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Brilliantly written book on Aussie Aboriginal history for 65, 000 years since they first landed
on that continent. The particular articles are clear and interesting, very sympathetic to the culture of that
wonderful, adaptable and creative population group, not only based after anthropological study
and research but after a lifetime of basic interaction with this often culturally neglected people.
Scott Cane does not restrict himself to the constricting box of Conventional Knowledge. The result
is an extremely readable, rousing and often enchanting view into the minds and hearts of
a really outstanding ethnic team. I read the book twice before my trip to Arnhem Land in September of 2017.
... by Paul The., MD, October, 2017, This particular is a very interesting readable book. It covers all parts of Australia, what and where they did things, what animals that were there at the changing times, and even the climate., This can be a beautifully illustrated account of the first 60, 000 years of history for the First Australians. To put that into perspective, the period since the British settlers showed up could be represented by just one page of this large book. There is a long and exciting history prior to 1788, dating back to the initial arrivals, their journey perhaps precipitated by the damaging eruption of Mt Toba in Sumatra. And the author describes the journey through the archipelago of Indonesia to the Aussie continent (which was then considerably larger than the current size), utilising sea currents and prevailing gusts of wind to cover the relatively short distances between islands.

Confronting new mega-fauna experienced the first arrivals as they came, over many generations, to inhabit the entire continent. Fascinating stories are told through the world's oldest art galleries and the detritus of campsites and shelters occupied over many years. The first Tasmanians have their own outstanding story, first occupying the peninsula when it was home to massive snow, until they were eventually isolated for thousands of years after flooding of the Bassian plain.

There were two little known succeeding migrations to the continent, one around 11, 1000 years ago brought in a rare genetic disorder and another around 5, 000 years ago introduced a companion animal which eventually became the dingo. The storyplot is told of the impact of climate on our first people - as coasts, deserts and glacial terrain shifted through ice ages and global warming, the people modified and lived on.

This can be a great history (also very readable) which all Australians should appreciate and acknowledge.

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