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This is a rather fun book. This answers many questions left by the games and also turns one factor from the games about its head. The figures were mildly flat nevertheless well developed and it was very well written. Can get a tad gruesome at points though., A great amazing book to help discover the lore inside. I flew through it and was at the advantage regarding my seat. But it had been a great stress comfort through the stress of university finals! Because everyone understands killer robots are the best to combat tension., I loved this a great deal. Whilst it was produced to be a captivating horror novel, additionally, it develops up an interesting relationship between two main figures. The best part about this, is how their is constantly just enough information in order to intrigue readers. I aspire to become an author myself. I have big plans, and a pair of them are back up copies, but work just as well. I'll learn development when I go in order to college, to ensure that I may create, and I'll also concentrate on my art and literature interests simultaneously. Our point though, is the fact Jeff is a major inspiration and I admire him with all my being. Maybe sooner or later, I'll have my personal horror game series and books to help clarify the story, but right up until then, I will strive to complete my mission., As a long time fan and theorist of the FNAF games who was disappointed along with the last installment, FNAF 4, I have in order to give Scott and Kira credit; this book had been legitimately scary. I had been afraid that the online games wouldn't transition well to the written medium but they in fact pulled it off. I understand that this book is supposed to become a diverse continuity than the in-game ui lore, but I in fact wasn't all that disappointed with this. Again, by simply the time FNAF four was released I felt such as the in-game lore had become too convoluted and almost none of it made sense or match together anymore. This book was inspired with the in-game ui lore of FNAF nevertheless it gave the lore comprehension.

But that becoming said, again, this book was inspired with the in-game ui lore but is not an immediate translation of said lore. For example, the Bite of '87 had been such a crucial component in the games, nevertheless here in this book it simply didn't occur. But the Missing Youngsters incident from the first game is the greatest plot-point of the book, and Fredbear Family Diner coming from FNAF 2 is also in this book. (However, the events that closed down Fredbear's is not exactly the same as what we should see in the FNAF 2 mini-game. ) I also really enjoyed the revelation showing how the " Purple Guy" inside this book killed all of his victims. I won't give anything away, nevertheless I am going to say that I've had a theory concerning his killing method actually since FNAF 3 was released and it turns away that (in the book, at least) that concept was correct.

There had been a few things I didn't like about the book; while I sensed that the primary character Steve was decently developed as her own character, I also felt that the rest of the characters were bordering between " developed" and " one-dimensional". I sensed the town's police, specifically the chief of law enforcement, were unnecessarily dumbed lower for the sake regarding tension, and I actually felt like the " romance" between Charlie and John was very forced. I would've recommended it if there hadn't already been any romance.

Buuuuut general I truly enjoyed this specific book. It absolutely was very atmospheric and the tension and horror were accumulated thus well that I couldn't stop reading. I even needed to turn my bedroom lamp on a small number of times to get a perception of security back while I was reading in the kindle. This is the first time since FNAF 3 that I had been excited about FNAF again. (Although I should help to make the distinction that in the time of this specific review's submission, the FNAF spin-off game Sister Place is still a few months away from release and I'm pretty interested in order to see how that online game will come out. ), This particular book release proves it: Scott Cawthon is actually a multi-medium genius!

If you have any inkling of exactly what type of human being Jeff is, then you should know that he is brilliant when it comes to storytelling. However, you will find a difference inside method with regards to showing the story through a computer game and showing one from a book.

Scott can carry out both with profound expertise.
Keep inside mind that Kira Breed-Wrisley co-wrote this book along with Scott. He explained about the Steam forums that she is an expert writer and he sought away her help, but other than that there’s not much known about her. So, not knowing just how much she influenced or even helped with this guide, I’ll be referring to Jeff and Kira in the plural sense.

Writing Style

There are numerous things that nicely surprised me concerning this book, but I will construct some key points. To be able to start, Scott and Kira display a scene or even moment through describing the characters’ feelings as opposed to going down the usual descriptive word route. Yes, you can find descriptive scenes (how may there not be, it’s a book for sobbing out loud), but they seldom overwhelm the moment or even distract from the characters’ emotions. Instead they place those at the front of the train and take their particular time to delicately continue the writing procedure. In addition they use emotions, such as panic, nostalgia, and sorrow, to paint different displays using a cinematic flourish. I have said this before concerning few authors--on how they will can describe a picture in a way that instantaneously places an graphic or movement using a particular point of view inside my head as if I am seeing it on-screen like a film. Really dont know if anybody else has ever completed this before or if it’s just my passion for film talking. Induce phrases like They had been surrounded and All I really could hear were my screams really place a shot inside my head and the sense of dropping inside my stomach. The writers did that many times here to my greatest joy.

Fear Factor

Another thing was how a component of fear and scary were projected to help make the viewer (me) afraid. When the first sense that something had been about to go completely wrong came up, I abruptly remembered what book I was reading and with regard to what franchise. The games’ scare factors depend heavily on jump scares: Typically the fact that something you weren’t expecting happens automatically to offer you a start and maybe a scream or even two. That happens only once in this book and it is more or less as effective. The majority regarding this book’s fear aspect dwells on the technique of suspense: Expecting something to happen depending on your own imagination through stretching away time and fearing the unknown through tension when the first essence regarding something wrong appears. Typically the suspense and tension is handled so damn nicely here! Small such things as considering someone is around around the corner and then slowly seeing them lean out regarding the darkness while you recognize you have nowhere to run. Other paranormal incidents such as visions steadily accelerating before finally being soaked inside blood and horrific flashbacks from a little girl’s viewpoint that completely empathize with what it is like in order to be a child and how a child witnesses more than one tragedy. I found myself shying away from the pages--becoming legitimately scared. To set it into quick point of view, this book has less of a “trapdoor spider” effect that leaps away at you and more of any “there’s a black widow spider inching lower through the ceiling in the direction of our face while I’m laying inside my bed frozen along with fear” effect.


When you’re going into this book expecting Freddy and the gang from the top--don’t, due to the fact it’s not about them.

This is a book about a teenager called Charlie who is still traumatized from losing her father along with a friend when she was a child and how returning to the town where all of it happened brings on worse things that she can’t imagine. This is this type of blessing. Scott and Kira concentrate this entire book on Charlie and her feelings and actually help to make you value her and get attached to her as a character. Typically the first time we have the taste of the animatronics with their essence coming from the games is very the ways in, but is done with perfect timing. Just a warning though if you’re expecting an experience through the games, due to the fact this isn’t a casino game it’s a book... made regarding paper... and it provides its own way regarding dealing with characters.

All I have to say concerning the other characters is they were pretty believable via the majority of the book. There were a couple times when these teenagers felt the little like they had been “acting” the moment as opposed to being the minute, but each and every time I found myself experience that way I would step back and imagine just how teenagers really act and it was more or even less realistic. No scary movie cliches involving young adults that I could explain to either.
Ay crap, dat villain!!!! This individual was SO FREAKING sinister!! I didn’t even think we were gonna observe the villain at just about all since we don’t necessarily see him in the games, but it turns away he was a massive part of the plot. Also, damn it, he was the freakiest villain concerned along with real life crimes which i have ever read! There’s a particular scene inside the climax where the cast of teenagers usually are trying to interrogate your pet.

Timeline Changes

Hopefully just about all the fans have come to accept this by now, but this book is not canon to the timeline of the online games. It is a brand new take on the series and lore and i also feel that is all with regard to the better. The online games are the games--they have their own story and personal explanations with their personal versions of the figures. The Silver Eyes is its own version regarding the characters. This is all fine by me since Scott himself clarified Game Theory’s speculation concerning the lore saying that there are many duration bound timelines and only one backstory. Great with me because this book was awesome! That becoming said, the fact that it was an alternative timeline made me clueless to what was around each nook of the story--especially the end. There were some points that I was confused with. Loose ends with simply no explanation, but I sense like this isn’t the conclusion of this timeline. Five Nights at Freddy’s is possibly a collection title with The Metallic Eyes being this book’s title. I really hope he’s received a whole series covered up because I’d LOVE to see them on our shelf.


Can I just rant a small bit? Please?

It provides nothing to do with Jeff and also the story or figures. It needs to do with the fans. Right after Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 came out, I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) that a lot of fans were sympathizing with the Purple Person. There was the normal shipping him with other characters and themselves, which often was to be anticipated, but I was stunned that a lot of folks were saying things such as, “Poor Purple Guy... he’s so lonely... I would be there for your pet.... he deserves better. ” WHAT?! You have to be sh*tting me!! This is a child predator we’re talking about! A demented f*** who was possibly molested as a kid themselves and allowed those devils to fester and increase in his brain right up until he could find enjoyment in seeing the bloodstream of innocents on their hands.

It has already been something that’s bothered me since discovering this sort of enthusiast, frustrated that those men and women don’t get that terrible crimes and criminals including the Freddy’s killer really carry out exist in their personal neighborhood. Luckily for me, this guide brings light in order to that. As a result of lack regarding horror and animatronics inside the first act I was beginning to wonder exactly where the book was going by the time I reached chapter 3 or even 4. But I stuck with it and had been so glad I did, due to the fact by the time I got to people chapters the very core of 5 Nights at Freddy’s and it’s importance surfaced using a crystal clear light. Charlie and her friends go in order to a memorial ceremony with regard to the friend they dropped and the whole chapter is the reader watching this ceremony. It’s mainly men and women giving small messages about Michael, the boy they knew who had been kidnapped and murdered as a child, and I began to wonder exactly what it was all about. We see his parents scarcely able to get via the ceremony from kampfstark grief these ten many years later and afterwards every person is leaving sympathy cards and looking at Michael’s things. Charlie finds a photo and suddenly remembers using Michael when she had been 6 years old. Some other memories surface and the girl becomes immediately furious in realizing that a promising long term was stolen from charlie before he even knew it.

There’s more for this picture when it comes in order to describing it, but you’ll have to read it yourself. What’s important here is the point of that complete chapter. It conveys exactly what it means to lose the life of a child. Although sometimes annoying, kids are precious because they will have innocence within their minds, minds and spirits. These people are told to be careful, but they don’t actually discover why until something hazardous or painful actually takes place to them. Five Nights at Freddy’s is not the type of fandom that deserves slash fiction or even men and women rooting for your bad guy! It’s meant to be taken seriously because child predators really do exist out there in the real world and finding joy within a online game that weighs that as its subject is not something to laugh concerning. When a child dies it’s not fun or wonderful! It’s evil because the piece of innocence this does not know any better provides been slandered and defaced before finally being thieved before its time. This particular message was conveyed thus strongly in that chapter of the book and throughout the rest of the story that it has to be taken seriously. This is what Five Nights in Freddy’s is truly concerning. It’s not just a online game, a fresh PSA.


Presently there are circumstances when we all discover who a casino game creator or film director is by playing the online game of viewing the film, and then you can find circumstances when we discover who the author is by simply interpreting different layers regarding a book. Very rarely may we determine the capabilities of one person via all of those mediums but along with this situation we are endowed to experience just that. Once it was clear how meticulously Scott Cawthon had setup a backstory in the Five Nights at Freddy’s games without having saying one word it was safe to figure out that he had some type of passion for the figures and their story. Nevertheless when I heard having been the head writer with regard to The Silver Eyes I was hesitant in our confidence for him due to the fact I didn’t know very well what type of writer he was. I am SOOOO pleased in order to be thrown for the control for my doubt due to the fact Scott shaped a totally well-told story without cliches or even tropes and delivered an experience of horror and attachment without using exactly what having been known for as a crutch.

That being said, I am completely confident the upcoming film with be equally as satisfying and creative if not more simply because I understand the point that Scott is supervising the procedure. I cannot hold out for another book in order to come out whether it’s a direct sequel or even not--I just want it now. Scott Cawthon provides my full trust and I back him 100% from here on away., This book was excellent. A few things failed to exactly match up along with what we've noticed in the games, but it was still being a very immersive read. If the a fan regarding the games, you'll really like this book

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