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Interesting book that looks at the problem from all angles and is proof positive that communication is important in a disaster. There were many lessons in this tale which was well written. One thing that became abundantly clear is that people who get to the top levels of any organization do not always get there because they are the most qualified person. The one talent that they all seem to have is the opportunity to point their finger at someone otherwise and blame them for any mistakes that were made. They also have very short memories for certain events or certain things that they said. When creating judgements in a chaotic disaster situation, it would be helpful to have at least a minimal understanding of the job that individuals you are leading do. Not just their name and title but what they actually do and the environment that they do it in., We love the book, indeed it was long but the story is interesting. I heard about a number of the controversy going on in hospital during Katrina but did not know the whole story. My takeaway is that preparation is the utmost in any disaster but as the book stated clinic, towns and cities realized what they had to do, reports, TV shows and analysis were done about hurricanes as well as how to get ready for them to save lives and avoid tragedies. But a very important factor got in the way, MONEY. A healthcare facility couldn't afford generator above grounds, it was very costly, Levies needed to be fix to take care of a major hurricanes, politics and money again, and I may not be surprise if another Katrina comes(God Forbid) and we hear again, a clinic not prepare for a major hurricanes for that fact, New Orleans not prepare.
As for me, I look at disaster preparedness differently, We spoke to my boss about our plan, We got my emergency bag in my car, with extra clothes, flashlights, pocket knifes, etc- in case I will spend a few trip to work and no help can be found for 72 several hours, I stay in Southern Ca and our poison is earthquakes. And it also wouldn't damage for any employer to contract with a personal ambulance to call and contact for your critical treatment people at your work, your local paramedics will be busy., Spending nearly all of my life as an ICU nurse I could not stop reading this book until I found out what happened in the end. We was outraged at the way these healthcare specialists were treated while doing the best they could under an incredibly difficult situation. This was eye opening to see how many people view things differently than most people who deal with the critically ill and life and death situations daily. It's very easy for people to look back in hindsight and play armchair quarterback. These specialists did not know the things we know now, such as how long it would actually decide to try be rescued among a great many other things. It's an vision opening account of what can happen under shortage situations. People in the United States are not accustomed to scarcity of resources especially those involving electricity and gasoline and the tough judgements that accompany these scarcities. Malograr Rico is facing many of these issues now following the recent hurricane. It's food for thought as this is not the last time these kinds of judgements will have to be produced in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and around the world., This guide is haunting and unforgettable. Who can say how people will act under the horrific circumstances of Hurricane Katrina, when the medical staff at Memorial must decide who lives and who dies, based on the minimal resources following a natural disaster. It's hard to imagine the nightmare the patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals experience and the checks to which they will be subjected., This was a terrific book about what happened at this clinic in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina and Rita swept thru and nearly destroyed the city. The author painstakingly interviewed nearly all of the employees/owners of the hospital, took her six yrs of insightful confirming, this is the results. I can understand how confusing/frustrating it must of already been for the nurses/doctors who have been trying to care for their patients. I used to work in a clinic as a pharmacy technology, I recognized the narcotics the author mentions in the book. I highly recommend the book, We couldn't put it down. Sue, If this publication had been 50 web pages shorter, I would have given it 5 Celebrities. It was easy to get drawn into the eager situation of the patients, family members and health care providers as Typhoon Katrina raged. The writer also did a great job of describing the terrible conditions that arose in the aftermath of the storm. I was enraged at the ineptitude of public officials and corporate executives and reminded of how important it is for a person to take responsibility for their own safety and be prepared for any disaster. The publication fell short, nevertheless , in delving into the examinative details and procedural areas of the legal battle that followed. Here, once again, elected law enforcement officials (Attorney General and Region Attorneys) demonstrated unbelievable levels of ineptitude. In the end, the book still left me with the impression that several homicides got gone unpunished.

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