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It's extremely rare that We recommend a book, about once every decade, but I highly recommend this publication.
I simply read the comments of those who negatively rated this book because it's ideas are not new. That is true of every management/HR/sales/training/leadership/customer service.. book I've read. How many times have you read a business book and thought " yep, that's right, that's just what I've experienced" and then became frustrated as a result of gap between what could/should be vs the daily reality of your work experiences? How many times have you wished there was some way you could prove that focusing on the individual employee led to creating a provable, positive impact on organizational performance, productivity and profits?
The value of this publication is that it is the Gallup organization and they have perhaps the numbers to back up what has previously been rejected as " touchy feely" management methods.
The next time you're informed " that won't work, nobody can it that way" or " there's no proof organizational performance is increased by centering on individual strengths, understanding different people are motivated by different methods, selecting people to fit the job, or that managers have no impact on employee retention", simply reference this book and give them 80, 000 reasons why they're wrong.
Supposedly, businesses decisions depend on solid numbers. We all know that businesses decisions are really depending on awareness. This book is provides you the numbers to change the numerous incorrect awareness about the process of managing people., Managers and leaders at all levels need to read this to impress upon them as to how to " successfully" manage and grow their groups and company. Being fair doesn't mean treating everyone the same, it's knowing no two are the same and helping each one develop their strengths. The golden rule has changed to what I have called the Platinum principle, Treat others the way they want to be treated. A person will find when this is practiced you will keep more " A" players rather than losing them and being left with all B, C players. Without writing a publication, I'll just say read this one!!, Since only 1/10 individuals are really qualified to manage and lead others, I highly recommend this book. This is a skill that can be learned. I know of no other management book that lays out the significance of influencing others for success... doing it the right way. " People join an organization or business, yet they leave because of a manager. " I've purchased this book for many those who have moved into management. It may save you time, money, and coronary heart ache. Not only for your lifetime, but for the people who turn to you for their direction. If you are struggling as a innovator to make things work, this is a real vision opener to help you get to where you need to be as an effective leader. It will show you just what those you are leading are longing for and need, to be productive, happy, and engaged with all that they have the actual to do and do well... because you have shown them the way., Excellent book and the research is on targeted. This book is a big help regarding my need to develop a research question for my doctoral research study. Thank you Mr. Buckingham for authoring this tome. A very interesting read and, while academic and based on empirical research, it was written in a way that is entertaining and useful. Not stuffy or pretentious., In the beginning, a friend got suggested this book and We was reluctant to see it as it was posted in the 1990s. Nevertheless , this book still makes sense in the second decade of the 21st century as we try to find the ultimate value delivery approach between value creators (employees in this book), value directors (companies), and customers, I am a manager and I introduced this book to my team and they loved it! I loved it because it challenged conventional considering and it explained a lot of " why" behind the decisions we make as leaders., This was an outstanding book that really helped me think about both the people I manage and myself. The ideas of trainable skills and knowledge vs . traits shows up very true.
Also I like the distinction recognized between Supervisors and Leaders. I have been reading too much of how leaders are the most effective managers, or superior to managers, and it has not appeared true in my experience. This publication brings up why that is not true.
Overall an outstanding publication for anybody whether manager or contributor., I got this book from a boss who evidently did not follow any of the advice written there. Experienced he bothered to glance into the introduction area, he would have probably earned respect of at least one person. Apologies, I have digressed. This particular is a good publication for many who deal with people. Go buy it, but it don't expect the writing to change your life: It is just an thoughts and opinions of some authors. I happen to like their point of view, so I provide the publication five stars.

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