining Thomistic, Leibnizian, Augustinian, Aristotelian and other earlier thinkers' arguments, but he expands on them, making the case for Lord creative and interesting to read., The iterative presentation executed by Feser facilitates reading, learning, understanding and appreciation of the Five Evidence.... The presentation is especially helpful addressing the major issues and contentions of those whom may or willfully disagree., This is a very clear exposition of the Catholic worldview. He doesn't spend time on the details like why we use holy water, or when to stand, stay or kneel through the bulk. Instead he deals with the big issues like development, the incarnation, the atonement, the nature of Lord, the church, Catholic interpersonal teaching and the final destiny of humans. Not really light reading, but very well done.

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