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Excellent book. Anyone considering rock art or archaeology should purchase this book. Properly written and extremely informative. Despite the fact that I am focused on pre-Columbia archaeology much of the information in the book was still very interesting and useful. For instance who understood that weaving and other textiles have been traced back 30, 000 years. This will affect how " New World" archaeologists take into account the " origin" of textiles in this county., Gift for my hubby, who is very considering early cave paintings... he assumed nobody had tried to figure out the many smaller elements/representations in cave paintings, and is excited about the research presented in this guide!, A very interesting guide covering a subject that is absolutely unique, which concerns the meaning of emblematic writing that goes again to over 40, 000 years ago. The author does an amazing job of taking a subject that has really no hard answers to it, and presents it in such a way that it comes across understandable, as well as very fascinating. A fantastic presentation that regrettably raises more questions that can potentially be answered. Would definitely recommend this to anyone considering early man and early society. The guide is well written and well edited, with a great collection of photographs that contribute to comprehending the mystery of the earliest signs., Must read if you enjoy art caves!!
......, Genevieve is on to something groundbreaking. The particular first attempts to " draw" language., An excellent read which goes beyond the title and draws in the home for that pet, migration histories, rituals, use of materials and artefacts which are so recognisable to us to piece together a long period of time of early sapiens' life.

The particular author also relates well how difficult to accessibility some sites are and situations of work. Substance discoveries continue being made, so I look forward to updates.

I would suggest that a time graph with markings of the various sites and climatic phases would be a good inclusion. Several sites have consecutive Neanderthal and Sapiens use. That could be expanded on specially since we continue to find out more on Neanderthal through DNA advances and new sites., There's only so much data available. Contemporary vandals (as opposed to historic ones) have destroyed a lot of what survived to get started with. And yet Genevieve von Petzinger has established a logical, systematic narrative involving the technologies available, the artistic items which may have survived, the pictorial proof and the rites insofar as archaeology has discovered them. I don't give out five stars gently. This book deserves each one of them. Bear in thoughts that she focuses on a specific frame of time, a few of the answers are not able to be obtained with our limited knowledge of that time. If you want to go and actually uncover mysteries of the symbols, this guide will give you one of the secrets needed but you'll need to study early Australian symbols and about another 10, 000 years of Eurasian (pre? )history. You won't get anywhere without this book, though., Nice book for archaeologist, who has considering to rock fine art research. My Friend love it.

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